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A strategic 2-5 players card game of clever tactics & critical consequences, set in a world of spies, sabotage, secrecy and subterfuge.
A strategic 2-5 players card game of clever tactics & critical consequences, set in a world of spies, sabotage, secrecy and subterfuge.
6,791 backers pledged $275,368 to help bring this project to life.

SAFEHOUSES UNLOCKED - You guys are the key!

Posted by Saar Shai (Creator)
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My awesome backers. You keep on blowing me away with your support, enthusiasm, kind messages and crazy conversations about maple syrup over on comments.

The last couple of days have been exceptional. We hit 5,000 backers, closely followed by 5,000 comments. And at some point when my back was turned late last night we went ahead and hit TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS!!

Wait. Isn't there something that's meant to happen about now? Oh yes. SAFEHOUSES UNLOCKED!!!

Home Sweet Home
This is the moment you've all been waiting for. I introduce the Safe-house booster to the base set, adding another dimension of game-play to The Agents.

The way that Safe-houses work is that they act as the foundation of each Faction i.e the first card laid down, in position, for each Faction, around which the Agents are placed. Agents can then be placed on either side of the Safe-house. Safe-houses feature data-token halves on each of their four corners, and therefore deliver a new way for players to gather points throughout the game. I've found this really helps the game kick off in a fun way, as players immediately have a way to gain points from the get go.

The Safe-house cards are double sided with a different point layout on each side, making them even more flexible and varied. You'll also find a couple of cool Agents in amongst the expansions that can interact with, move, or manipulate the Safe-houses.

Follow up expansions and modes of playing will also allow players to do much more with these special Safe-houses, bringing even more layers and complexity to the game!

I hope you like Danny's incredible, scenic, atmospheric artwork for the card and are excited to see how the game plays with this new feature. I know that a few lucky backers have tested it out already, and it's been met with great reviews!

Agent Transformation
Many of you have been asking to see some of our favorite 'The Agents Celebrities' undergoing their 'Agent-fication' process. With the express permission of my dear new friends Tucker, Muhammad and Jennifer, you can get a glimpse of how these incredible backers are being immortalized as Agents by Danny.

Remember, there are just a couple more slots left in the Spoofspansion if you want to be brought into the fold as well. We'd love to have you join our ranks!

Did someone suggest a new Stretch-Goal?
As you know, a couple of days ago, I went rogue and unlocked 'Plastic Surgery' early, so that you guys could revel in our new plastic wonderland. And seconds later came the cries for a replacement Stretch Goal. It seems you guys like a tough challenge to work towards!

And there was really only one Stretch-Goal that remained to complete the game. So, to please the masses, Danny and I will indeed be entering the fray and joining the gang as specially designed bonus Agents. 

No doubt you'll have an idea or two about how our Agents should take form...

Behind the Scenes
I spent another happy day at the printer's yesterday, surrounded by cool machines, gruff men and pallets of paper. I managed to have a play with a few models for the packaging line-up and am delighted to show off some of the goodies now.

I know many of you are waiting for photos of the Fancy Box, but I was told yesterday that the final model won't be ready until next week. Don't worry - you can add (and pay for) the Fancy Box to your bundle AFTER the campaign ends on the backerkit survey if you'd rather see before you commit. Otherwise you can just trust me when I tell you that we're making it FAN-FRIKKIN-TASTIC.

I'm going to leave you today with a pretty extensive list of FAQs, helpfully collated by Matt "comment sniper" S.

Here's to a magnificent final 4 days!!

Q: I've selected my tier but want to add a couple of add-ons or expansions. What do I do?
A: All you need to do is keep the tier that you've selected and bump up your final pledge amount by the appropriate amount. Use the chart below for guidance.

Q: Do I have to pledge for 'The Take' if I want the Fancy Box and/or Spoofspansion?
A: Nope. See above. You can just pick and choose which items you want and add it to your existing tier.

Q: How can I let you know which add-ons, expansions or translated PnP I want and have included in my pledge?
A: You'll be able to do this in the backerkit survey at the end of the campaign. I'm going to tell you more about this process in the next update, but it's super easy and intuitive.

