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A brand new Pro & Dark Elf and Orc Fantasy Football team along with converting 17 existing teams from 6 companies to affordable resin.
277 backers pledged $46,000 to help bring this project to life.

Rolljordan Frog and Silvania Elf team KickStarter launches today

Posted by Impact! Miniatures (Creator)

I successfully negotiated a contract with Royal Art Games to bring the Rolljordan line to resin to make it more affordable.   Need some funding to help cover the costs of the resin molds to make it happen. Great looking teams and if this goes well ... I'll be able to bring more of the Rolljordan line over to resin.

Teams will be $49 each for full 19 player teams and $68 for Deluxe versions with an additional 8 sideline and star player minis.

Early backer reward for 2 Deluxe teams will have 20 available for just $100 (25% savings).

KickStarter goes live today at 2pmEST (7pm London)  

New Fantasy Football KickStarter now up and running through November 25th

Posted by Impact! Miniatures (Creator)

A lot of lessons were learned.  We are keeping the KickStarter to 2 new teams and 4 new Star Players.   Nice, tight, simple.  Easy to sort and assemble the teams (by keeping most of the miniatures one piece).   So this project should go smoothly!

There are two new teams being offered.  $39 with shipping ($49 if you get Deluxe) and discounted if you get more than 1.  The Beastface Chaos team and Bowza's Bruzas Human team.

Thank you in advance if you back our new projects or even if you just share it with your friends!  - Tom Anders @ Impact!

All backers packed up! Thank you to everyone

Posted by Impact! Miniatures (Creator)

Last night after handing out the candy, I came in and finished packing the final 9 backers for this KickStarter.   The project is done!!!!

After 18 months ... the beast is finally slain.   The project ran about $5,000 over the funding raised.   But the finish line has been reached.

I wanted to thank you backers for the amount of understanding I've had over the last year.   I know some backers ran out of patience but the majority of you were amazing with your support as I worked with my son and his health issues.   He is much better since my wife and I had 3 very close calls with his life in January and February.  There are still days that require me to drop everything to help him but there is a path for him now to health and each day we work on it.

Bottom line ... thank you everyone.   I'm very happy to be able to announce that we reached the finish line.

I hope to have these teams in the store by November 15th if you have friends who want to pick them up or some more for yourself.

I will be working now on the next Fantasy Football KickStarter.  I learned a lot from this project.  The next KickStarter which will be for to turn Beast Face Miniatures Chaos team to resin along with a new Human team from an amateur sculptor that submitted it to Impact!   I am going to keep the KS tight ... just the two teams ... no more.  A few new miniatures and stretch goals will be keep to easy things that won't slow down shipping.   I already have the caster looking over all the figures to make sure we know all possible issues ahead of time and the mold planning can be done in advance.

Once more ... thank you everyone for all your support while I worked to get this KS finished.

Tom Anders @ Impact!

Shipping update. October 2015 shipping.

Posted by Impact! Miniatures (Creator)

Worked as much as I could with the caster and my schedule to get as much out the door before October 1st.    I got out all the highest dollar backers that were left but I still have 76 backers left to ship as of tonight.   Breakdown is as follows:

34 Skyscraper rewards, 25 Get the Ref and 17 Riot left to ship.

Getting out all the highest dollar backers really depleted the stock of several of the teams but I've talked with the caster about wanting to finish off this KickStarter in October and they are going to work with me to ship any teams I need more of as quickly as possible.

I am going to keep updating the comments with backer names as they ship.  If at all possible I am going to get this KickStarter done before it ages more than 1 month past one year late.

Everyone from this point one will get a message when they ship with the 25% Gift Certificate information that I promised (unless you have already messaged me to tell me not to send you that).   I totally understand that no KickStarter should reach a year late regardless of family crisis or production issues and if you choose to use the Gift Certificate in the future with Impact! on anything in the store other than Willy Miniatures, just email me and tell me what you want to get and if there is any extra money needed I can bill you for it.  The Gift Certificate can cover postage as well.

Need to ship about 2 a day to get everything done yet in October and will do everything I can to make that happen.  Watch the comments and we'll see how it goes.   I do need to get in several castings as I'm out of a few teams and very low on others but I already contacted help to come in and help sort the figures so that I can do the important time consuming step to bag them up.   So casting/production could delay some shipping but with half the backers only needing 1 or 2 teams in their reward ... I should be able to still get out 2 a day (in theory).

I appreciate that so many of you have been amazingly patient while I spent so much time with my son at the hospital and with his recovery.   I have the best backers and I am making a big push to make sure we don't get too far past the one year late date.

Tom @ Impact!

Shipping the remaining 90 backers

Posted by Impact! Miniatures (Creator)

So August was definitely not the month I hoped it would be.   I was very ill for 2 weeks and then my son had the worst relapse in 4 months.

Just as I started getting back to getting things together, my caster has had issues an been unable to get me any restocks for over 3 weeks.

And found out that my wife is going in for surgery end of next week.

Okay so where does this put me .... behind where I wanted ... but I am not Lucy with this KickStarter being a Charlie Brown like football.

So to show that I'm serious about regretting what has happened ... here is the promise I'll make as of today.

If I have not shipped you at least part of your order by September 30th, I will include in your order a note for a coupon code to be able to get 25% of the value of your order from our store (anything but Willy minis) in the future as a type of refund for the slow delivery.   All the money for this KickStarter was used up by greatly increased shipping costs back in April so there this project had no profit and all shipping and extra casting costs for more castings since April have come from my pocket or I would offer a cash refund.   If because of the problems I've endured, you choose to never use the coupon code, I appreciate that.   But I don't want a KickStarter that goes over a year past due without offering something to the backers.

For each month after that I'll add on another 25%.   If the worst happens and by the end of the year you are not shipped, I'll give you 100% of the value of your reward in future free items.

I cannot think of anything else to do at this point as I am doing all I can think of to hurry up and try and get this done when I am home and can do it.

I realize there have been several KickStarters for minis that have gone completely south and never delivered.   IO Worlds, Torn Armor, Defiance Games, Center Stage Miniatures and Ice Age Mammals are all ones I've followed for various reasons ... this will not be those.   You will get the minis.

Okay timetable ... I wish I had one.  It is still my goal to ship out as much as possible before this KS is one year late for delivery.   I do not want to get there but I wanted to let everyone know I wanted to present up front a penalty for myself if I do not reach it.

Some of you might receive pewter teams if possible to try and get your orders shipped.  That will cost an incredible amount more in postage and materials but at this point ... I really just want to get the packages to the remaining backers and if I'm waiting too long to get restocks of resin ... I'll do that.

Not a good news update .... but I'm not trying to hide anything from anyone.

I will continue to post backer names to the comments as they go out the door.

Tom @ Impact!