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The film celebrates the life of Taylor Anderson, who was lost in the tsunami that followed the 2011 earthquake in Japan.
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Regge Life

247 backers pledged $28,775 to help bring this project to life.


Dear Backers,

To all who shared an address, incentives have been sent. Those based in Japan will get their incentives between now and Christmas.  I hope it will be a wonderful present.

I want to share some comments we have received about the film:

“A beautiful film portrait of a beautiful personality and of a life beautifully lived. … The story of Taylor Anderson transcends all borders and all cultures, revealing that the generosity of spirit of a truly good person continues to give and give and give…” — Peter Grilli, President Japan Society of Boston

"I was greatly moved by your wonderful, inspirational film celebrating the life of Taylor....I think it will become a common asset for those people who would become future bridges" — Ichiro Fujisaki, Ambassador of Japan

“The story of one person, just a young American who came to teach English in Japan, encompasses both grief and hope. This film should be seen by both Japanese and Americans: to use a word that should not be used lightly, it is redemptive. You will keep the images in this film, of a happy positive girl and a devastation impossible to understand, in your mind for a long time.” — Dr. Merry White, Boston University

"The film is inspirational and healing and helps all of us realize that we have to live our dream".

- David Janes, US Japan Foundation

We are now working towards the creation of a version for Japanese audiences that can be ready for the 2nd anniversary so please keep us in your thoughts.

Wishing everyone a happy holiday season. For my backers in Japanese (and I hope I have this correct) Akemashite Omedetto Gozaimasu.



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Dear Backers,

What a wonderful day and night it was in Richmond. For those backers who could join us, you witnessed the response of more than 900 students who attended the morning screening and 300 who came to the evening premier.

I want to share a few photos below from the night.  If you haven't already done so, please send us an email to update your address for incentives. Use

The work is not done. During the morning screening, outgoing Ambassador Fujisaki spoke passionately that more audiences need to see the film. So to make that happen, not only am I seeking to show the film in other venues around the US, but we need to make a version for Japanese audiences.

Educational distribution will now begin in the United States, so if you are affiliated with an educational or globally minded institution, please consider making LIVE YOUR DREAM part of your library. 

Enjoy the photos and we are starting to get incentives out beginning this week.

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Premier of LIVE YOUR DREAM one week away


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Dear Backers,

I have been out of touch and I apologize but we have been editing and now completing the soundtrack.  Once we got past the tech elements in the beginning, the film has orchestrated so nicely. I  am planning to share a clip at the end of next week if all goes to plan.

The premier in Richmond on November 9th is approaching. I know it may be a long trip for most of you, but the evening is free of charge. Use this link to make your reservation.

Event registration is ready to go:

Seats can be reserved through this link.

I hope some of your will join us that night. If you do, please let me know so that I can acknowledge you.