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A strategic 2-5 players card game of clever tactics & critical consequences, set in a world of spies, sabotage, secrecy and subterfuge.
A strategic 2-5 players card game of clever tactics & critical consequences, set in a world of spies, sabotage, secrecy and subterfuge.
A strategic 2-5 players card game of clever tactics & critical consequences, set in a world of spies, sabotage, secrecy and subterfuge.
6,791 backers pledged $275,368 to help bring this project to life.

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Dear Backers,

This has been one crazy couple of weeks, and the insanity continues...

We've done 3 solid weeks of shipping and lots of you guys have started to receive your copies of The Agents and even started playing some games. We're finishing up the shipping this week and next, so my hope is that you should all receive your games in time for Christmas!

There are a couple of important messages that I wanted to relay.

1. Anyone expecting 'Original Art' as part of their tier will receive this in a separate shipping as I'm going to send it in a sturdy reinforced envelope in a couple of weeks once the madness has died down.

2. Some of the people who purchased the paid for 'Black Box add-on' alongside their Fancy Box will also receive this separately in a secure package. In the meantime, if your 'Black Box add-on' is damaged or missing, please notify me at

There are a few FAQs that I wanted to quickly address here, so take a look if there's something that you've been burning to ask.


A: You should receive your game any time between RIGHT NOW! CHECK THE MAILBOX and the end of December. But we all know that sometimes the mail can be a little slow, especially in December, so please wait until the first/second week of January before you freak out and send me 15 emails.

Q: Something is missing from my package. Can you send it to me please?

A: Of course, and sorry about that. Please email me to explaining what's happened, and I'll get the missing item to you in a jiffy.

Q: How do I know if something is missing? What is the card breakdown in the base set and in each expansion?

A: See here for the comprehensive list;

Q: My package has arrived :-) but it's bent up and damaged :-( What should I do?

A: First, curse your mailman. Then take photos of your game and email me to Depending on the extent of the damage I'll either send out a replacement or something else super cool to turn your frown upside down.

Q: My expansion sleeves took a particularly bad hit. Is there anything to be done?

A: The little expansion sleeves were a speedy, low cost method for me to separate and identify the expansions. I didn't want to *just* send them in a rubber band, but it's the best I could do within my budget and time frame (especially since I designed and added new expansions during the campaign itself!). For the next campaign, I'll try to make them sturdier like the base set tuck boxes.

Q: Can you change the way you ship the games so they don't get damaged en route?

A: Yes! I'm making the switch tomorrow (once the new shipping cartons arrive at my factory/Dad's house.) I'll resume shipping tomorrow with games packed in shipping cartons instead of padded envelopes, and hopefully that will protect the games better.

Q: Where is my tracking number?

A: Only backers who requested (and paid for) expedited/tracked shipping services will receive a tracking number. I'm sending these personally and all expedited packages will have left the building by Wednesday of this week, so get in touch then if you haven't heard from me.

Q: Where are the rules for the expansions and Commanders?

A: Expansions rules can be found here: Also, you may notice that at the bottom I've already included some "Break the Rules" rules which you can use to mix and match with the original. I'm personally recommending trying out any of the "broken" Mission rules. We've found they make the game *even more* strategic and interactive.

Q: I have other questions about the rules and game-play. Who can I turn to?

A: Your first port of call should be the comments section right here on the main page of KS. By this point I have several backers who practically know the game better than me, and can answer your questions more speedily than I can. If you're still stuck, email me and I'll answer as soon as I can.

Q: grrrr. Why are there two typos in the game?

A: Because in the last hours of locking down the game I had to completely switch formats and make some last minute changes due to printing on plastic and an oversight on the printer's part to tell me how I needed to close the files. This last minute switch and my attempts to keep everything to schedule meant that despite the copious proof-reading that I did with the help of all you guys, I made two tiny mistake. It's eating me up inside, but sadly there's nothing I can do now. Please accept my apologies.

