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CuBowls are copper and silver plated dog and cat bowls
CuBowls are copper and silver plated dog and cat bowls
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Shipping Out CuBowls!

Posted by CuBowl (Creator)

We are so excited to have started shipping out CuBowls!

The freight shipment with the majority of orders arrived today. We are working through kickstarter backers and then indiegogo indemand backers. We'll send you an email with postage tracking code when we package your order.

Sorry for the delay cubowlers. I could have gotten some stuff done faster such as sending a bill of lading to the freight forwarder in advance. The bowls got held for inspection at customs for about a week. A friend made a good point that the customs officers can't x-ray the packages to see what's inside. 

 We haven't received any silver bowls yet, we are air rushing them. Using the formula of manufacturers promised delivery date + manufacturers typical delay we expect them within the next few days. These two shipments will fulfill all crowdfunder backers orders. You'll also receive lifetime discounts from for being early backers.

The bowls look great! Very sharp and eyecatching. The people in India did a great job making them. The packaging design committee came up with really nice packaging.The results look terrific and we are very proud to be sending them out. The cat and dog added moral support.

The bowls don't have any writing on them so we are including a business card sized sticker with the safety and maintenance information on it.

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    1. Wendy Clements on

      Hi! I still haven't received mine and we're into November. Just wondering what's up. I had a small normal copper dish. Thanks!

    2. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      Backer 583 with a medium 32oz copper bowl again; I still have not received a tracking number and will be leaving on vacation. If it is coming I need to know when and on what service so I can put a vacation hold on it. Thanks.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jen Martin on

      Checking in - still have yet to receive my tracking number. Possible to get an update?

    4. CuBowl Creator on

      Hi Daniel,

      We don't have the normals in that size in yet but have just received an update from our freight forwarder, looks like it will be 'early next week'. Assuming all goes well we will ship out ~thursday and you should receive it around the 29th.

    5. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      Backer 583 with a medium 32oz copper bowl; haven't received a tracking number and we will be leaving on vacation in a few weeks. Did something happen?

    6. Missing avatar

      Rachel Lavery on

      Hoping for a tracking number soon. :) I'm looking forward to the bowls! :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Lauren Skoog on

      Hi! I still haven't gotten a tracking number or anything and I was an early backer on here! Just wondering what's going on! Thank you!

    8. Žana Erdeljan on

      I'll wait.

    9. CuBowl Creator on

      @ Žana Erdeljan

      We haven't received the xsmall normal bowls yet, we expect them to be here in a few days. If you'd like we have xsmall non tip bowls we could send to you right away. A USPS tracking code is supplied to international backers once we package and ship.

    10. Žana Erdeljan on

      Backer #90 from Sweden here.
      Just wondering... Are you shipping out perks basen on when er ordered (backer number), what we ordered (bowl size, type) or where the shipment is going (Europe, USA, Canada, others).
      I just don't have a clue when to expect the shipment!
      I an going on a vacation soon so, hos am I supose to organize a pick-up with no info?

    11. CuBowl Creator on

      Short update for those who haven't received a tracking number right now, there are a few bowl types that we are waiting on and expect to receive any day. This is all silver bowls and some smaller bowls. If they don't arrive by early next week I'll contact all remaining backers to see what we can do to make them happy (wait for shipment, or send out another size/style we do have in stock). Happy to hear people and pets who have received like the product!

    12. DuncanCreamer on

      Mine arrived today safe and sound. Thank you for your great efforts. I'll post a picture or two soon.

    13. Brandon A.

      Thank you for the response, for some reason the envelope in the pic looked of the non-bubble variety.

      Ours arrived today in perfect shape. It is gorgeous. Thanks for a smooth KS campaign and fulfillment.

    14. CuBowl Creator on

      @ Brandon

      Rest assured these are bubble wrapped envelopes. We've shipped this way with our sample run without issue. The bowls are pure metal and feel very strong. We will replace any bowls that don't arrive in brand new condition.

    15. Brandon A.

      I'm severely concerned about that packaging. I hope it's still bowl shaped when it gets to me! 0.o

    16. CuBowl Creator on

      @ Karen

      The bowls are made in India but our company is based out of BC. We wanted a manufacturer from a region known for ayurvedic wares. We picked our manufacturer specifically because they made products with similar manufacturing processes for human use, such as copper and silver plated glasses, mugs, pitchers, and even spoons. They are ISO 9000 compliant and export a lot of their goods to international customers. We had a lab test water after one week sitting in a cubowl and they found the copper concentration had increased by 0.00064 mg/L. We recommend washing the bowls before first use.

    17. Missing avatar

      Karen Engelberts on

      Excited to receive mine ... just a bit confused as to why the shipment is coming from India?! The impression was given that the bowls were made here in Canada. What sort of inspections and safety measures can be implemented when the bowls are being outsourced? I'm optimistic, but very concerned. �

    18. Christina

      I am very excited that things are all coming together at this time and hopefully I will receive my CuBowls soon. Wishing you all the very best with the future of your product.