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A brand new Pro & Dark Elf and Orc Fantasy Football team along with converting 17 existing teams from 6 companies to affordable resin.
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Mould update, Ruddog, Calasain and Urban Achievers

Posted by Impact! Miniatures (Creator)

Just a quick update to let you know where we are with the KickStarter as of one week from when we finished.

Trollforged has completed 6 of the 30 production moulds that we need to make to fulfill this KickStarter.  So that is some good progress.   Ed expected to be able to send me another 7 mould test runs within the next week to approve so hopefully by this time next week ... 40% of the moulds will be ready (which would be a really good start to being on track for an on time delivery of the KickStarter).

Kenny is working on the pledge manager and the hope is that it will be completed and out to everyone during the first 2 weeks of July.   I will keep you updated on this as I get news.

Ed talked to me on Wednesday and had a problem with the Calasain mould (everything I wanted to put in that team would not fit in the mould) ... but nothing that a bit of cash could not resolve.   As a result the Terrorpin and the Numbered Shoulder Pads will need to get their own moulds instead of being in with the Calasain team.   This means these two items will be included now in the pledge manager at a discount as separate items anyone can order.   The Terrorpin will be $6 (he'll be $7 in our online store after the KS) and the Numbered Shoulder Pads will be $4 for a set of 1 to 16 (they will be $5 for the set in our online store after the KS).

Juan has finished the Chaos Cup give-away figure for the 2014 tournament where every year we offer up a new All-Star team member from the lore.   The figure is not a limited edition ... but this will be your chance to get it as part of our reward and for less than we planned on selling it for in the store.  The figure for this year's tournament is Ruddog Ironhead.  He was blessed by Chaos with a body made entirely of metal and razor sharp claws as part of this arms (Icepelt p. 29).   Ruddog will be part of the pledge manager as well when you receive it and you can add him on for $6.   He'll be $7 or $8 in our online store after the Chaos Cup tournament is over (or this KickStarter is done shipping whichever comes latest).  Here is Ruddog.  He is 35mm tall to the top of his head (the shoulder pads are actually bolted on to him):

Finally ... a shout out.  Okay its a shout out to something from Impact! ... but we are running a short and small KickStarter to fund making the spincast resin mould for our Urban Achievers range.   If anyone pledges for that KickStarter ... please let me know.  I'll throw in one free $14 or less add-on for this KickStarter with each set of figures you get at our new KickStarter if you are willing for me to ship the Urban Achievers with your figures from this KickStarter (as it is so limited in scope it and easy to finish the mouldling (as we don't need to wait for any of the sculpts or metal mastering or pledge manager) ... it will actually ship before this one.   So if you pledge for our new Kickstarter are are willing to wait for shipping and pledge ... just please send me a message through our new KickStarter and let me know what $14 or less item you want ... and I'll make sure it happens.  Current KickStarter can be found here:

 That should cover it ... thanks again to all the backers.

Tom @ Impact!

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    1. Impact! Miniatures 39-time creator on

      The international postage answer was in response for backing our current Urban Achievers KickStarter

    2. Impact! Miniatures 39-time creator on

      @Azazel ... had not thought of that .. apologies .. but no ... international would not need to add on the extra for the international postage.

      Terrorpin is the big guy turtle shown in the image of the Calasain team. The numbered shoulder pads are shown in use here:

    3. Azazel A on

      Also, are there pics of the Shoulder pads anywhere? And which team is the Terrorpin usually included in? I didn't see/notice it during the campaign...

    4. Azazel A on

      Quick question about the UA set - if we get them shipped with the Impact Football models do we still need to add international shipping?

    5. Kim Goldbaek on

      Ruddog looks awesome! Will definately add him to my pledge...

    6. Missing avatar

      TP on

      The shoulder pads for add-ons? Ooh. Now I have to ask if you've got experience what teams they're easy to use with and whether there's any they don't really fit.

    7. Per Pilhjerta on

      Nice Ruddog! Will definatly add him to my pledge.