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$32.00 pledged of $5,000 goal


Hello everyone Day Off is an app that will help find great places to visit by getting info like budget,interests,location and we suggest places to visit. When you get to your destination we will suggest different Hotels and Restaurants nearby. The app will also show the weather and other things to give you the easier way of travel anywhere, anytime. The app is only available on the app store as of now but if we get funds we get have so everyone can use the app around the world and also add new features so people can have an even better experience. We can pull this off if we get the goal that we are reaching. Please help out so we can make this a possibility. Thank you

Risks and challenges

Since the app has already been approved on the app store the risks are low, the only risks is getting approved by google but we are confident it is possible since we are already on apple. We have a couple challenges and to get past them we would need funds to get the app on the google store so everyone would be able to use it around the world. This would also be a great opportunity to get even bigger. We would appreciate it if you could fund us. Thank you

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