20 Fantasy Football teams - New Pro Elves & Orcs & 18 more

by Impact! Miniatures

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    1. Jeremy R. Haugen on

      As much as I want to see that Oni and Djinn... I think that this is the right move.

    2. Jason York on

      I'm disappointed that you had to make this decision. Hopefully it will bring back some of the people that left, and I think it continues to speak volumes of you and your company for trying to do the right thing for everyone.

    3. Missing avatar

      fe2mike on

      I agree with Jason York.
      Thank you Tom, and Impact, for continuing to be awesome members of our community.

      I don't think people should be worried about the value of their miniatures for a handful of different reasons.
      Mainly, their are many more important things to be worried about than the value of your minis. I am sure that their are hungry, underprivileged, under-educated, or elderly that could use the energy that they are wasting on on worrying about than value of minis.

      Also, if you buying individual minis as an investment, then I believe you should re-evaluate your investment strategies. I don't beleive that anyone is really going to be able to retire off of selling their miniature collection for more than the value of time and $ that they have put into it.

      Lastly, please everyone, remember that this is a hobby, it is entertainment, and the first priority if for all of us to have fun.