Q: How is the Fancy Box different from the standard 'Black Box' that comes with the game?
A: The box that comes as standard with the game will fit only the base set ie Agents, Missions and Points. The Fancy Box will fit each and every expansion that is part of the KS campaign as well as a few empty slots for follow up expansions. It's also sturdier, more robust and generally much fancier.

Q: What do I do if I want the Fancy Box add-on AND the standard box?
A: Simple, just add an additional +$5 to get hold of the standard box as well as the Fancy Box. So you'll be looking at $30 for BOTH boxes.

Q: How will the expansions be packaged?
A: Each expansion will come in its own designed, re-usable, card envelope. See the photo above of the model packaging.

Q: What will be the final card material and dimensions?
A: The plastic that we're using is specially designed to be used for playing cards. It's 0.4mm thick and is slightly textured in order to help shuffling and to be even more durable. I gotta tell you - it feels fantastic to shuffle and hold. The dimensions will be 87mm x 56mm - a standard US bridge size.

Q: Do I need a different set for each player?
A: Nope. One base set is good for 2-5 players.

Q: I'm a Collaborator, Collector or Customized tier backer...what is the difference between the early print edition of the game and the regular version?
A: The early print is a physical full-color version of the game that will be printed on regular cardstock at a printer opposite my apartment! I will sign each copy of this early edition that will be sent out within a couple of weeks of the campaign ending. You'll then get the final game, like everyone else, later in the year.

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    1. ampoliros on

      @Saar - The Fancy Box will have art on it, right?
      Also, what materials will it be made out of?

    2. Saar Shai 3-time creator on

      @Lloydy - go for it! I remove the gag order!

      @Peter - You'll be able to specify exactly what items you've included in your pledge on the backerkit survery. Look out for today's update for more info!

    3. Dennis on

      @ Peter - You'll be able to do this in the backerkit survey at the end of the campaign. Saar is going to tell you more about this process in the next update, but it should be super easy to do.

    4. Missing avatar

      Peter Esbech on

      Hey Saar, I'm still a bit confused. I'd like all the expansions in plastic, and as a result I have added 25$ to my pledge. But how do you differ what people want? I'd be - somewhat - dissapointed if I ended up with the Fancy Boc or a T-shirt instead of all the expansions.

    5. Lloydy Boy on

      Yo Saar, does this mean I'm finally able to talk about playing using the Safe Houses last month at the meet in london? You insisted on us keeping shtum, and I kept my word! I'm not used to keeping secrets so it's been killing me!

    6. Shucked on

      I'm not worried about them getting mixed up as I will likely play with all of them anyway. Plus, I thought Saar said they would have some sort of identification on the card for each expansion.

    7. Matt S on

      And just be loose in the larger "Black Box"? I imagine they would, but they'd probably get pretty mixed up (But being plastic they should be fine otherwise).

    8. Shucked on

      Will all the cards (+5 expansions) fit in the black box if they're taken out of the tuck boxes and sleeves?

    9. Shucked on

      That helps a lot thanks. Still wish we could get the expansions in tuck boxes. Still on the fence about the Fancy Pants box right now. $25 is a lot of money for just one box. Do we have the dimensions of the Black Box?

    10. Matt S on

      Also, just for some clarification as we've had some new information come to light over in the comments section regarding the Fancy Pants Box and the KS Exclusive Black box.

      I've made some modifications to the image Saar posted in his update above (see I've confirmed with Saar that everything indicated in that image is indeed correct.

      It should also be noted that the 3 tuck boxes and multiple expansion sleeves WILL fit inside the fancy pants box. It's just the outer, KS Exclusive Black Box that won't be fitting inside of the Fancy Pants Box.

    11. Matt S on

      Saar has indicated in the past (via the comments section) that most likely the Fancy Pants Box would be made available via retail unless the demand for it is extremely high during the KS campaign and he sells out of the minimum quantity he needs to order to ensure a discounted production cost.

      Or in other words, Saar has to order so many units in order to get a lower production cost, plus make enough in order to recoup the initial design costs. So at least until those costs have been recovered it'll be made available. It's basically up to the KS backers to determine if it's a KS exclusive or not.

