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A special collector's set of Castles & Crusades! Digest versions of all the books and a special edition box set of the complete game.
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C&C Collector's Box Set Update

Posted by Stephen Chenault (Creator)

Greetings from the Dens!

I know its been too long since we've updated this project, but rest assured progress is well underway. The project comes in two halves: The collector's box set and the digest books.

Digest Books: These were slated to go to the printers in January, however we were waiting for samples from the printer. These have still not arrived (they were ordered before xmas). This is never a good sign and as we've never used this printer before, it's even less of a good sign. I'll nudge them again this week, but if I do not hear back something the same day we'll explore new options. This won't take as long as it sounds, it's really whether we do them with our traditional printers (who generally have a 500 book min) or utilize another that we have in our lexicon. I should have definitive answers this week.

Box Set: Two of the covers are done. We are waiting for a third. Jason Walton is working on this, it shouldn't be too long, though I know he has other commissioned pieces he is working on. With luck, this week. In the meantime three of the books are turned over to Peter and he has laid them out and given me a rough page count. One is tacking at 56 pages (Of Men and Magic) and that is upwards to the limit to have a book saddle stitched (my limit is 56 pages MAX, and I really don't like it). So Peter is working some of his magic (it may mean a 9pt font on that book, which I think is fine). The box itself, I'm waiting for the third cover to see which one we want on the box. As soon as that lands, we'll get that off to Denver and begin making those boxes.

Thank you all for your patience on this one. Though it may seem it, it is never far from my thought. It does require us working out of our normal 8.5 x 11 perfect bound/hardcover comfort zone....but that's a good thing. Never stagnate!

Thank you all!

And look for Codex Aegyptus in the near, near near future.

Steve and the Troll Lords

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