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A point and click adventure set in Ancient Greece? You'd FETA believe it! It's Jason and The Argonauts meets Captain Kirk!
A point and click adventure set in Ancient Greece? You'd FETA believe it! It's Jason and The Argonauts meets Captain Kirk!
600 backers pledged £10,573 to help bring this project to life.

Is that... is that an update?

Posted by Kristian Fosh (Creator)

Hello Reader!  

No, your eyes do not deceive you - I have finally made the time to do an update! As you know it’s been too long since I’ve put time aside from working on the game to write you a full and proper update and this will certainly be full as a LOT has been happening over the last few months and, I’m going to be honest with you, not all of it is great - but no quest was ever without its challenges...

So let’s get to it!

In the wilderness of the many months since the last update I have very nearly completed the game. It’s at a point now where the gameplay, narrative / speech and story are in, the rooms have been been defined and drawn, the puzzles and ‘logic’ are there and a large portion has been QA’d. The animations, cut scenes and bug testing are pretty much all that’s left… So I want to get you all playing!

I’m going to send out a link to the beta players first and then once I have their feedback I’ll make any updates and release to the rest. It won’t be the full game, rather the portion that’s been QA’d as I’m pretty sure that portion is playable. It also doesn't have the hall of heroes in yet as I’ve been focused on the game rather than the rewards, I’m afraid - although they and you all are never far from my mind where this games development is concerned as without you I would never have gotten nearly this far.

And it’s at this stage we have stalled. As...

We are out of money. In fact I ran out of development money (ie. not that reserved to fulfil rewards) quite a while ago and have spent a great deal of time trying to work out what to do and have moved forward as far as I can before I've had to take a step back and work out how to get the game finished at a level of quality I am happy and proud of.

I have been supported by a fantastic publisher but with the continued pushing back of development (as you are all only too aware) they cannot risk any further financial support, a decision I completely understand and respect.

Without further funding - and i am NOT running another kickstarter, you have all been more than generous and I have every intention of fulfilling my commitment to you all - I cannot afford proper VO, QA or translation not to mention my own time to make the game the game as it should be and I do not want to make something half-assed, especially after all this time.

So what can I do about it? Naturally I’ve had to get a ‘real’ job to keep food on the table and Jason has returned to my ‘spare time’ as I spend my days working with (and for) the amazing people at Supermassive Games as Lead UI artist. We have recently launched the main title I have been working on there, a game called Until Dawn for the PS4 and is well worth checking out even if I do say so myself (not for our younger crew members) :

 Let's just say this has kept me busy to say the least.

Although this goes well into supporting my family and I it does not mean I have the cash for professional VO etc and the time it takes to put together the quality of animation and artwork that I am so proud of in the current version of Jason. So, how am I going to fund the game? Well I thought... by making the game!

Jason has been taken into the ancient world of ‘retro’ pixelation. Yes, I’m changing the style yet again but with what I believe is good reason. The style is fast to produce but retains a sense of style and also allows for many (many) tongue in cheek references to the old school point and clicks that inspired me to make Jason in the first place.

I am incredibly proud of the style we’ve created together and it is a style that I intend to complete the game in, but right now I have neither the time nor the resources to see it through to the quality it and you all deserve but with so much of the game completed moving into a pixelated format but still using the gameplay and logic from the ‘HD’ version means that already in a space of two months I have nearly caught up with the current style and will soon have a version playable in this format alongside what I have mentioned above.

In this minimalist structure I can create the assets much much faster and get a version of the game to the mobile and tablet market far sooner than I would be able to in the current format - and while it is mobile focused using Unity means that all desktop users will still get a version on whichever platform you would prefer.

This is NOT the style of game I promised you when we started nearly two years ago and I have every intention of fulfilling my commitments to you as part of the kickstarter, however you will all have a copy of the pixel version AS WELL on whatever platform you desire - be it mobile or desktop in addition to the HD version when I make that.

There’s a lot to digest and so I’m going to leave it here for you all to get your heads around and for anyone wishing to comment - please - I want your absolute honesty on how you feel about this and will do my best to answer and all questions as I will be updating MUCH more frequently going forward.

