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CuBowls are copper and silver plated dog and cat bowls
CuBowls are copper and silver plated dog and cat bowls
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741 backers pledged CA$ 36,148 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping Update

Posted by CuBowl (Creator)

The second delivery we've been waiting on should arrive early next week. We're hoping to ship out all kickstarter orders by the end of next week. So far we've shipped out bowls to approximately 60% of backers. 

Thank you again for your patience and support :)


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    1. CuBowl Creator on

      @ Lisa @ Jenny @ James

      We're waiting for the copper normal style to come in. Should be 2-3 weeks. I could send you non tip(with the rubber) versions this week. Email me at Sorry for the wait!

      @ Jenny Miao

    2. James Wright

      Have not received. What is the status please?

    3. Missing avatar

      Jenny on

      I haven't received mine as well, last email update I got was at least a month ago.

    4. Missing avatar

      Lisa McManus on

      Still haven't received my order. Any idea when it will be posted? Last update sent was that all would be mailed out a couple of weeks ago...

    5. Missing avatar

      Jason R. Ball on

      Hi, I was just wondering if there was any estimate to ship my CuBowls? The last update said by the end of next week, which was a few week ago. Thanks :)

    6. CuBowl Creator on

      @ Valerie

      You're right! It looks like we marked you as shipped accidentally. We'll ship out your order tomorrow. Sorry!

    7. Missing avatar

      Valerie Mehallow on

      I paid $74 USD for two medium bowls. I see only $30 in my reward now. Plus I havent received anything and no recent emails from you.

    8. CuBowl Creator on

      @ Laurie

      We ran out of the normal large and medium coppers and won't get them in again for a month. You should have received an email

      We have large no tips, and xl large normals we could send you next week. If you're getting it for a feeder and need that exact size send me an email at

    9. Missing avatar

      Laurie Arsenault on

      still waiting...did you lose a shipment? my pups are have been waiting patiently. would like to have it by 0ctober 12 for their first birthday :)

    10. John Moreau on

      Awesome! Can't wait for mine :) of course I had to get a silver one, but I don't mind the wait. Thanks for the update!

    11. Missing avatar

      Fred J Goebel on

      Received my bowl about a week and a half ago, and put it in use the very next day. Both my cats are using it regularly, although as expected, they were a little leery when I first put it out, because it was different, and cats generally don't like things to be different, lol. =^..^=