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A brand new Pro & Dark Elf and Orc Fantasy Football team along with converting 17 existing teams from 6 companies to affordable resin.
277 backers pledged $46,000 to help bring this project to life.

Oni and Djinn Ogres unlocked! Necromicon team at $33k. Felt Mats and 2 new Deluxe teams.

Posted by Impact! Miniatures (Creator)

First ... thank you backers for another stretch goal unlocked.   The Desert Dogs now have a Deluxe version available with a Djinn Ogre and the Divine Wind now have a Deluxe version available with the Oni Ogre.  Both new Ogres are also available as add-ons for $11 each if you just want to pick them up outside of the team deal.

I also did some number crunching on what we can and cannot afford to offer with the KickStarter and below after the stretch goal we have 3 items we are immediately unlocking for having reached $32,000 as well.

What do we have for $33k?

The Necromicon team with a Deluxe version that gives you some massive big guys and a coach to go with the team.   The Necromicon team is 18 players.  4 of them are large and powerful denizens of the HP Mythos and 1 other is definitely a great Big Guy by himself.   This team makes a excellent Chaos or Samhaino inspired fantasy football team.   At $33,000 we'll unlock this team as one of the ones you can pick for your rewards.

 Okay so that is the stretch goal ... but I mentioned something about stuff unlocking right now. You remembered correctly ... so available as of this update ... we are unlocking a Deluxe version of the Sarcos and the Amazon team.   Instead of 3 versions of the Sarcos ... we thought it would make more sense to offer the version that 95% of people buy as the Standard and then offer up all the other items (plus some extra Baby Crocs) for the other versions as Deluxe which will give you maximum Croc playing power for this team.   For the Amazon team we are giving them 2 Bertha Giantfist models for a Deluxe version.  She is definitely a big guy and awesome at 61mm to the eye.  She make a great female ogre and having 2 of her allows you to also play the team as Humans or Middle Kingdoms for your favorite fantasy football game.   See below for the images of these 2 new deluxe offerings.

But wait ... there is more.   We had a lot of requests and I think I've have an agreement with my manufacturer that I'll be able to get a large order in a timely manner (which was my biggest concern).  So we have added the Felt Gaming Mats as a $21 add-on that you can add-on as many as you want to any reward level.  The mats have 29mm squares.  The felt they are made out of is just plain awesome.   Hotz Matz has a proprietary system that makes their felt mats wear resistant and liquid resistant.   These mats are light, portable and very durable.  There are a lot of folks making gaming mats right now ... these are still in my opinion the best on the market for the price.   So for $21 to can add-on gaming mats to your order.

Here are the images for the items we are unlocking as of this update:

Looking forward to more announcements as we go through the last 5 days!

Tom @ Impact!

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    1. KeiVaN on


      I already have your Amazon team, will Bertha be available as a single purchase?

    2. Costin Becheanu on

      Well, not that the mats are in, I guess it's time to upgrade that pledge!