In my next post I will lay out more about the new format and what it means to how your rewards will display in game and hopefully a demo to play soon too.

I never wanted or do want to be ‘another pixel art game’ but I do feel that the style still has a lot of character and love how quickly the game is taking shape in this format. After all this time I was burning out a little and this has reinvigorated me to get the game on market - if only to fund the making of the game I originally set out to make!

So, in a nutshell - I’m making the game to fund the game in the only way I see that I am able, given my limited resources of time and finances. Those that backed at a level that earned them a copy of the game will get a copy of the pixel art and HD versions along with rewards in whichever style they prefer.

Statues and the hall of heroes will be in both versions as will - of course - be the redskirts and their associated deaths.

Think I’ve worn out my keyboard with all that typing / rambling but hope it goes some way to explaining why I haven’t posted in so long and will be keeping you all far more in the loop as we move forward.

Thank you all for your patience and support. Going to crash out and see what comments tomorrow brings. More soon,

aka Jason The Greek

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    1. Doug Neumann on

      More frequent updates would've been awesome, but having experienced Until Dawn it's unsurprising that your time was consumed.

      With so many projects failing and just waffling, stonewalling, disappearing or really cocking up, you stand out among the crowd as remaining true to your intent and ideas as best you are able. That you would dedicate the time to cranking out *something* is admirable, and the style you chose, and your reasons for so doing as laid out, are all sensible to me and not even a tiny bit of a problem.

      I have supported you in concept and in reality, in spirit and as best I could from across the pond, and that shall not change. Your spirit remains indomitable, your ethics now are laid bare as real and true, and you have been far more honest than most would in opening up to us about the whys and wherefores and whosits and whiskey tango foxtrots up and down the line.

      I stand by my evaluation of you as a True Stand-Up Bloke, and I like to believe I know summat of the depths of anxiety and despair and frustration all of this has wrought upon you and your newishly-expanded family. For my part, I say let those concerns wash away. You are doing more than most, and for weal or woe remain committed to your dream.

      The man you have shown me to this day has not varied from the man I have so enjoyed befriending and perhaps even assisting in some small fashion in this mad endeavour, and that is a man I am very much proud to call friend. Or as much of one as can be given our histories and geolocations and contexts, having not yet met, and me having gone silent for most of the last year myself.

      You, sir, impress me to this day, more so than ever before, and I thank you for having (however completely unwittingly or unintentionally) so brightened my life. My faith in you has never wavered, nor is it likely to as a result of this new plan and information. If you feel any urge to reciprocate, and that urge doesn't involve a transatlantic pint or a pudding, then you need to continue to build and nurture your faith in yourself, and never ever ever allow that light to dim. Because then I'll be pissed. And you do not want this particular colonial to show up at your stoop, pissed and soaking wet from the swim, with a powerful thirst and a few choice words. Believe me on this. Please. Please do, because I don't actually know if I can make the swim, and having now obligated myself to the effort under those conditions, I really don't want to have to find out.

      So keep on keeping on, yes? Continue greatness, yes? I'd recommend more updates to assuage the feels of any who feel disappointment or regret (as much as possible, and nobody should gainsay their feelings, which you clearly know and haven't - another mark of a Good Man, in my book), but even without, barring a turnaround and shifting of intent, you shan't lose me along the way.

      It's a bit hokey and perhaps even a bit WTF, but I am so very proud of you.

      Also, Until Dawn looks freaking amazing. So there's that.

    2. Kristian Fosh Creator on

      @Rafa - no no, I am the one who's sorry. I know what it's like to be let down by a KS campaign and I wish that I hadn't lost your faith in the delay and style change that has made you want your money back. I am doing all I can to raise money to finish in the style and quality that made you put your £4 in in the first place.

      Sadly I am in no position to offer your money back as if I were to offer it to you then I should offer it to everyone and that is something I just cannot afford to do, especially as I am doing all I can to raise the funds needed to finish the title.

      What I WILL do, though, is release the game in the art style as it is (which is about 2 hours gameplay on average) to you as soon as I can find a way to do that securely. I hope that you'll enjoy this enough to bear with me as I do what I can to bring you the full game in the style you wanted in the first place.

