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A brand new Pro & Dark Elf and Orc Fantasy Football team along with converting 17 existing teams from 6 companies to affordable resin.
277 backers pledged $46,000 to help bring this project to life.

Pledge manager and project update

Posted by Impact! Miniatures (Creator)

Pledge Manager submissions are going well.  We are down to 81 backers needing to lock in their order.   Just a reminder that saving your order was not enough, you had to go to your order summary and lock in your order for it to be finalized.    I hope to place the order with Troll Forged for the castings we'll need for the KickStarter for the most part next Friday so to the extent the remaining 81 backers can be locked in by then ... greatly appreciated!

Ed informed me that all the molds are the KickStarter are now finished being baked and he is working on cutting them now to finalize them.   At this time, we still are on track for the delivery dates we put in the KickStarter.

Also just a fun stat to share ... we are still waiting on some large Pitch Invasion orders to lock in but for the 2/3rd of the KickStarter that have currently locked in their rewards ... here is what has been order from the list of Deluxe teams:

  • Amazon (Deluxe) 5 
  • Ape of Wrath (Deluxe) 14 
  • Black Rock Dwarf (Deluxe) 11 
  • Black Widows (Deluxe) 2 
  • Chaotic Alliance (Deluxe) 36 
  • Dark Elf (Deluxe) 59 
  • Deadling (Deluxe) 17 
  • Deep One (Deluxe) 33 
  • Desert Dogs (Deluxe) 7 
  • Divine Wind (Deluxe) 9 
  • Gnome (Deluxe) 5 
  • Halfling (Deluxe) 12 
  • Middle Kingdoms (Deluxe) 4 
  • Necromincon (Deluxe) 7 
  • Ogre (Deluxe) 21 
  • Orc (Deluxe) 38 
  • Pharaohs (Deluxe) 16 
  • Platypus (Deluxe 1) 2 
  • Platypus (Deluxe 2) 8 
  • Platypus (Deluxe 3) 4 
  • Pro Elf (Deluxe) 61 
  • RAFM Reptiliad (Deluxe) 5 
  • Razorback Gnoll (Deluxe) 2 
  • Samhaino (Deluxe) 12 
  • Sarcos (Deluxe) 30 
  • Scotling (Deluxe) 8 
  • Siringit (Deluxe) 13 
  • Thunder Hammer Dwarf (Deluxe) 7 
  • Valkyrie (Deluxe) 5 
  • Vampire (Deluxe) 9 
  • Women of Impact (Deluxe) 8 
  • ZNGames Ulfhedner (Deluxe) 8

We are definitely keeping on top of the production of this KickStarter.   Any questions please feel free to ask.

Tom @ Impact!


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    1. Steve Long on

      @Louis, and yet I am still overly excited and cannot wait. I feel like I am a child on the M25... are we there yet?

    2. Missing avatar

      Louis Kirkham

      @Steve, you need to relax buddy. Delivery not until October so you will drive yourself crazy thinking about it everyday until then lol. Its all on track so just wait for Tom's email updates.

    3. Impact! Miniatures 39-time creator on

      We are collecting pledge managers so that we can place the order hopefully this weekend.

    4. Steve Long on

      Tom, please can we have an update..... please.

    5. Roberto Alba Luque on

      Ok thank you for your response.

      So next step is delivery time and address.

      Will we confirm in same page all dates?

    6. Impact! Miniatures 39-time creator on

      You added in the shipping when you pledged so all good.

    7. Roberto Alba Luque on

      Order summary locked and done. I have a question. Hace international shipping any cost add to pay?.

      When i completed dont see any quantie added

      Thank you and regards

    8. Impact! Miniatures 39-time creator on

      At this time delivery date is holding steady as per the expected delivery dates per each reward level on the front page.

    9. Steve Long on

      What is the expected despatch date now Tom?

    10. Impact! Miniatures 39-time creator on

      @Darkson ... much appreciated ... I assumed there was definitely some coordination time that would be required. At this point if I can put an order that will get most of the backers by the 27th ... that should work really well for us to stay on schedule.

    11. Impact! Miniatures 39-time creator on

      For the teams that did not have a Deluxe Version current counts are:
      Deathroller Racing: 3
      Calasain: 20
      Ratmen: 40
      Thalassians: 10

      In a way the Calasain backers are getting a Deluxe team for a Standard price because since the Terrorpin and Shoulder pads had to have their own molds made ... that will mean the option that comes with those items when it goes in the store will be the Deluxe version of the team and they will no longer just be part of the Standard team.

    12. Darkson on

      Still working on beating... I mean, asking my clubmates if they want to add anything. If they're anything like normal they'll ask a couple of days after it's all locked in.

    13. Impact! Miniatures 39-time creator on

      @Philip ... I'll post the full list including the Standards and Add-ons after we get hopefully a lot more of the remaining 1/3rd of the backers that are not locked in yet.

    14. Philip Bonarek on

      Never mind just reread the post and it is about the deluxe teams.

    15. Philip Bonarek on

      What no love for the Calasians? I know I do since I ordered two for my league.