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By Joey Proffitt
$0.00 pledged of $20,000 goal


I have always been an aspiring musician. As adulthood set in I found myself in the world of web development. As a musician I'm aware that there are tons of sites out there that will allow you to upload songs and band profiles in the hopes that you will gain an audience. But what I envision is much, much more. I have an app that is not only a new social media site for musicians, but much more. Without giving too much of my idea away I can say that it is a tool for musician and their respective bands and band members. A way to assist the band in becoming better as a whole single unit. This will be great and as a musician I know that it will be very helpful. But that doesn't take away from the social media side of the app. Here, there will be new ways for musicians to connect with each other and their own local scenes. This will hopefully strengthen music scenes in all cities and towns across the nation. Also I have devised an all new rating system that I believe will change the way people categorize music altogether.

Risks and challenges

I'm a web developer and have already coded a large portion of the application. However, there is still much that is needed to be completed and tested. Also, I need designers... graphical designers. I need specialized artwork such as icons. Also I am not a business savvy individual so I will require assistance in drafting all the legal docs such as terms of service and privacy policies. As well as just obtaining the basic licensing and such. As of now, I have a full time job and am also a father, so I have been working on the project during my down time. I have completed a large portion already, but I know that I am about to reach the point where I will require external resources. I honestly don’t know how much it will cost, but based on the research I have googled I am asking for what I think is a good starting point to cover these bases.

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