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A strategic 2-5 players card game of clever tactics & critical consequences, set in a world of spies, sabotage, secrecy and subterfuge.
A strategic 2-5 players card game of clever tactics & critical consequences, set in a world of spies, sabotage, secrecy and subterfuge.
6,791 backers pledged $275,368 to help bring this project to life.

Spoofs, Partners and Headline News

Posted by Saar Shai (Creator)
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Dear Backers,

Things are definitely hotting up at my end whilst I pull together loose ends and start to finalize a bunch of bits and pieces for the expansions, add-ons, manufacturing and more!

Here are the headlines...
1. The printers are putting the finishing touches on the model of the Fancy Box. I'll be back with photos of that next time.
2. Danny has now finished the drafts of the Commanders and I'll share the finished designs with you soon.
3. I'm working on the upgraded rulebook, now that we've hit the $170k stretch goal!!
4. I'm putting the finishing touches on the artbook. It looks pretty superb, even if I do say so myself! You guys are in for a treat! Check out a sneak peek below...

Meet the Spoofs
You backed. You chatted. You went nuts. You voted. And now I can let you know which Agents were voted in top place to be included in the Spoofspansion. Drumroll please...

Agent 86 (Maxwell Smart)
Inspector Gadget
Austin Powers
Sterling Archer
Black Widow
Solid Snake
Spy vs. Spy

The extra vigilant among you will notice that the list only includes 7 Agents, so there's still one spot for a wildcard. To help me choose that final Agent I am willing to pay attention to any last minute pleas, begging or even some light bribery. (Only joking. Agents are not allowed to accept bribes. Rule #97.c of the handbook)

And guess what? Look! I've brought down the price of the customized Spoof Agent tier to $200! I'd really love to be able to include as many of you as possible in the game, so feel free to pick up your slot now!

If you have any more creative ideas for spoof commands, get involved in the discussion here!

Meet the Partners
Today I get to share with you the Partner Agents; the line-up, names and commands! Remember, Partner Agents are played by being 'attached' to Faction Agents and sit alongside a specific Faction Agent (more info here).

1. The Bodyguard: protect this Faction Agent from killing, turning, swapping, extraction and reviving.

2. The Quartermaster: perform the command of this Faction Agent on any of your factions.

3. The Censor: deactivate this Faction Agent’s data tokens i.e does not award IPs

4. The Counterfeiter: receive +1 IP for every non-matching data token completed by this Faction Agent

5. The Shadow: receive 1 IP when this Faction Agent is re-activated

6. The Peacekeeper: deactivate this Faction Agent’s command (command cannot be performed by any player while The Peacekeeper is attached)

7. The Forensic Pathologist: receive +2 IPs when This Faction Agent is killed (must be in position before agent is killed).

8. The Escort - steal any Partner Agent currently in play

As always, I'll be glad to hear how you think these new Agents will add to, and develop, the game.

Surveying the Territory
I wanted to give you a head's up on what's going to happen at the end of the campaign. We're going to use BackerKit to survey all the backers, which will be your chance to identify exactly what you've included in your pledge i.e how many expansions, which expansions you've selected, which add-ons you want, any extra copies of the game etc etc. You'll also be able to adjust your pledge, add International shipping, throw in a last minute expansion or add-on etc.

At this point, you'll also be able to opt for tracked or expedited shipping. The price for this will depend on your final pledge value and there'll be more information on that in the survey itself.

Let's get Social
As it's been pointed out, though I have 4,771 glorious backers I only have 187 likes over on Facebook and 160 followers on twitter. Poor, lonely, little old me! I'd love it if you could take a second to jump over, friend me, follow me and maybe even send out a little tweet or message to get more of your friends involved in the the fun?! As we get closer to the finish line and our stretch goals, every additional new backer helps!

I'm going to leave you today with an illustration for a brand, new, hot of the press Agent that is part of the Base Renovations booster (included in EVERY base set). Personally, I think it's one of the coolest Agents yet and one of Danny's best illustrations ever! Let's welcome 'The Handler' to our ranks!

Here's to a wonderful, busy, chatty and 'stretch-goal hitting' (?!) weekend!


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    1. Sarah Siekman on

      I'm on the Brock Samson band wagon, I saw him mentioned somewhere along the way. Just an over the top muscle head with testosterone fueled rage. Super effective against male agents, but at a disadvantage against females.

      Or another chick. You could definitely do with another chick in this list and if that's the case I like the idea to pull from Alias. The Chameleon: Able to infiltrate and devastate.

    2. Eric C on

      I have a random question. Do you need copyright privileges to use Austin Powers and Inspector Gadget, etc. I mean, I would love to see them, but I don't want some angry movie company shutting down this game because of copyright infringement. Unless you already have permission and such.

