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CuBowls are copper and silver plated dog and cat bowls
CuBowls are copper and silver plated dog and cat bowls
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CuBowl Photo Contest and discounts

Posted by CuBowl (Creator)

CuBowl Photo Contest

If you'd like to enter please email a picture of your pet and their CuBowl to Next Friday I'll post an update with all entrants and an online poll. One winner will be randomly drawn, and two others will be the two most voted on the poll. Winners will receive 2 free CuBowls of their choice.

If you were a kickstarter or indiegogo backer, email me at and I'll give you a 15% off discount code for orders made on, 30% off if you post a picture of your cubowl to a social media account.

Thanks again for your support!

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    1. DuncanCreamer on

      This bowl is pretty okay but the rubber ring around the base is loose and basically doesn't stay on. Also, there is slime in the bowl. It stays slime free longer than other bowls and I don't mind washing it - but it's not slime free.

    2. CuBowl Creator on

      Sorry Danny we still haven't received the normal bowls in the sizes you ordered due to a delay, but expect to be shipping them out soon. If you'd like we could send you the non tip version (with the rubber), which we do have.

    3. Missing avatar

      Danny Arborak on

      I'd like to send a picture, but I haven't received the bowls I ordered
      Months ago.

    4. Missing avatar

      annette on

      I'd love to see the photos you collected, I sent one myself. I love the bowl and have recommended it to several friends. It has helped limit the tear staining issue I have in my dogs. I love that I don't need to use chemicals or drugs to keep them looking beautiful.

    5. Danielle on

      I haven't received my bowl yet either. I sent an email and haven't heard back.

    6. Missing avatar

      Kathleen Austin on

      I still haven't received my bowl

    7. CuBowl Creator on

      @ Susan Livingston

      We don't have some received some sizes of the copper normals yet, we do have the XL (24 cm diameter) bowls and can send you that or a no tip next week

    8. S.B. Livingston

      Hi Just wondering about the rewards. I still haven't received mine. Is that normal?


    9. CuBowl Creator on

      @ John,

      That's a good point, I jumped the gun on the contest. We'll wait until everyone received their cubowl and then do the contest.

      Sorry to those that haven't received their bowls yet. We were originally told the freight shipment in by late July so it's very frustrating it's been delayed so much. If you haven't received your order please contact me at, we don't have some sizes of the normal coppers but we can switch you to a non tip(with the rubber) which we do have in stock.

    10. John Moreau on

      Aw, I'm kinda sad I won't get to participate since the silver bowls aren't ready. I'm sure there are others who haven't recieved thier pledge yet as well. Maybe you guys could postpone? Or holds a second contest?

    11. CuBowl Creator on


      We haven't received the small normals yet as there have been delays with our freight shipment. We could send you a small non tip(with the rubber) in the next few days if that's acceptable


      I never received my bowl