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A fantasy novella for adults about a wild seven-year-old who makes her way in a perilous royal court. (Art by Kate Baylay)
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They're Here!

Posted by Sarah Avery (Creator)

Three boxes arrived from Ingram's printing facility today, bearing 150 copies of The Imlen Brat. It took us three rounds of printer's proofs and two rounds of significant design and digital file tweaks to get the colors to come true on the cover art and the fine details in the interior illustrations to come out right. The extra effort was completely worth it.

Getting copies of Tales from Rugosa Coven for backers who chose rewards with multiple book titles has also proved surprisingly complicated. My older book's publisher is in small-press limbo, and it took many months of correspondence to reach a solution that would make it possible for me to get the copies I've promised you (and which they had promised me). Small-press limbo is not a fun place for a publisher to be, and mine is a good guy who wants to do the right thing. With mutual patience, we worked out a solution. Ultimately, I had to get the original POD electronic files from their book designer and upload those files to Ingram myself. The printer's proof from that effort hasn't reached me yet, so it may take a bit more finagling before I can deliver on my commitments. But deliver I will.

The giclee prints of the cover art and interior illustrations have been waiting on my to-do list for the books to be done, so now I can get moving on those. I have a good printer lined up for that job.

My current plan for delivering e-book and audiobook files to you guys is to use WeTransfer. That's what the book designers and illustrator have preferred to use for big bulky files. That said, I'm not a connoisseur of file transfer, and some of you on my backer list are much more technical than I am, or have far more experience getting digital Kickstarter backer rewards than I do. Before I go too far down that road, I want to invite any of you who have opinions about WeTransfer and its competitors to weigh in, in case there are issues I may not be aware of.

Soon you'll be getting a message through Kickstarter asking for whichever addresses, email /or postal, are needed to get your rewards to you. All the digital reward items and the postal parcels that only need to include The Imlen Brat will go out before the Sneak Preview Party at Capclave on Saturday, October 8. (The party will be 1-3pm at the Hilton in Gaithersburg, MD, and you're all invited to come, whether you're attending the convention of not.) Parcels that need to include art prints and/or multiple book titles will go out before the official release date, October 30. That date falls during the World Fantasy Convention, so I'll be doing promotion there, too. If you plan to be at either convention, please let me know if you'd like me to hand you your copy in person.

Holding this book in my hands means so much to me. Thank you all for making it possible.

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    1. Angela Korra'ti on

      Does WeTransfer require a recipient of a file to have an account on their system? Or can you share files on it without requiring that? I'm asking because I'm reluctant to create an account on a system I will otherwise never use.

      Asking because, FWIW, Dropbox is capable of sharing files with people without requiring the recipient to have a Dropbox account.