    12. ampoliros on

      @Sarah - I did some online shopping for "deck boxes". $25 isn't real;y a bad deal. The only way to get off for cheaper is to get a cardboard box. But to get an aluminum box with magnetic closure, and foam padding on the inside for $25, you really can't go wrong. (OK, I just looked at it again. Maybe it's not aluminum, but it is reinforced, has magnetic closure and foam padding.)
      And it'll have The Agents artwork on it. Right, Saar?

    13. Sarah Reed

      Will the fancy box be available for purchase later? I'm just wondering if you're going retail with all of this, people will want a box then to contain it all.

      If not, then I'll just have to get creative on making my own box. $25 is just too much for a box. I can buy another game for that much.

    14. Saar Shai 3-time creator on

      Hi Arnaud - Yup. I've decided to include everything in the translated PnP as a thank you for all my International backers!

    15. Arnaud Verbeeren on

      Will the safe house booster be included in the PnP? (the $5 tier)
      Same question for the KS exclusive agent cards?

    16. Saar Shai 3-time creator on

      @Luke - correct!

    17. Luke Garratt on

      So I'm guessing $50 for 2x Fancy Boxes for the Secret Santa order?

    18. John Schiavo on

      @George: The Shadow isn't meant to be The Temptress. I think she's supposed to look intimidating as her face is probably the last thing you see before you die.

    19. Ahmad Khan on

      @Gene Verley: Lol, wait till you see the inked and colored version dude ^_^

    20. George Tucker on

      I think Jennifer's more attractive IRL than in her in-game avatar.

    21. Gene Verley on

      Oh, sure. Point all the guns at the Muslim. :-) Thanks for the update. Really looking forward to this!

    22. Paul Holden

      Different projects do different things with the "pledge manager". Some don't allow you to add on, only to say what you want, some allow you to add on but not at the KS price, some, looks like this one :) allow you to add on items at the KS price. Same with KS exclusives, some let you get them after the campaign ends with the pledge manager some don't so it is always best to ask.

    23. Shucked on

      Cool! I'm still new to the whole Kickstarter thing. I may wait to see the Fancy Pants Box pics...still on the fence at this point as to whether I should shell out an extra $25 or not.

    24. Saar Shai 3-time creator on

      @Shuck - Backerkit has its own payment platform (I'm almost certain they use so they can process any additional orders even after Kickstarter closes. Clever, huh?

    25. Kraig on

      Wow! Really looking forward to Safe houses! Thanks for listening to our ideas on having you and Danny in the game! Roll on THE ENTREPRENEUR and THE QUICK DRAW! (or something like it!) :-)

    26. John Schiavo on

      Backerkit is a tool that is used to assist in fulfillment. It allows people to manage pledges and addons to specify exactly what they intend the money for, such as "this $5 is for spoofs, while this $20 is for the artbook."

      It also allows additional addons/fees to be processed after the fact, but these will not be added to the kickstarter for the purpose of stretch goals.

    27. Shucked on

      So how does that work? I thought with Kickstarter everything had to be paid beforehand.

    28. Saar Shai 3-time creator on

      @apoliros - I think that pics and final dimensions of the Fancy Box will only come after the campaign ends. But don't worry - if you don't want to pledge for it before you see pics, you'll be able to add it via the backerkit survey once pictures have been revealed.

    29. Saar Shai 3-time creator on

      @Aaron - yup, the rulebook will include Safe-houses. We'll also be posting a lot of rules, FAQs and other info on the website

    30. Aaron Jolliffe on

      I assume the rulebook will be updated for all these stretch goals, like the safehouses?

    31. ampoliros on

      @Saar - Are we going to get pics of the Fancy Box? (and dimensions?)

      Everything looks awesome so far. I can't wait.

    32. Porthoscrx on

      I can totally understand, would have been good though.

    33. Salvador Bernadó Sala

      But that's impossible, nobody will be safe in the agents world. 8-)
      This is a game I would like to receive tomorrow...

    34. Saar Shai 3-time creator on

      @Porthoscrx - Afraid not, dude. We're a couple of days away from the campaign ending, so we're locking things down rather than switching and changing elements of the game or packaging. We want to hit the ground running with printing and manufacturing so can't make any last minute changes now!

    35. Porthoscrx on

      I'd like to make a suggestion for the booster pack boxes which appear to be open at the top, which could be a pain for transport if you don't want a fancy box like me. Could you not look into making two little boxes like the one pictured where one fits inside the other to completely seal and protect. I would increase my pledge for that for sure.

