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A brand new Pro & Dark Elf and Orc Fantasy Football team along with converting 17 existing teams from 6 companies to affordable resin.
277 backers pledged $46,000 to help bring this project to life.

Pledge Manager finished ... the details you need to know about the Pledge Manager

Posted by Impact! Miniatures (Creator)

The ever awesome Kenny has just about finished creating the pledge manager for this KickStarter and we just sent it out to everyone

1) The pledge manager comes from Skykadia. So if within the next hour you do not have the pledge manager information with your login and password, please check your Spam filter as it might have landed in there.  

 2) You can add on as much as you want to your reward as you go through the pledge manager. The information at the top of the page will show you the items included already in your reward and how much extra you need to pay for if any. After you lock in your order, a button will appear and direct you to PayPal to pay IF you added any extra to your reward.  The summary at the top will also show you what you have left to pick as part of your reward as well as any free items you should be selecting as part of your reward    Thank you in advance for any extra funds you spend on this KickStarter during check out ... it is sincerely appreciated.

3)  note the free mascot animal will not appear in the pledge manager as that is automatic when we fill those reward levels.

4)  There are 4 different pages of items for the pledge manager.  One for Standard teams, one for Deluxe teams, one for Metal teams and one for Add-ons.    I will not that when you go to the metal team you will only find one Elf team now.   Call it a late stretch goal unlocked ... it was easier to mold the team based on the unlocked goals to create one mold that could get the figures for everyone (and make the packing easier to fill the orders).

5) You HAVE to lock in your order. After you select all your items, go to the Order Summary, double check your reward and then press the button to LOCK your reward. I do not receive an email with what you want until you press the LOCK button which means your reward cannot ship until you press it. You should also receive an email when you lock your reward with a summary of what you selected. 

6) We never ask for your mailing address until a few days before we are ready to start shipping. So we are not getting your address at this time. That request will come much later and will be a message from KickStarter when it happens. That should be everything. 


The only Ed has left to bake are the Bertha Bigfist and Piling On Ogre.   I still need to approve the castings from about 25 molds that have been baked but not yet spun for me to see and approve.

Thanks backers and we look forward to getting these shipped out to you. 

Tom and Chris @ Impact!


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    1. Per Pilhjerta on

      Yes, very smooth pledge manager. Tip my hat to Kenny!

    2. Missing avatar

      Louis Kirkham

      Just echoing the previous comments, very easy to finalise the order after I kept chopping and changing my mind. Thanks Kenny

    3. Impact! Miniatures 39-time creator on

      @John Keogh ... thanks ... Kenny's work is really good ... puts BackerKit to shame in my opinion. So feel free to put his name in with any other KickStarters you pledge for who think they need a pledge manager to handle the checkout process. Trying to help Kenny grow that part of his business.

    4. John Keogh on

      I have to say great Pledge Manager Tom & Kenny, made sorting my complex order very easy.

    5. Impact! Miniatures 39-time creator on

      @Daniel, Matt and Andrea ... sending information now

    6. Daniel M

      Ditto. Nothing in inbox or spam.

    7. Matt McDonough on

      Never got my link, not in the SPAM Folder either?

    8. Andrea IlBassi on

      no mail to me, jet :D

    9. Impact! Miniatures 39-time creator on

      @Patrick ... too expensive to do so

    10. Missing avatar

      Patrick McKenna on

      So shouldn't the extra Stars be in metal also?

    11. Impact! Miniatures 39-time creator on

      @Patrick...super free added bonus

    12. Missing avatar

      Patrick McKenna on

      I'm a little confused about the Metal Elf kit. As I understood it, you get all the positionals and all the stars from both Pro Elf and Dark Elf, in metal.

      But now it's asking me to pick one resin set of stars. Is that in addition to all the stars in metal as above (super free added bonus?) or do you only get to pick one set overall?

    13. Jason Woodall on

      Nevermind, I was choosing the specialty pack instead of the stars.

    14. Jason Woodall on

      Hey guys everything looks great except it says:
      "To pay $40.00
      Items left 4 Resin Elf (Pro or Dark) Star Players Sets"
      and I have 5 Resin elf sets chosen (2 dark, 3 pro) (one is paid for in the pledge)

    15. Mr D S-N on

      Everything seems to be okay for me - I'm left with $1 to spend as expected :D
      I've forgotten to arrange anything for the numbered shoulder pads though....
      We should work that out once we've made sure the web order is okay? (in case the web order needs amending too, we can do it all at once then.)
      Sweet figs! :)

    16. Mr D S-N on

      If anyone is wondering what the "free $14 or less item" chat is about, it's from #Update 2: (Early backer reward)

    17. Steve Long on

      all done, locked and loaded, Thanks Kenny, Thanks Tom.

    18. Mr D S-N on

      I don't mind paying extra postage if needed as about a 3rd (of the price, I don't know about weight ~ might account for more) of my order is from the website ~ I'm just a bit confused as under "Get the Ref" pledge level it says to add $4 if outside the US...?
      Thanks for the prompt replies as always guys ~ Your time on this KS really makes a difference :D

    19. Impact! Miniatures 39-time creator on

      Kenny says Pledge Manager should be all fixed! Thanks Kenny!

