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A brand new Pro & Dark Elf and Orc Fantasy Football team along with converting 17 existing teams from 6 companies to affordable resin.
277 backers pledged $46,000 to help bring this project to life.

Platypus team unlocked ... $30,000 stretch goal ... Dark Elf team revisions

Posted by Impact! Miniatures (Creator)

We unlocked the Platypus team as the 20th new spincast resin team being offered in this KickStarter ... thank you backers! (and you can get the Deluxe team with 2 Tantor, 2 Leviathans or 1 of each for Big Guys)   We also unlocked the discounted Cthulhu and Dagon miniatures as well as add 4 free Sharkmen to the Deluxe Deep Ones team.   I'm running a booth at PopCon geek culture convention so my ability to update all the graphics is limited ... but I will get it finished as quickly as possible to change the front page to reflect this.

Stephen and I have been working with Juan to try and make the new Dark Elf team as good as possible ... I'm very happy to announce our work will be added to the KickStarter at the $30,000 Stretch Goal.

First let me show you Juan's work:

Roxy the Nail, Witch Elf #2



Here is the current plan for the above:

At $30,000 stretch goal:

  • 1) We will be changing the standard Dark Elf team to have 2 Witch Elf #2 (Roxy the Nail)   
  • 2) Both Roxanne and Roxy will include 2 heads.  The big hair and the pulled back big hair.
  • 3) Both Roxanne the Dark and Roxy the Nail will be available for separate purchase and will come with both head versions.
  • 4) The Dark Elf Specialists Pack will include 2 Assassins and 2 Roxy the Nail (Witch Elf #2)
  • 5) We will replace Dolfar, Jordell and the Prince in the Deluxe version of the Dark Elf team with Horkon, Ithaca and Roxanne.
  • 6) A Dark Elf Star player pack will be created for $14 which will be Horkon, Eldril, Hubris, Ithaca and Roxanne
  • 6) Early bird Backers getting a free set of Elf Stars will be able to choose to get either a Pro Elf or Dark Elf set as their free set.

I know we had mixed reviews on the Roxanne model ... so we are making the figure in the standard team the dynamic model.   However in the Deluxe version you'll get the 2nd pose and so if you like the original ... you'll still be able to get it and with the multiple head options if you wanted 2 different poses for the team ... then you could use the dynamic Witch Elf #2 with a different style of hair as your Star Player.

We also wanted to announce a stretch goal for $35,000:

At $35,000, we'll include a free Roxanne figure with each Standard (or Deluxe) version of the Dark Elf team.  This will give you both poses to work with in Standard and 2 copies of each pose in Deluxe.   In addition, we will add a free Roxanne and a free Roxy to the Dark Elf Specialists pack giving it a total of 6 figures.

More items will happen then just this at $35,000, but we wanted to let everyone know that it is a goal that we know we can set already based on the project costs to offer it.

I think the Dark Elf team turned into a great 19th team to offer with the KickStarter and I appreciate the backers whose suggestion led to our great new $30,000 stretch goal.

Tom @ Impact!


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    1. Impact! Miniatures 39-time creator on

      @Azazel A ... Sebastien Meunier of already has you covered. Thanks Sebastien!
      Dark Elf team at $30k:
      Dark Elf Specialist Player Pack at $30k:

    2. Azazel A on

      ...and then update the team pics at $35k :)

    3. Azazel A on

      Hi Tom,
      Thanks for listening and upgrading the DE team. If I can make a very strong request though: Once the campaign hits $30k and these changes take place - please provide a pic showing what the model loadouts for the new DE team (and deluxe) and Regular Elves (and deluxe) will look like - because you've confused the shit out of me.

      Also also please note/show any figures that *don't* come included in at least the deluxe versions of the elvish teams...

    4. Impact! Miniatures 39-time creator on

      Cheerleader? Sigh. That is an uppercut from using Jump Up. Ah well. I'll make sure the choices are in there so hopefully as many as I can get happy will be. ;-)

    5. Moraiwe on

      Many thanks for the option to use the original witch elf, far prefer it to the new cheerleader style. Great work at trying to keep all happy.