      Thank you for your support and for commenting, if you feel the need to discuss it further please do PM me so that I can reply to you directly.

      @Ed - It is really hard to balance expectations and enthusiasm plus you need to set a realistic target. I struggled to make the 10k, clearly could have used a lot more and while the publishers have been generous there is only so much one person can do or ask for.

      I love this game and love working on it, the struggles come when balancing that against the other parts of my life that I love so much, such as time with my family and trying to be the best dad that I can be, friends, working my day job, sleeping... but those struggles fall away when I read such amazing messages of support from you fantastic backers.

      This was such a hard decision to make as I have said and was one I had to decide against a further KS campaign, loans or other finance, selling a kidney... or giving up all together. But that last one is just not an option for me. Not with all this support and definitely not after all the time and work that has gone into it.

      To me it’s not what share financially you may have contributed, just that you did is an amazing feeling to someone you have never met but still believed in enough to give your money and time in to support.

      You're all awesome and I'll do everything I can not to let us all down.

      More to come soon!


    3. Rafa González Del Castillo Sancho on

      I am sorry, but I am totally dissapointind with the final pixel art design... I don't like pixel art so I would like to ask for my money back.
      I am so sorry for the lack of budget, but once you have decided how much money you would need, it is up to you to finish the game as you published it! It doesn't mather when you finish (it's been more than a year since the deadline!!!), but at least it has to be finished!!!
      I encourage you to look for publishers, advertisement or finanzation. The game looked so great!

    4. Ed Churchman on

      I think when you back a project like this, you have to realise that not all expectations (of the backer, or the Kicker themselves) can be met. When they are, it's great, but if there are bumps along the road, it's probably worse for project team than the backers, especially if the project team is pretty much just one guy with a dream and a conscience.

      I'm glad so many others have been supportive of this announcement, as lack of support would only add more pressure to someone who's clearly feeling under the gun right now.

      Having a backup plan will hopefully be the saving grace of the whole thing, and, in the long-run, allow it to get out to a wider audience (by having a mobile/tablet version already to roll out). So, whilst I'd rather see the more graphical version (the second art style has really grown on me over the original now, even though I still have your old wallpaper on my desktop), the decision needs to be what's better for the game. The game needs to be finished and shared with the world, and that will be a means to an HD version, which hopefully will be a means to a second episode.

      As someone who contributed an immense 0.075% of the game's budget, I don't have a lot of say on what goes on here, but I will offer 100% of my support in the completion of this game, and the progression of the idea. Kris, we can all see how wonderful the full HD version is looking, and how much love and attention is going into the art and design. The game must be worth well over the 10.5k you've received to make it, so hang on in there and keep plugging away. Whether a second Kickstarter goes ahead (I'd put in more money if it did), or you release the pixel version to the public to raise the capital, I think this game must come to it's final fruition... it has to.

      All the best.

    5. Palindrome Bob-XSF-I'm in AGL589-BG5.22

      @Kristian: even my digital shelf spaces are stuffed with games I have yet to play. :)
      ### Member of the Pinkerton Road Cavalry ###
      ### Dreamfall Traveller ###

    6. Kristian Fosh Creator on

      @Yazorius - Yep, that's about the size of it! I see no reason not to have both, if I can figure out how and if it would be something people would like maybe you'll be able to swap from one style to the other...!

      Let's just get one game sorted first though, eh? ;)

      @Matthew - yep, certainly does. I'll be doing my best with the pixels I have but fortunately I do still have the backing of my Publishers (just not the financial kind) and I hope the 600 of you might tell a friend or two...

      @Bob - I hope the story is up to scratch, maybe I can even get you to buy it after all! Digital takes up very little shelf space...

    7. Yazorius on

      If I sum up, we will have two versions of the same game for the price of one? Even if it pushes back the release date of the HD version, as long as it is released it does not bother me. However, what version will be on the DVD? Pixel Art? HD? Or both ?

    8. Matotron on

      Whether it is the story or something else the game needs to find some way to stand out in the endless sea of Indie Pixel Art games.