Q: Is it too late to get in on the Fancy Box action?

A: Sadly for now, yes. This round of ordering/processing and shipping is shut down. But since the response has been so excited and positive, this certainly won't be the last you've seen of The Fancy Box. Stay tuned for follow up campaigns...

Q: I love this game so much! Where is the best place to send you my compliments?

A: aw shucks. Here is just fine. Or on facebook. Or in a tweet. Or via email. Or in a letter...

I've been posting some little silly videos I've been making about the packing and shipping process in the comments section, but for anyone who missed this priceless footage, get a load of the videos below and see what's been happening in my world for the past few weeks!

And that's all from me. Gotta get back to work!!


p.s I'm still waiting to see photos/videos of you guys opening your packages and playing the game. I wanna see!!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Samuel Yeoh on

      Haven't received my copy in Singapore either...

    2. Adam Cruickshank on

      Still no package here either... Hoping it didn't show up the few days I was gone around Christmas and then got swiped...

    3. Saodhar

      Still no game in Ukraine. :( Is there a way to check if my copy was evem sent? Such a thing has already happened with another KS project.

    4. Missing avatar

      Dale Robert Bucich on

      We have enjoyed playing the basic game, but we did have a question that I couldn't resolve from the rule book. When a agent has been killed in one of your factions, can you extract them? If you do, do they go back to your hand or to a discard pile? Is there a way to "resurrect" a much loved/needed agent? (This probably means training a new one to take their place.) Thank you for your help on this matter.

    5. Ethan Bremner on

      Boston MA still havent recieved my copy.... =(

    6. Javier Guillén Conesa on

      umm.. I've doble cheked my shipping address on Backerlit and it's totally right. I didn't received my copy... :-(

    7. Benjamin Arce on

      After double checking my shipping address, It reads apt1 2105, I live in 12105. So it seems that there is someone who is enjoying my copy of agents in my apartment complex. Bastard

    8. Missing avatar

      Adrian Berliner on

      Also haven't received my copy. I checked the backerkit confirmation, and the address is completely correct.

    9. Samuel Goh on

      Still waiting. kinda comforted that there are people who still havent got it as well. worried about the box condition though..

    10. Benjamin Arce on

      Its Jan 1st. I haven't received my copy, should I be worried and report or wait until this week?

    11. Jose Negron on

      These things were HORRIBLY PACKED. The shipping box was fine but since no packing material was in them, all my tuck boxes are destroyed. I didn't get the big fancy box bc I wanted to keep the tuck boxes like I did for summoner wars and now I can't bc they are ripped, crushed etc. one big bad mark on the campaign

    12. Thomas Girard on

      I received my copy of the agents but my main set included 2 points tuck boxes and a mission tuck box I believe I am missing the agents tuck box. How can I go about getting my missing cards?

    13. nerdwerds on

      I got my copy last week. The box it was shipped in was pretty banged up but the game was fine and nothing of note was damaged.
      There is, however, one hiccup. Between the rulebook and the expansion rules, I can't find anything for how Site cards work.

    14. Daryl McLaurine

      I got my copy...and I am sending it back. The box is *DESTROYED*. Completely.

    15. Missing avatar

      Heath on

      I just got my game too. The package was pretty badly banged up, and the expansion tuck-boxes seemed to be the hardest hit. But the cards themselves all seem undamaged.

      I did notice the little rough nubs on the edges of my cards (presumably from where they were punched out of a larger sheet). Any ideas on how best to remove these? I thought about filing them, and I also considered using some kind of scalpel. While the nubs aren't a deal breaker, they are kind of annoying.

      Also, one of my copies of the base game (I ordered two) did not come with any 'points' cards. The Points box was filled with another set of Agents cards... So yeah. I'm going to email Saar about that now.

