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A brand new Pro & Dark Elf and Orc Fantasy Football team along with converting 17 existing teams from 6 companies to affordable resin.
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Minotaurs, Ogres and Trolls ... oh my! Chaos Alliance special through Friday morning!

Posted by Impact! Miniatures (Creator)

Made some phone calls/email to get the rights for several of these figures.   We now have our 18 new team to bring to the gaming community in affordable spincast resin.

The Chaotic Alliance team is now available as part of the KickStarter!    22 mutants, marauders, thugs and evil non-humans.

Some of the figures in this team are spincast resin versions of limited edition metal miniatures (which will remain limited edition in their metal versions).   We went through all the inventory and talked with some of the folks that commissioned some of the limited edition metals and found we only have 25 full sets of these miniatures left in metal before the team is out of stock so we are offering the full team as a metal option.   So once these 25 are gone the metal version of this team is gone!   The good news is that if all 25 of these sell ... we will fund the KickStarter!

One special note on the pewter team ... there are only 25 (really I'm serious on that) so if you want to include one of these teams for $100 as part of your existing reward ... you HAVE to message me IMMEDIATELY so that I can reduce the limited edition quantity to reflect that.  If you do not notify us, the folks actually selecting that reward level will get first dibs to the team (even if you've added the money to your reward level for another reward level).

The team includes 14 human sized mutants and marauders, 2 Might/Strength 4 sized players, one evil goblin, rat, dwarf and dark elf, one coach, and one apothecary.

But wait ... didn't the subject title say there was a special through Friday morning!   Yes it did!   And its a great offer.

A Chaotic Alliance is just not chaotic enough without some serious muscle options for the team ... so let's give them to you.

No really ... how about I just give them to you for FREE!

At 9 a.m. EST I'll record the backer number of the last backer and every backer who is part of this KickStarter at that point who selects the spincast resin OR the metal version of the Chaotic Alliance as part of their reward will get the Deluxe team option for free with this team.

The Deluxe option for the Chaotic Alliance team is one Super Punch Troll, one Ogre Thrower and Goblin star player duo and one Zlurpee Minotaur.

After Friday morning ... new backers can still get the Deluxe version of the team but the Deluxe option will cost extra as normal for both spincast resin or metal.

Finally we had a good question this morning which was ... if I'm in for the Skyscraper Special and I want a Standard team ... can I get some extra goodies?   Thought about it and the answer is yes you can.   So if you select a Standard team as part of your 5, you will be able to select any add-on costing $10 or less for free to go with it.

I think that is everything ... $2,500 worth of the limited edition metal Chaotic Alliance teams available and $2,500 left to fund ... let's make it happen!

Tom @ Impact!


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      Brian McIlvaine on

      Sounds great! Thanks.