    9. Palindrome Bob-XSF-I'm in AGL589-BG5.22

      Not saying I'm particularly fond of pixelated characters, but I always say story is paramount. Not that it matters to me actually, by the time this game came along I was already thinking about my shrinking shelf space and thus will not be getting the game, be it pixelated or HD.
      ### Member of the Pinkerton Road Cavalry ###
      ### Dreamfall Traveller ###

    10. Kristian Fosh Creator on


      Obviously I wanted to make time to reply to your messages but wanted to wait until everyone had had a chance to make any comments they wanted to make.

      I’ve been trying to work out how best to answer your comments and am flattered there are so many. Good or ‘bad’ every one shows that even though it’s taken so long you are all still behind the project and want to see it finished as much as I do. Really do appreciate it.

      So I’ll try to answer everything here and then tomorrow I’ll update the FAQ’s to set it in stone!

      In order of posting then (trying to keep it FAIRLY short):

      @aaron - pleasure and I am grateful, glad you can see why I’ve made these decisions, certainly wasn’t easy - hence the delay in making the update. Thanks for your support!

      @Jordan - ‘fraid not. I like to think that the art style did help the sell, I am really proud of it which is why I am doing my best to find a way to make that happen still. Yep, extra cash would have been handy but you have all been more than generous.

      @Michael - Sure I’ve told you I love you before ;) Thanks as always for your support, your pixelated self shall serve the crew proudly with his last (screamed) breath. Can’t wait to get your character into pixels now.

      @Cubit - it is true and while I did appreciate the chance things would slip I never wanted it to go this far. Will make sure you’re all along for the ride from here on in, promise. Thanks for your support!

      @Touch - I’m afraid so. Yep, hoping that’s not a pattern as I’m the common factor in this! I promise that I will be keeping you all far more up to date from here. Fingers crossed that the income will get us to HD island. Thanks for your support, will do my best not to make you sick from here on in!

      @BigD my pleasure, so sorry it’s taken so long to get it done. I’ll do everything I can to have both games fun, I have to say that I wont be releasing anything I’m not proud to put my name on - hope to make you all proud too!

      @Kryzstof - Woohoo , that’s great to hear! Yeah, it is SO fast to create the assets and I’m properly motoring now. Plus the more limited time I have is so much more productive in this style which is making me happy and proud rather than burnt out and frustrated. Will have some gameplay your way soon!

      @Iurii - It wasn’t an easy post or decision to make, hence the time I’ve spent trying to make it. I should have brought you all in much much sooner and will keep you all in the loop from here on, glad you like it so far!
      @Flesk - Thank you, glad you like it, I am proud of the new look and wouldn’t have pitched it to you all if I didnt think it was good enough. Thanks for your patience, will do my best not to let you down!

      @Private Nelson! Glad you like it, you’ve been an incredible support since before Jason even started on KS and I have every intention of killing you over and over in style(s) ;) Will make sure you’re far more up to date from here on and will get you some high res assets asap!

      Thanks also for the press support and your support as always!

      @Saodhar - Thank you, I can only imagine it must be and I’m guessing not the update any of you were hoping for. I’m doing my best to keep that style and fun in both styles and versions. Thank you for all your support!

      @Tobias - My pleasure, sorry it didn’t come sooner. It wasn’t an easy decision to make but I really think this will work and will mean you all have a game to play!

      @ET3D - how I wish I could be that exception! Hope that you’ll still be able to enjoy the game in this style, perhaps I can tempt you to play a little and let me know what you think ;) Will also put in a few extra surprises in the HD version just for you ;)

      @Michael - ‘pretty good’ - i’ll take that! You’re right and the whole decision has been such an insane one, I really hope I haven’t handled it too badly as for a long time I didn’t know what decision to make and had tried to make the best one for all concerned. Very difficult and I hope I’ve done the right thing. So appreciate everyone’s support and want to make you all proud!

      @Stuart - [off topic] thank you! Whole studio’s buzzing, couldn’t have hoped for a better result on launch. [back on] I cannot tell you how proud I am of this game and will do my best to have a game you can all be happy you backed… eventually!

      @Torsten - thank you and you’re right, I’ll probably use the chat head or similar, take those icons up to double the detail they are in the screenshots . Thank you so much for your support and the constructive feedback too!

