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A brand new Pro & Dark Elf and Orc Fantasy Football team along with converting 17 existing teams from 6 companies to affordable resin.
277 backers pledged $46,000 to help bring this project to life.

The hired help

Posted by Impact! Miniatures (Creator)

So as part of trying to get everything done on time I brought in some part time help.   They were helping me bag up teams so that we could get them shipped out as much as possible to everyone in October.

However the first test of their help was a complete failure.   Almost every single order they packed up for someone for Chaos Cup has reported back with emails letting me know that parts were missing.    The problem is that postage is a killer.   80% of the rewards for this KickStarter are going international.   Sending just one extra miniature missing from one team from a reward with 5 teams will cost me almost $10 for postage internationally.   So assuming the part-time employees are bagging up 3 teams an hour, that means they could be generating a extra loss to my business of around $55 per a hour.  Bottom line ... Impact! is a small business.   I have run it by myself for day to day operations since 2006.   If I have to order 2 castings of several teams just to get 1 correct set to the international backers along with the double postage ... that could just break me financially.    Plus ... its annoying to a backer to get their reward in and immediately have to report a problem.   Not the level of service I want Impact! to provide.

So that is my long way of saying that I was able to show that all 4 employees were creating numerous packing errors for the team so after much discussion with them ... it has been agreed that while they can help me with the Chibi KS (as we've had no negative feedback when they help me bag up those KS rewards) ... the Fantasy Football teams are just too complex for them to do reliably.   So I need to bag up all the teams by myself.   I have freed up the rest of October to do this ... but single handed ... just not sure I can get everything packed up and out the door by the end of October.   I can bag up a team in about 12 minutes.   There were about 1,300 teams sold with the KickStarter ... so in a perfect world that is 260 hours of time for me to bag up everything.    So that's a solid 4 to 6 weeks of work.   I am clearing the decks for October and will update very frequently to let everyone know what progress is happening.   I spent all day Sunday bagging up all the metal Elf teams so those should ship out this week as well as the metal Orc reward level backers.

This KickStarter is my main business focus until it is finished.   I will do my best to bag up the teams as quickly as possible but with accuracy so that hopefully I do not get more emails/message about missing items in a reward as that makes no one happy when that happens.

Sorry to send out a negative update, but even with this most backers should get their rewards in October or November barring a significant problem.

Tom @ Impact!

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    1. WM Coles on

      Have to agree with everyone else here Tom.
      Take your time and get it right. Better for us if our orders run late, then are missing pieces, and add to the workload, hence delay, in getting the rest of it to us, and better for both your stress levels, and bottom line if you are not paying postage twice.
      And.. given the amount of personal grief I have given you across various KS (ridiculous questions etc), I, for one, am content to wait a little longer.

      BTW (kinda a P.S.) - I saw a post on Facebook where someone is selling a Sarcos team, and I must say, the minis (unpainted) look awesome. Very very glad I got some as part of my pledge, and it gives me a lot of confidence for the others I ordered (ordering them a little blind).

    2. Azazel A on

      @Richard - you're not getting confused with Imbrian Arts, are you?

    3. Missing avatar

      Louis Kirkham

      @Chris I am fairly sure that all UK orders will be sent to a UK shop who will then send out to various addresses. Much more cost efficient way to do it and probably less chance of orders getting lost.

    4. Massimo Rolli on

      I think having to tell people their stuff may be late could cause me a very little embarassment.
      But distributing a hundred of teams with missing parts and hearing complaints from the whole italian community would be a real nightmare!!!!
      So I fully understand and second your choice Tom. ;)
      Take your time.

    5. Impact! Miniatures 39-time creator on

      @Richard Staats ... huh? Impact! is my paid vocation. I have no new mouth to feed (my sons are both late teens). So ... no it won't be February. A lot of the rewards are going to ship in October and I think the rest will be November. If that proves not to be true ... I'll update. There might be a few that ship in December ... but definitely not the goal.

      As for bringing in gamers to help ... I think that will create the same or greater issues that I already reported. The bottom line is I know what is supposed to be in each team. Having someone who does not know by memory what is in the bag and has to reference a chart creates errors. Need to avoid that so that is while I'll do it myself.

    6. Jess Chatham on

      Best of luck, Tom. Sometimes setbacks happen. I'm in no immediate hurry for mine, and I understand postage to Australia would be a bit pricey. Take your time, don't stress about it, and learn from the experience. It's really all you can do. Thanks for the update.

    7. Dr G & the Range Shadows

      Thank you for the update Tom! So, it sounds like the best guestimate is sometime around February for delivery to the sponsors then, realistically? You've got to keep the boat afloat with the new mouth to feed too; you are not going to realistically be able to quit working at a paid vocation to do this KS full time. One thought ... you are in a gaming Mecca. What about inviting a bunch of gamers from the Indianapolis area to do a packing party over a weekend?

    8. Steve Long on

      Kids eh!

      Sorry to hear your troubles Tom. Best of luck with all your efforts. We do appreciate it

    9. Missing avatar

      Heath "Malligan" Burkill on

      All good. I would rather wait than have you waste time and money!

    10. Missing avatar

      Ibai Alonso on

      Hi, thanks for the info, i'm sure that all of us wanted the team as soon as possible, but for sure we prefer to wait one or two more weeks and having them in perfect condition, so if we have to wait some more time to ensure this, at least for me it's not a problem.

    11. Missing avatar


      Hi tom if it is any help feel free to leave my package till last there is no rush at all. Also if there are a bunch of London deliveries is it possible to let us all know and see if they can be made into one package to save you some cash?

    12. Missing avatar

      Louis Kirkham

      You have all said what I was going to say so I will just like the update instead!

    13. Mr D S-N on

      Thank you for the update. As much as I am also looking forward to receiving my Serenjit team, I am also happy to wait for my order (so much to paint, and do, but it's all good stuff) :)
      I don't mind delays when they are unavoidable ~ or at least honestly explained :D

    14. Per Pilhjerta on

      As much as I would like to have my teams as of yesterday, I'd much rather wait and get all the correct parts. Thanks for the update.

    15. Missing avatar

      Ryan on

      Hardly a negative, or bad news, update as you've just described how hard you have been (are, and will be) working on this KS.

      If we are all honest with ourselves we will admit that we have drawers filled with unpainted minis. I am almost done a Timberline Elf team I bought from Impact a year ago. IF my KS arrived today it would really skew my painted:unpainted team ratio. Frankly, I could use this time to restore the balance in anticipation of the arrival of my serengeti team.

    16. Goblin on

      Thanks for the update, no stress, 1-2 month more is not very important ;)

    17. Impact! Miniatures 39-time creator on

      Thanks guys for understanding. I hate posting bad news updates.

    18. connexion on

      Thanks for the update, Tom! No stress with shopping the stuff to be honest, I have more than enough stuff lying around to be painted as it is (don't we all...)! ;-)

    19. Nekosluagh (AKA Necroslug) on

      Thanks for the update Tom. Just glad to hear what is going on! :)

    20. Darkson on

      What Brian said for me too.

    21. Brian Borth on

      Thanks for the update Tom. Sorry things aren't working out with your packagers. If you want to put me at the back of the list I'm in no rush to receive my teams.

    22. Efren Chavez on

      Thanks for the update