    20. Missing avatar

      Kenny on

      @all - Okay, back in business as usual. If anyone re-saves their selections it should now take the $14 or less addon into account. Happy choosing!

    21. Impact! Miniatures 39-time creator on

      Thanks Kenny for looking into this.

    22. Impact! Miniatures 39-time creator on

      And also as was pointed out to me ...
      1 the free D16 that I pick out for you will be automatic as well (so it is not in the pledge manager)
      2) the free Brick and Grotty if you pledged for this KickStarter AND pledged for any of the Ogre teams on the Ogre Team KickStarter is automatic as well


    23. Impact! Miniatures 39-time creator on

      @Jonas ... yes yes ... definitely. So what you need to do for that is message me through the Urban Achievers KS what you want and I'll make sure it is added on!

    24. Missing avatar

      Kenny on

      @all - sorry about the confusion, but there's a warning on the front page, which should state the server's in maintenance mode, it'll be up and running again soon...

    25. Jonas Schiött

      OK, there might be some confusion here: I'm referring to the free addon for backing both this and the Urban Achievers, and delaying shipping to combine the two. There was no such restriction stated for that.

    26. Impact! Miniatures 39-time creator on

      Tim ... I tried to log in as you and it worked. See if you completely close your internet browser and then start over if you can get in. If not ... let me know and I can generate a new password for you and send it to you.

    27. Impact! Miniatures 39-time creator on

      Mr D S-N: since you are in the UK ... $9 is the correct shipping amount. But your reward was more complex since there were a lot of items you were picking up from the online store that we needed to remove from the amount you pledged. I'll go through and see if the math is off and if so we'll get it fixed.

    28. Tim Lawson on

      @Tom & Chris, Hey guys, thanks for this, I logged onto the system, and went to save my options, it kicked me out and now I am unable to log back in.

    29. Impact! Miniatures 39-time creator on

      Jonas Schiött - CHEAP SEAT pledges do not get the free $14 item. That was in the front page description and the description in the update that announced it.

    30. Jonas Schiött

      OK, that explains the $9, it was just a bit poorly worded on the project page.

      As for the free addon, we have communicated about that before, I guess I'll have to trust that you remember even if it's not in the manager.

    31. Impact! Miniatures 39-time creator on

      So that should have said $38 instead of $33. Anyway the point being that CHEAP SEATS was not meant to be a better deal than GET THE REF. Reward levels become better deals as you go down the page (at least they do for our KickStarters) So sincere apologies if you read CHEAP SEATS as a $5 credit towards your purchase ... it was simply a level that allowed you to pledge the postage up front so you could get access to the pledge manager.

    32. Mr D S-N on

      FYI ~ I think my shipping was set at $9 instead of the expected $4 too :)

    33. Impact! Miniatures 39-time creator on

      @Jonas Schiött ... we did not change the shipping amounts. The Cheap Seats was a pledge to get access to the pledge manager. It was not a credit to be used to buy anything in the pledge manager. That $5 is the US shipping for anything a person wants to add in the pledge manager. International was $9. This makes sense especially if you consider the GET THE REF level. If that $5 was a credit to the team ... that means GET THE REF would pay $43 for one Standard team shipped internationally and CHEAP SEATS would be able to get the same team for only $33 if that $5 was an amount pledged towards the team. So the CHEAP SEATS pledge level was always all postage ... nothing was changed.

    34. Jonas Schiött

      Oh, and I'm not getting that free $14 or less item, either.

    35. Missing avatar

      Kenny on

      @all - apologies. I'm working on it now, the PM will go into maintenance mode...

    36. Steve Long on

      ok Tom, I will wait for your mail.

    37. Impact! Miniatures 39-time creator on

      @Steve Long ... your situation is unique and complicated ... I'll email you.

      @Ron Price ... you are correct ... that is a bug ... apologies. I have reported it to Kenny and hopefully we can get it fixed fairly quickly. It is detecting the two $8 or less item if you go that route ... but items between $9 and $13 are not being picked up as the free $14 or less item ... only exactly $14 items. Hopefully that is an easy fix for Kenny to get done. I'll post an update as soon as it is fixed.

      Kenny and I both ran several test rewards through it to make sure it was working but I guess neither of us tried to not max out the free $14 item.

    38. Jonas Schiött

      So... you changed the cost of shipping?
      Because my pledge level says shipping should be $4, but the manager subtracts $9 from the amount pledged to get what I have "to spend".

    39. Missing avatar

      Ron Price on

      Aha. If I select a $14 item, it appears to work properly, too. It seems that the under-$14 items are not being counted as "or less" in the $14-or-less tally.

    40. Missing avatar

      Ron Price on

      The $10-or-less add-on worked properly for me, though...

    41. Missing avatar

      Ron Price on

      Same for me, Tom. I select a $12.00 add-on and it tells me I owe $12 and still need to pick a $14 or less add-on.

    42. Steve Long on

      Tom, when I go to add all the teams, including 2 dark elf teams, I go to add ons and select the normal elf stars which should be free yet they come up with a price. what am I doing wrong?