      @Matthew - Thank you for your honesty, it’s not been an easy decision to make and not what I would exactly say I want but the lack of updates has been unforgivable and will do all I can to keep you all up to date in the future and get you a game you want asap.

      @Lukas - haha, cheers… I think?! Have to say one of my audio guys (a certain Chris Jolley) is far happier this way!

      @Dablue - always been so grateful for your support and sorry to drop this bomb on you all. I have handled this all so badly and would not blame you if you were angry. Will do all i can to raise up some optimism from here on. Thank you as always for being a backer.

      @Alexis - while they wont be QUITE as frequent as they were in my campaign they will be far more frequent from now on. The fact the game is coming together so quickly in this style free’s me up more to de-stress and enjoy the process as well as get to writing about it all to you all! Glad you like the style and would not want anyone to feel as if I had betrayed them, will do my very best to get you all that I promised and that you all deserve. More to come soon!

      @Porcupine - Thank you for your honesty, it’s not been an easy decision as I love style number two and while I was very happy with the original style it just didn’t come together as a professional title for me and so will push forward with the HD style as mention just as soon as I can. You will be playing the beta version soon in that style and while it is not the complete game I hope you’ll see the same potential I do and see the reason why I want to have the game complete in that style just as soon as I can. Thank you for the wishes and the support.

      @jester - Thank you, I have considered it but as you can see from the posts about my delayed posting and updates I really don’t think I’ve earned the right to ask for more support when I haven’t kept up my end of the bargain. Plus preparing and running a KS campaign is at least a 2 month slog and when there’s a high chance I may not reach any kind of serious target it would mean I wouldn’t be working on the game for two months at least… no, for now it’s not the right way forward but I really do appreciate all your support and kind words, I wont be cutting corners as much as creating a title in a more efficient art style. I don’t want to let you all down and REALLY want to have something that’s commercially sound too!

      @JFA - Thank you and thank you - but no, not if I can help it. I love the HD style and I owe it to you all to make the game I promised and will do my very best to do just that. That said I’m sure my wife will be happy to know you all want me to spoil her and the boys!

      @Wim - ah, I hoped you would post! It is a shame that so much of KS is delayed but it shows just how amazing you all are that you continue to support me when we are nearly two years and now two style changes into the development. I will definitely keep you posted on the translation front, thanks for the offer!

      Will be keeping you posted, that’s for sure!

      @Adrian, last but not least! Thank you but doing another kickstarter is my last option as it is more work than making the game and takes so much time that it would mean putting the game on hold while I prepared and ran the campaign. Thank you for your feedback and enthusiasm, will keep you posted on what’s next!

      aaaaaaand I’m spent. Going to update the facebook page now and call it a day - more very soon, though! Thank you all so much for taking the time to comment and message, can’t tell you how much it means to me as it truly reminds me I’m not doing this alone and there are people out there that really want to play my game!

      More soon, thank you again, Kris

    11. Missing avatar

      Adrian Cromar on

      You should consider another kickstarter - although I am partial to the pixelated style, I am looking forward to the HD version �

    12. Wim Jansen

      As always, I do not mind the delay. I prefer quality over speed and (almost) every Kickstarter I backed was delayed by months, if not by years. On the art style, while I can see it working for mobile, I really prefer the cartoon style over the pixelated style.
      I do get that you don't want to run another Kickstarter (at least not on the same game), let us know if there is anything we can do to help. Maybe translate?
      Keep us updated!

    13. JFA Jansen on

      Hi Kris, please just focus on 1 art style (I like the retro pixel :p), and skip the HD style. I doubt that it is realistic to expect enough sales to fund the HD version, I rather have you spend the money you earn on yourself and family :) It's good to take some executive decisions once in a while to proceed!

    14. jester59388

      Kris: I really wish would consider another Kickstarter. The Coles ran into the same problems with Hero U, These problems are not unexpected. I understand you don't want us to dig deeper, BUT there may be others out there who missed out the first time who could give you support, as well as some of us who wouldn't mind adding a few more sheckels if it means professional VO or some other enhancements. Some of us do not consider Kickstarter a pre-order system, but are patrons in the classic sense. We mourned the apparent death of adventure games 15 years ago and WILL dig deep to ensure their renaissance. This means producing quality games that will develop more interest from more players. Games with rushed results and cut corners, on the other hand, will have the opposite effect. PLEASE reconsider another Kickstarter!

