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A brand new Pro & Dark Elf and Orc Fantasy Football team along with converting 17 existing teams from 6 companies to affordable resin.
277 backers pledged $46,000 to help bring this project to life.

Full Dark Elf team unlocked! Apes of Wrath unlock at $31,000

Posted by Impact! Miniatures (Creator)

Thank you backers ... we've unlocked the full Dark Elf team with their own set of full 5 Elven Star Players.  Shown below (thanks to for the image).

Now I had a special new figure announcement ready for $31,000 .... but it is not finished yet.  So I'm moving the $32,000 Stretch Goal up while we get that finished.

At $31,000 we'll unlock a Standard and Deluxe Apes of Wrath team that you can pick as one of the teams for your reward.

The Standard team comes with 18 players and the Deluxe team includes an additional 7 models.   The Standard teams plays great as Orcs and the Deluxe version allows you to play easily as chaos influenced Dwarves, Humans or the Apes of Wrath roster made popular by and the New Zealand fantasy football leagues.

Standard Apes of Wrath team

Deluxe team includes the following extra 7:  4 Chimpanzee Midfielders, 2 Gorillataur, 1 Chimpanzee Runner.   (the Chimpanzees are shown above ... Gorillataur is shown below)

 Front page has been updated for the unlocked items so far.

We still have an open Stretch Goal that at $35,000 we'll include a free Roxanne the Dark in with every Standard and Deluxe Dark Elf team.

I wanted to announce one extra Elf stretch goal that I decided to make when we reached $30,000.   As of right now, is projecting that we will reach $43,100.   That's number definitely allows us to unlock several more items before we are done.   So I wanted to make an offer as a Stretch Goal for the brand new teams that are being created for this KickStarter.   If we reach $43,100 as projected by, I'll include the 3 Star Players from the other Elf race with each Deluxe team for free.  So a free Jordell, Dolfar and Prince to all the Dark Elf Deluxe teams and a free Horkon, Roxanne and Ithaca to the Pro Elf Deluxe teams.   For the metal teams we will also include a free metal set of the Specialist players from the other team.    We do not want the Orc teams to feel left out ... so all Orcs teams at $43,100 will include a free Band of Orcs to cheer on the team from the sidelines  (resin for resin and in metal for metal teams).

Thank you to all our backers and I'll keep working on fun items for us to unlock going forward!

Tom @ Impact!

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    1. Costin Becheanu on

      Don't know if it's been asked so far, but may we expect some gaming mats to be available as an add-on with some of the future stretch goals we'll definitely hit?