    16. Craig Slater on

      Received my copy today, i'm in the midlands, uk. Considering the sorting office had there clumsy mits on it for two days, I received mine in a more than acceptable condition. Saar has told us the expansions are packaged for speed so lets be gratefull we have our copies before christmas, cheers Saar

    17. Missing avatar

      Brad Betts on

      Socrates - I'm in California and received mine on Monday. A little beat up but everything there and cards in great condition. Other than the sides of the cards still having the attach point from being cut out.

    18. Keith Searfoss on

      Got my package yesterday! Unfortunately, someone along the line decided they needed the game more than I did, and exchanged it with children's clothing... Only mildly creepy. I've contacted Saar, hopefully he has a leftover copy he can send me.

    19. Waut Dooghe on

      Got mine this week. Should have gone for the fancy box :)

    20. Omicron (Matt) on

      Got mine today near Toronto,Ontario, Canada. Box and expansion sleeves were beat up a bit, but main box and cards were undamaged. Very pleased with the quality of the cards and artwork

    21. Missing avatar

      PixelHero on

      @Nicola Rezzolla

      That is odd, I hadn't put the dates together, but my package clearly states that date. Maybe he had the shipping labels pre-printed and the Nov 2nd was the date from that?

      I can't explain it, but I was saw it while being fascinated by all the foreign characters on the label. I think it was a customs label. Maybe customs agents just had to try it out when they detained it.


    22. Denis Surkov on

      Received one in a country of forest - Lithuania! :)

    23. Missing avatar

      Gary Rumain

      Got mine in Maryland. I agree that shipping it in a thin envelope without padding was a strange thing to do after all the effort taken to produce the game. Luckily, mine had only the very slightest of dents in it. No issue at all...

    24. Nicola Rezzolla on

      @PixelHero 2nd Novembre you say? Umh...,That is really strange. On the 8th Nov Update (Fancy) Saar stated that they would start packaging and the first estimates for the shipping where on the end of the next week, which was 14-15 Nov. How is possibile that your package shipped on 2nd Nov, before the fancy update? Anyway 45 Days to receive a package, even if it is not express looks like too much...
      @Saar I'm just curious (and impatient to receive my Agents), do you care to elaborate on the 2nd Nov date stamped on PixelHero envelope (I was that date in some other unboxing picture/video)? Thanks.

    25. V3G

      At what point should we be concerned if we haven't received our package?

    26. Missing avatar

      PixelHero on

      Just got mine (VA, USA - it shipped Nov 2nd, so before his updated shipping)

      In short, be glad if you haven't gotten it yet, HEAVY shipping damage to the fancy box. Two tuck boxes all but destroyed. The cards appear okay, though mine have the bumps too. I haven't checked to see if all the cards are there, but I do appear to have the expansions I ordered.

    27. Missing avatar

      Vivian Li on

      My package arrived yesterday in Seattle, WA. The shipment box was pretty beat up, but the cards themselves were fine. The problem with my game was the wrong cards were in my base set, now I'm missing all of the Missions cards from the base set. So it's a bummer that I can't play this even though I have everything else in front of me. I've sent a email to Saar so hopefully this will be fixed soon!

      So a note, be sure to do a thorough inventory check!

    28. Shucked on

      Is are the physical dimensions of the rulebook? I want to print out the expansions rules such that they will fit in the main base game box.

    29. Mark Bisignano on

      Just received my fancy box today in Washington DC. Fancy Box is beautiful!! Can't wait to get playing!! Nice work all around

    30. Marco Schaub on

      The Agents made it to Switzerland today - Hooray! :) Packaging was all right for me. the expansions were a bit beat up, but nothing too serious. I haven't played it yet, so I can't comment on that. However, there were two things I noticed: The cards have a little bit of a smell to them, but I guess that'll go away over time. And there are noticeable bumps on the sides of the cards. I don't think it affects gameplay, but it's kind of a bummer. Maybe I'll have to file it smooth. Other than that the plastic feels fantastic and I'm looking forward to playing the game!