    15. Porcupine on

      I'm definitely not happy about the art style change (rather the way I wasn't once before either) considering chances are we'll never see the HD version but it's not like there's anything I can do about it. At any rate, good luck...

    16. Alexis Foletto on

      Definitely, more updates would be very necessary (even if it's to say that you haven't got much news to give, simply sending signs of life is good)
      I think It's a very important part of any crowfunded project. I understand why you've changed the art style, seems like a great idea on every aspect of the production.

      I like the retro style, and in the end, we will get the HD version too as promised in the first place, so I don't feel betrayed or anything.

      Keep it up, and don't forget to update us much more (one per month feels like the bare minimum) ;)

    17. Dablue

      Tbh this whole bit sounded a bit like an early april fools joke. I cant say I am really happy with this being dropped like a bomb on the backers, but alas this seems to be the norm on kickstarter now a days. Aim low, promise high and then see where it ends. And people wonder why alot of backers stick to the bigger players in the industry (no success guaranteed, but overall less "risk"). I am not angry or anything, but its such a shame that the optimist in me is usually overruled by the realist.

    18. Kristian Fosh Creator on

      Good Morning All,

      I have to say a massive thank you for your honesty and support. This was not an easy post to make and your disappointment is well understood for both the utter lack of updates and the notification of yet another style change and delay decision. I have to say I barely got any sleep last night worrying about how this news would be received.

      Will reply to your points and questions properly as soon as I have the time but I wanted to write to say I am reading these and your messages and mails and a special mention to Pippa for such lovely words of support as ever.

      Really do appreciate your comments and honesty, more soon and that is a promise.

      Thanks again,


    19. Missing avatar

      Lukas Daniel Klausner

      Actually, I think the game almost looks better this way. ;)

    20. Matotron on

      Well I'm not happy about the new direction or the lack of updates leading to this point but then there isn't anything I can do about it, so do what you want I guess.

    21. Torsten Stelling

      Thanks for the update. Go for the 8bit style, but you should consider the icon interface in high quality, since it would be easier to interact with it :) Otherwise: Great. You are doing good.

    22. Stuart Hacking on

      [Off Topic] Really enjoyed Until Dawn, have played through it 3 times now. So good job on that! :-)

      [Back on topic] Glad you're sticking with the project, and it sounds like you're bang on target for a future HD remake... Bit unconventional doing the remake art first though! ;-)

      Best of luck towards the final stretch.

    23. Michael Hartmann

      This seems like the best possible solution for a bad situation. It helps that the pixel art looks pretty good too.

      I think it would have been better to discuss the change with the backers first instead of presenting it as a choice that has already been made, though. Judging by the comments so far we would have been okay with the change, but it feels a little iffy to just drop this on us. Then again, it must have been hard to try to get the game done and realising that there's not enough money left. It's probably hard to tell backers anything in such a situation.

    24. ET3D on

      By the way, I'm on the fence regarding whether to play this version or not. I'm sure I'll enjoy it, but then playing the HD version would mean replaying the same game again just with different graphics.

    25. ET3D on

      It's the exception rather than the rule for a Kickstarter project to end on time and on budget. I think you've found a good angle on solving the problem. I don't like low res pixel art that much myself, but I know that a lot of people do, so hopefully you'll have some success with this version, enough to help fund the development of the HD version.

    26. Tobias Fleischer // PYLON.FM Productions

      Thanks for your honest update, Kris!
      I am perfectly fine with getting a pixel-style adventure first (and maybe an HD visual upgrade/alternative some time in the future). I think it is the right decision you made and wish you all the best in completing this game!

    27. Saodhar

      Well. It's good to have an update. I'm fine with the new "temporary" art style - it's the story that matters most for me, anyway. And pixel art can be beautiful in its own way. Yet I hope the sells will be good - and we'll get the cartoony art as well. I's just too cute.

    28. Serena Nelson - Hero of the AGRM

      BTW, I'll be posting my thoughts on this in more detail over at Cliqist. I'll be sure to send the link when it goes live.

