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A brand new Pro & Dark Elf and Orc Fantasy Football team along with converting 17 existing teams from 6 companies to affordable resin.
277 backers pledged $46,000 to help bring this project to life.

Deluxe Valkryie and Deluxe Vampire unlocked. Remaining stretch goals announced!

Posted by Impact! Miniatures (Creator)

We just reached $34,000, so we have unlocked the Valkyrie team in both Standard and Deluxe versions.   The Deluxe version adds in 2 extra Big Guys which allows you to have a choice of big guys or to play the team as a very Nordic chaos pact team with 3 northern big guys.  (see image of team at bottom of update)

In addition to unlocking the Valkyrie team, we have unlocked a Deluxe options for the Vampire team.   This is a set of 7 figures that give you the Pumpkin Queen set (wizard), 3 extra Pumpkin markers for score and re-rolls as well as a Vampiric minion cheerleader.   Some sideline extras with a halloween feel for your vampire team.   The expansion set is also available as a stand-alone add-on for $14.

So that is what just unlocked.   What unlocks going forward???   Here is the list of the stretch goals between now and $45,000.   Let's see how many we can unlock!

  • $35,000 - Free resin Roxanne figure included with every Standard and Deluxe Dark Elf team AND Deluxe Deep Ones will be upgraded to also include 4 goblin sized octopus players and 1 Tentacled Chainsaw player.
  • $36,000 - Timberline Elf team unlocked as an reward option AND Deadwoods set unlocked as a discounted add-on AND free Dark Sphere pewter Treeman with every Black Army Deluxe Halfling team.
  • $37,000 - Werebear, Helmet Stand, Tantor (Elephant Ogre) and Gorillataur unlocked as discounted add-ons AND a free mascot animal miniature for every backer of RIOT reward level or higher
  • $38,000 - Scotling team unlocked as a team option for your reward and Caber team included as discounted Add-on
  • $39,000 - Gnome team unlocked as a team reward option and Impcrusher and Contraption 3 pack included as discounted Add-ons.
  • $40,000 - Black Rock Dwarf team unlocked as a team reward option
  • $41,000 - Middle Kingdoms team unlocked as a team reward option
  • $42,000 - Deathroller Racing set of 6 unlocked as a team reward option
  • $43,000 - All Deluxe Pro Elf teams will include Ithaca, Horkon and Roxanne for free (metal for metal, resin for resin) AND All Deluxe Dark Elf teams will include Dolfar, Jordell and The Prince for free (metal for metal, resin for resin) AND Metal Deluxe Pro Elf teams will include a metal Dark Elf set of specialists players AND Metal Deluxe Dark Elf team will include a metal Pro Elf set of specialists players AND Deluxe Orcs will include a set of Band of Orcs (resin for resin and metal for metal)
  • $44,000 - Kalle Minotaur and Piling On Ogre included in add-ons
  • $45,000 - Ogre team unlocked as a reward choice.   All backers of the Ogre KickStarter who back this KickStarter for the Cheap Seats or higher reward will receive a free resin Ogre Star Thrower and Goblin duo.

Picture of the Valkyrie Deluxe team that is now unlocked for reaching $34,000.

 Tom @ Impact!

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