    31. Chris Pendlebury on

      Got Mine Today In Blackpool, UK. Cant Wait To Get This Home and Give It A Play Through! Many Thanks!!!!!!

    32. Ugo Tomasello on

      Finally got mine today....I will try soon :)

    33. Socrates Frangis on

      Anyone in California received theirs yet?

    34. Salvador Bernadó Sala

      Received mine on thursday. Sorry I didn't comment sooner but I've been a bit busy.
      I'm from Spain.
      The plastic cards look awesome and the fancy box is very nice.
      It has a few dents like other pledgers.
      Sending them in boxes could have been better, if this way wasn't much more expensive.
      Overall, very happy with this project.

    35. Fred Hall on

      Got my copy on Friday. Just played my first game. Super fun. The mechanic is intuitive, and I got all the boosters, so the gameplay was really varied.

    36. Maggie on

      I never received mine. How do I fix this? It was to be a Christmas gift.

    37. Missing avatar

      Santeri Saarinen

      Played my first game in finland today. Excellent fun!

    38. Steve Griffin on

      I'm not comparing btw just putting the info out there so people are aware others are also still waiting :)

    39. Steve Griffin on

      I'm in the U.S. And all waiting on my copy.

    40. Marcus Strobl on

      Austria here. Got shipment today. Cards look and feel great but the weak point are definitely the slip boxes. Especially those with lesser cards inside like Mission Critical or Black Ops.
      Now it's time to play! Thanks Saar, you did a great job!

    41. Matthew Organ on

      Got mine in Ottawa, Ontario today! Thanks man! Looks great! Stoked to take this down to the FLGS for gamenight!

    42. Krishna on

      I got mine today. I am really not a fan of the rough edges on all my cards. Anyone have any ideas on how to get rid of that? A part of me wants to take a file to the cards and get rid of it.

    43. Ugo Tomasello on

      Hi people, I am in Spain, and I am still wainting for the game.
      Do you know if someone in Spain received the game, or is somenthing indipendent of the location? thanks

    44. Collaborator on

      Some news about localized PnP ?

    45. Tony Makos

      Received in Edinburgh today. Box a bit bashed up and yes, the expansion boxes took a bit of a beating but it all seems fine inside. Looking forward to playing - thanks for everything.

    46. Christian Friedel on

      Got mine today in Germany!
      Looks very nice and I try to find People to play with me!
      Many Thanks for that nice Game Saar!

    47. Marco Pape on

      Hi, got it yesterday (Hamburg, Germany) and it's beautiful. Well, except the slip cases ;) My parcel was damaged too, but the game was not hurt. Looking forward to playing it with my group.

    48. Missing avatar

      ElRafa on

      I got ours last Saturday, the 7th. I wasn't expecting it being in Singapore. But hey, I'm not complaining.

      I got a second set as a christmas gift and your effort to get it through before the holidays is greatly appreciated.

      Now let me figure out how to get started here...

    49. Christopher "DarkWolfNine" Muzatko

      I didn't mention my location. But if it helps anyone (I received mine on Sat the 7th) in Washington St, USA. I did go with the fancy box, and the expansions. (Just in case, you find out the big boxes might be in a different shipping lane than the non Big box base games) My box was dinged up pretty good in one corner (shipping issue) (I'll survive), and one of my foam inserts, was/is still (I'm trying to mold it back), is bent pretty good. (the one next to where the 3 decks should stack together) I'm just waiting on a reply about my missing spoof expansion. No word yet, via email. so I'm not sure how backlogged they are at the moment. (If people have emailed or PM'ed them) It must look pretty good though: Reading about places all over, are starting/getting theirs. I am going to take an educated guess, and think that they will deal with missing/wrong/damaged items after all the games are shipped out. Which makes logical sense. I would rather get (dealt with) my missing expansion later, so long as the priority went on making sure all of the main games went out first. Hopefully He'll post an update as well as address those still waiting/not received them yet..