    36. Saar Shai 3-time creator on

      @Adam - sadly not. The whole structure and layout of the Fancy Box is different so we couldn't make that work neatly.

    37. Adam Voss on

      Will the standard box fit inside the fancy box? (Wondering about storing the standard game in standard box inside the fancy box that also has all the expansions, thus making it easy to grab out just the standard when desired)

    38. Saar Shai 3-time creator on

      @Matthew. Right now there is no retail box. There are 2 boxes. The standard 'Black Box' which is a KS exclusive design and comes as default. The Fancy Box is a replacement upgrade that costs $25. If you want both boxes (standard and fancy) then it's $30!

    39. Matthew White on

      Sorry if I missed it, I have been a bit confused by all the comments. If we upgrade to the fancy box, will that be the only box we receive, or will we also get the retail box, but not the black box? Just wondering for traveling purposes, when I want the option of how much of the game I want to bring, and the space it takes.

    40. Saar Shai 3-time creator on

      To answer a few questions;

      1. The expansions will have a different symbol or border color. They will be differentiated from each other for ease of separation from base set.
      2. The standard Black Box will be an add-on only if you upgrade to the Fancy Box. I.e the two boxes together will be $30. This is for a couple of reasons, but primarily it's due to the numbers of units that I'm creating. And also the expansions won't fit as neatly into the standard box layout.
      3. All 5 Safe-house cards are identical for consistency in the game. However each side of the card has a different layout, so there are 2 variations that you can play with.

      @Pitpipo - delighted to have you join the line-up of spoofs!!

    41. Jörn Huxhorn

      Expansion symbols are indeed a very good idea...

    42. drone9 on

      +1 for symbols ala MtG that make it clear which card belongs to which expansion

    43. Matt S on

      That is correct, if you want the KS exclusive box and the Fancy Pants Box add an additional $5 to your pledge.

      The price of the Fancy Pants Box includes the additional shipping needed for it, and I believe (haven't gotten confirmation on this from Saar himself so I could be wrong) but in an effort to keep the cost down that Exclusive Black Box won't be included; however due to backers requesting to have both it was made available as an additional $5 add-on.

      For others asking if they could purchase additional Black Boxes to act as some intermediate between between the sleeves expansions come in and jumping all the way up to the fancy box -- I wouldn't see why you couldn't. Since for $5 the Black Box will be an add-on in the BackerKit survey (as that's the only way for us to let Saar know what our additional pledge dollars are going towards) you should be able to add additional ones.

      But I wouldn't be able to say how many cards/expansions it would hold.

    44. Nicolas Dufer on

      Argh, and he went and made the spoofspansion an addon ... who could resist (not me). Still on the fence for the box. And wishing a happy agentification to all, they do look awesome !!

    45. Ahmad Khan on

      @Pitpipo: won't regret it man, immortalized as an agent is kick ass card game,nothing wrong in any part of that statement :-)

    46. Pitpipo

      A little voice just forced me to increase my pledge to become a spoof agent... Pride, my downfall

    47. Nick Johnson on

      @Saar - Thanks, that's awesome. We've been playing the PNP over lunch at work and everyone loves it. Keep up the great work

    48. Francois Wilhelmy on

      Let me just clarify all people who order the fancybox at 25$ will NOT be getting the KickStarter exclusive box? Even at the Take level ?

    49. Sarah Reed

      Glad we got to the sfae house booster! Looks like a lot of fun!

      Just curious if the envelopes as shown above will have the open top side or will there be a way to close them up? $25 seems like a lot for a box, but if the expansions come in those envelopes shown above, which seem rather flimsy, then the box seems like a necessity to hold everything.

      Is there a way to buy just extra black boxes to hold the extra expansions? If so, how many expansion can fit in a box?

      Otherwise, I may just end up designing my own box through TGC, which would be much cheaper.

      I echo Marin's comments in hoping that each expansion will have its own symbol so it's easy to seperate out the cards.

    50. Jeremy VanSchalkwyk on

      Would a second (empty) base box be sufficient to hold all off the expansions (4+spoof)... and if so, would it be possible to make that an Add-on, for those who want sufficient "official" storage, but not the added cost of the Fancy Box?