    29. Serena Nelson - Hero of the AGRM

      I backed Jason for the story, not the art style. That said, I was looking forward to seeing it in "HD" but I'm also a huge fan of pixel games (just ask the usual suspects). I actually do kinda like the look of the new "pixelated" version and to know that you still plan on finishing the original cartoony look at least alleviates any concerns that I might have had. Games get delayed. Games get canceled. At least we know what's up with the status of Jason and that you still want to honor your commitment to the project. I look forward to seeing both versions released and to enjoy both.

      Plus, I get to see myself die both in "hi-res" and "lo-res". ;)

    30. flesk

      I think the pixel version looks great and don't mind the extra wait for an HD version. Thanks for the update. :)

    31. Iurii Mielkov on

      That's very sad to hear :( Especially as Jason was promised to be released in July 2014...
      However I like the pixel version - and hope it will make it to sail soon!

    32. Krzysztof on

      I love the pixel art version, so I wholeheartedly support the idea... as long as your estimate that you can get it finished quicker is right! As far as I understand the HD version is nearly finished, but work on the retro version starts from scratch, am I right? Doesn't prototyping usually go the other way round? :P Still, it's way better solution than splitting the game in two (and having us suffer through delays waiting for "Episode Two")

    33. BigD on

      Thanks for the update Kris. The retro style pixel games can be fun. My friends over at Infamous Quests have been known to produce some stuff worth playing! Given where you are, this does seem like the way to go. I'd love to see that HD version some day, but seeing you deliver a game you can put your name on is far more important.

    34. TouchGameplay

      Another delay! ARGHHH! The Gods aren`t really with us if it comes to this Game!

      Things like this can always happen. I mean look at Until Dawn and Supermassive Games. For years delayed and at the end something complete different then it first was ment to be.

      I won`t lie that that the big breaks between the information over the last two years really made me kinda sick and you really should consider never ever again let it stay that way since this is usually at least for me the line where I decide if I would support someone again or not - If there is a regular Info Output about a Project or if I have to beg someone for new Information.

      Considerng where we are now at the current moment I would say that the Pixel Version of the Game could be a way out to generate at least a small income to finish the HD Version over the next upcoming years.

      I wish you the best for it and still looking forward for the HD Version, whenever it might Launch :D

    35. Missing avatar

      OpticalOrb on

      I've been in a similar situation to yourself with my first project a couple of years back. Development very rarely goes to plan in the games industry and things always take longer than expected... that's to be expected :) I fund stuff on KS to give it a chance. Sometimes that means winding path but that's part of the fun too. Do what you gotta do to get it done ;)

    36. Michael Shaw

      Kris -

      This may not be the pixel game I need but it's the pixel game I want. I definitely want the HD version, no doubt about it. i love the art style of the HD version (and all of the versions you've worked on throughout the evolution of the game) and I'm still excited to see THAT vision of the game some day. In the meantime, though, the pixelated version of the game looks, in a word, gorgeous. It looks like a helluva lot of fun and while, sure, I'm disappointed to have to wait for the HD version and my red skirted death in all its HD glory, the pixelated version is a nice way to whet my appetite until you can find the time and resources to complete the other version. As a proud red skirted member of Jason's crew, you continue to have my unwavering support, until the Captain should sacrifice my life as if it were worthless.

    37. Jordan B. on

      lol... whaaa? I was really expecting that to be an early/late april fools sort of update. It seems like much of the original pitch hinged on the artistic styling of the game.

      I'm not really surprised that the game has slipped, 10k gbp seems like a thinner-than-shoestring budget, but I for one would have happily kicked another £10 your way.

      I hope other potential project runners heed the warning and make sure to set their "minimum to complete" goals high enough not to get stuck before delivery.

      Thanks for all the effort either way.

    38. Aaron Dick on

      Thank you for the update. I back projects that I would like to see succeed and (although the rewards are very very nice!) I am most interested in the success of those projects.
      I can see how changing the art style will allow you to get the game out easier, and might allow you to fund the HD version as time goes by, so that sounds like a good idea to me.
      I'm sorry that you've found so many hiccups along the way, and i hope things go smoother for you from here on out!