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A brand new Pro & Dark Elf and Orc Fantasy Football team along with converting 17 existing teams from 6 companies to affordable resin.
277 backers pledged $46,000 to help bring this project to life.

All backers packed up! Thank you to everyone

Posted by Impact! Miniatures (Creator)

Last night after handing out the candy, I came in and finished packing the final 9 backers for this KickStarter.   The project is done!!!!

After 18 months ... the beast is finally slain.   The project ran about $5,000 over the funding raised.   But the finish line has been reached.

I wanted to thank you backers for the amount of understanding I've had over the last year.   I know some backers ran out of patience but the majority of you were amazing with your support as I worked with my son and his health issues.   He is much better since my wife and I had 3 very close calls with his life in January and February.  There are still days that require me to drop everything to help him but there is a path for him now to health and each day we work on it.

Bottom line ... thank you everyone.   I'm very happy to be able to announce that we reached the finish line.

I hope to have these teams in the store by November 15th if you have friends who want to pick them up or some more for yourself.

I will be working now on the next Fantasy Football KickStarter.  I learned a lot from this project.  The next KickStarter which will be for to turn Beast Face Miniatures Chaos team to resin along with a new Human team from an amateur sculptor that submitted it to Impact!   I am going to keep the KS tight ... just the two teams ... no more.  A few new miniatures and stretch goals will be keep to easy things that won't slow down shipping.   I already have the caster looking over all the figures to make sure we know all possible issues ahead of time and the mold planning can be done in advance.

Once more ... thank you everyone for all your support while I worked to get this KS finished.

Tom Anders @ Impact!

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    1. Vernon Geisz on

      glad to hear you finished it finally. Hoping your next project goes easier.

    2. Massimo Rolli on

      I'm glad your situation has improved.
      I look forward to the next Kickstarter.

    3. Darkson on

      Glad it's all over for you Tom, I know it's weighed on your mind. At least you had the courage to admit to errors and falling behind, there are other KS creators, both small and large, that could take a leaf out of your book there.

      Look forward to the Beastface team (one I regretted not getting when first available), and will look over the human team (though I have no need of one).

      As always, my thoughts with you and your family.

    4. Costin Becheanu on

      Cheers, Tom!
      Hope everything is looking better back home and good luck on the new project!
      Might jump into it if it comes at a financially appropriate time :))

      Our minis are looking great and we're slowly getting to giving them the respect they deserve (colour and basing-wise). They've already seen some action and have performed admirably on the pitch.