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Documenting the challenges, joys and realities of West Bank fair trade olive farmers during the upcoming Run Across Palestine.
Documenting the challenges, joys and realities of West Bank fair trade olive farmers during the upcoming Run Across Palestine.
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A Big Weekend for The People and The Olive

Dear People and The Olive Supporters,

As many of you know, The People And The Olive documentary had it’s world premiere on September 10th, to a sold-out State Theatre in Traverse City, Michigan. It was an amazing evening, and a dream come true to be able to share the film’s message with so many in the hometown of many of the Run Across Palestine team. This article by journalist Keith Schneider, sums up the evening beautifully.

Now for this coming weekend, the film will be making it’s national debut, as a part of two major festivals - The Chicago International Social Change Film Festival, and the Boston Palestine Film Festival. It’s going to be a very exciting weekend as the film’s producers Aaron Dennis and Jacob Wheeler head to Boston and co-producers Timothy Young and Chelsea Dennis travel to Chicago to take part in the screenings and Q&A sessions afterward! Invite your friends who live in these areas to attend and spread the word. More details about the screening times can be found at:

It’s also going to be a race to the finish line for our Kickstarter campaign! The original campaign launched the web series and helped pay for travel expenses. Then followed hundreds and hundreds of donated hours (it’s a true labor of love) to turn the web-series into a feature documentary. Now we are raising $6000 to cover the expenses of promotion and spreading the film to theatres and film festivals across the globe. As of today, we are at 73% of our goal - which means we have to raise $1620 in the next 6 days - or none of those donations will be processed! Any donation amount will help, and $25+ donors receive a limited edition copy of the DVD. Also, between now and the end of the campaign, the top donor receives a special gift of an extra bottle of Canaan Fair Trade Olive Oil and a bottle of Palestinian olives! Please help share the word with friends, and spread this simple link to our Kickstarter campaign:

We are so grateful for support that made this film possible. By helping the project, you are not only supporting independent filmmaking, but you are also helping to spread a message of hope, peace and shared humanity! There are many other screenings in the works, including two in the biggest theaters in Palestine. Check our facebook page or soon for updates!

In Gratitude,
Aaron Dennis

P.S. If you are a supporter of the original web-series, please be sure to send us your address so that we can send you your reward. Many are still left unclaimed!

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From Web-Series to Documentary

Dear Friends and Supporters of "The People and the Olive",

As many of you know, we're in the final phases of taking the footage shot during the creation of our web-series and creating a feature-length documentary.  This film will expand on the web-series and give a much more detailed look at the Run Across Palestine and the farmers that were being supported by the run.  Besides more drama from the run, the documentary contains in-depth interviews with experts on the issues of the Middle East, and stories of the daily lives of the Palestinian farmers and the experiences of the RAP team.   We hope that the film will reach a new and wider audience through film festivals and public screenings at theaters, universities and other public venues.   We're really excited that it has already been accepted into the the prestigious Boston Palestine Film Festival, and screenings are in the works in several other U.S venues, in England and in Palestine!   We are in the process now of submitting to many other film festivals, and we have high hopes for more screenings. 

We were able to create the web-series thanks to your support, and we're extremely grateful for that help.  The original $5000 covered our expenses travelling to Palestine and during the Run. At first we thought that simply editing all the web-series episodes together would work as a documentary.  But we soon realized there was much more to tell.   Since returning to the States we've spent hundreds of hours crafting that into a film.   From the start it's been a labor of love - we've been motivated by the message of hope and peace fostered by the project and by your encouragement.   Typically a documentary like this has a substantial cost, but we've been able to create this for relatively little thanks to donated time by the production team and a team of volunteers.   But there have been some costs involved including paying for post-production assistance, hard-drive space, music and video rights, our new website ( and other expenses such as promotion and film festival submissions.   As we continue to submit the film the expenses are adding up (a typical submission costs $50 to $75 plus DVD duplication and mailing).  To help cover these costs and to ensure that we can spread the film's message as wide as we can, we're excited to launch a new kick-starter campaign:

Your support helped us get this started and we're extra grateful for additional support getting us across the finish line.  Simply spreading the word about this campaign would go a long ways towards us reaching our goal.  And watch soon for updates about the scheduling for upcoming premiere in Traverse City and additional screenings world-wide.  And contact us if your interested in hosting a screening in your community. 

In Gratitude,

Aaron and Jacob

Documentary Coming Soon!

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The Run Across Palestine Isn't Over

Friends and Supporters! 

We are back home and slowly settling into normalcy.  But we will never forget the amazing experiences we had and the deep connections we forged.   And our commitment to helping the amazing people we met is not going to end!  In fact in many ways the fundraising component of the Run Across Palestine is just beginning.  I hope these videos speak for themselves about the beauty and resilience of the Palestinian farmers.  The need to help them plant more Olive Trees is greater than ever.   We are encouraging everyone to consider making a small donation towards this cause at

In fact On The Ground had a great idea to help raise some money: 

Host a Palestinian “dinner and a movie” party to help spread the word!

All 7 episodes of the People and the Olive now live in a few different places.   All the Youtube videos can been seen on one page here:

And just today we created a Vimeo channel, where you can view higher-quality HD versions of all the videos:

Please share these videos with friends!  And stayed tuned for more updates soon.

And lastly, these videos would not have been possible without your support!! 

In gratitude,


The Run Across Palestine was a great success!

Dear Supporters,

We're preparing to return to the States after an awe-inspiring and emotional experience in Palestine.   We've completed six videos, with one more on it's way.   You can view them all here:

The the video we completed yesterday, Part 6, features the triumphant conclusion of the Run, near Jenin:

We hope you enjoy, and please share these links with friends!

In gratitude,

Aaron and Jacob