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A fantasy novella for adults about a wild seven-year-old who makes her way in a perilous royal court. (Art by Kate Baylay)
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Day 15 Update: New Sequence for Stretch Goals, Fast Ones First

Posted by Sarah Avery (Creator)
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We're halfway through our campaign, and almost halfway to our basic goal. My particular gratitude goes out to Lara Beneshan, one of my earliest backers, who upped her pledge to carry the project across the $2,000 mark.

Thanks to some helpful feedback from you guys, I've put the stretch goals we can reach fastest first, and moved the all the heavy lifting to the end. The project description and FAQ are updated. I'm putting the information here, too, so you don't need to go anywhere else to find it.

If we beat the basic goal by $400, hitting $4,900, we'll add the audiobook, which would be added to every level of reward package, right down to the $2 level.

If we can beat the audiobook stretch goal by $1,500, for a total of $6400, I will commission Kate Baylay to do three half-page black and white illustrations.

If we make that goal, we aim for three full-page black and white illustrations in addition to the half-page ones. That would add $3,200, bringing us to a total goal of $9,600.

And then things get a little crazy.

Surprisingly, full color illustrations take as much of the artist's time and effort as black and white ones, so Kate's fee per image remains the same.

Here's the money side of printing: Although print-on-demand (POD) can handle black and white interior illustration, to do color well, we would need to use offset printing, which means hiring a local commercial printer. POD costs more per copy, but you can make the print run as small as you like -- even as small as one. Offset printing can bring the cost per copy down a lot, but only if you commit up-front to a larger print run.

Because offset printing presses do things in multiples of four -- if anybody wants to know more, I can add the technical stuff to the FAQ -- we'd be adding four full-color illustrations.

For Kate Baylay to produce four full-color illustrations would add $4,200 to the budget. The cost of upgrading from POD to offset printing would depend on the print run. I'm still talking to commercial printers, looking for better numbers. At the moment, it looks like even for a print run of 500 copies, after Kickstarter fees and shipping are taken into account, $1,500 would be a low number. So for adding four full-color illustrations to the six black and white ones, we'd be looking at a $5,700 jump, to a goal of $15,300.

As of this update,15 days into the campaign, I'll be surprised if we hit that.

In fact, if we beat $15,000, not only will I eat my proverbial hat, I will knit a literal hat for the occasion from black string licorice just for the purpose of eating it. I will record my knitting misadventures — which will probably involve a lot of snapped licorice and bleeped-out profanity —and whatever process I devise for eating it, and I'll post the video's most ridiculous moments on YouTube.

That's right, the hat-eating clause kicks in at $15,000 now.

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      Lara Beneshan on

      A mere $6 seemed like it ought not to stand in the way of making a milestone! Here's hoping this story gets a little more momentum in the second half! I'd love to see some of the stretch goals happen, especially the extra art!