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A brand new Pro & Dark Elf and Orc Fantasy Football team along with converting 17 existing teams from 6 companies to affordable resin.
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All molds approved! Castings in full force

Posted by Impact! Miniatures (Creator)

Just approved the last 8 molds that needed to be made to create the castings for the KickStarter.

So casting is going at full speed.

I've already received 50 lbs of resin miniatures.   

Next stage up is the sorting.   All the spins of a team are put into one bag (so for example yesterday we sorted an Elf bag for 6 hours with 250 miniatures in to create 14 Pro Elf and 14 Dark Elf teams (which is about 1/8th of the total number ordered of each).   So the sorting is a big step.

But things still look on track to have sorting done by October and shipping to begin.   Having stuff ready for Chaos Cup orders ... that is still thin ice.

Finally, our current KickStarter is on its final day and we have unlocked a LOT of extras so stop by if you want as we have a lot of choices and free extras. 

All the extras we've unlocked during the KickStarter

Tom @ Impact!

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    1. Steve Long on

      great update, really building the excitement towards October, Have a great Labor Day weekend!

    2. connexion on

      Good to know that things are on track! And the metal teams, how goes it on that end (I ordered the full Dark Elf metal with all the extras)?

    3. Per Pilhjerta on

      Would be cool to see some pictures of the teams in trollcast :)

    4. Impact! Miniatures 39-time creator on

      Yeah ... we have to mark rewards as fully received or not received. Partial becomes a complete mess very very quickly.

    5. Missing avatar

      NRBeem on

      If you only had (for example) all the elves ready for the Chaos Cup, it would still be nice to get them. I understand if it would too much of a bookkeeping hassle, though.