    3. Ukiah on

      Oops, maybe I should have read the original discussion on the spoofs ^.^;;;

    4. Ukiah on

      Oh and to be honest I kinda think Solid Snake and Black Widow feel out of place on the spoof agent list. All the other agents on that list have varying degrees of professionalism and success under their belt but they all are played for laughs in their respective roles... those two other characters are good at what they do but are missing the laughs.

      I'm not sure if the Spoof Agents expansion is just looking to take characters from existing series and pulling them into this game (which is an awesome idea) or if it was going for that plus adding the humor most of these characters had going for them... I mean you can make characters like Inspector Gadget or the Black/White Spies from Spy vs Spy into some fairly frightening incarnations if you want (just check out the Deviant Art pic of Inspector Gadget done by rubendevela sometime ;) ) - how true to their original appearances will the Agents game make these spoof characters? All the charcters on that list can be made into competent bada**es... is that what the spoof agent expansion is going to do?

    5. Ukiah on

      Here's another suggestion for Spoof Agent:

      Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath (aka OSS 117) - if you haven't seen the movie OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies you should do yourself a favor and check it out, I'd describe this guy (at least in the parody movies he's appeared in) as a mixture of Inspector Clouseau, Austin Powers, and Sterling Archer :D

    6. Shucked on

      A few questions regarding the Partners. 1) Can they be killed/removed? 2) If they can and the Escort is killed/removed will the stolen agent go back to it's original faction?

    7. Steven Mount on

      I know he's not really a secret agent, but Lt. Frank Drebin from Naked Gun would definitely be considered a spoofy enough.

    8. Beast on

      Alexander Litvinenko?
      Maybe thats not spoofy enough.

    9. Saar Shai 3-time creator on

      Glad you guys are all still discussing who you want to fill that 7th slot! I'm watching and listening to see who should get picked to join the Secret 7!

    10. Egon L.

      It could be Cate Archer (perfectly comedic) or Jack Bauer (coz he is kind of a funny impersonation of an agent in the 24 show). Otherwise put in James Bond. Also Ethan Hunt of MI's fame might be a good idea, coz the movie series is kind of ridiculous if you know what I mean.

      So glad to see Sterling Archer in the official list. He's the best and MOST comedic of the true agents in the poll!

      I really, really wish that you could remove Solid Snake from the list. How dumb are some people to even choose THAT guy!?! The Metal Gear series is over-the-top in not a good way, so it pretty much will be a stain (the only one) on the Spoofs expansion if it was to be included.

      Alias was good quality, but way too serious and way too gritty/not really a parody of anything either so I don't know why many of you wanted Sydney Bristow - not a good idea at all definitely.

      But then I saw 'Frank Drebin' (Of Naked Gun's fame) in this forum thread link ( What? Why didn't you put him in the poll? He's got to be the BEST parody/spoof of the agent persona ever! (OK, he might be more of a detective but still let's let cheat a little bit! Hehe!).

    11. JKP

      How about Johnny English? Didn't read all suggestions so if this has been mentioned sorry.

    12. Missing avatar

      Matthias Hoheisel on

      My ideas for Spoof Agents
      James Bond
      Jason Bourne
      Jack Bauer (24)
      Agent J (Men in Black)
      Nick Fury (The Avengers)
      Agent Coulson (Agents of SHIELD)
      Sydney Bristow (Alias)
      Sarah Walker (Chuck)
      G-Man (Half-Life)
      Sam Fisher (Splinter Cell)
      Agent 47 (Hitman)
      Cate Archer (No One Lives Forever)

    13. Muhammed Dhalla on

      Or THE RESCUE RANGERS! Chip and Dale

    14. Muhammed Dhalla on

      Ooooh, Darkwing Duck would be awesome

    15. Jesse Olejnicak on

      Oooo... Sidney Bristow. I like it!

    16. Joseph Nguyen on

      I'm gonna put my vote in for Sydney Bristow (Alias). I mentioned her in the survey and it's heartening to see that I wasn't the only one who thought of her (thanks Kat), so gonna vote for her here as well.

    17. Dominic Spencer on

      Ukiah's suggestion of Perry the Platypus gets a vote for a spoof spy.
      Plus i also think Johnny English would be great as he is already a spoof spy.
      However, Kat is right some more female spies would be good but i don't know much about female spies so i will listen to what others shall say.

    18. Jesse Olejnicak on

      I'm changing my vote. I think Kat has it right. What female would make a great spoof spy?

    19. Kat on

      I'd like to see some more girl power: (here's some ideas)

      - Charlie's Angels
      - Mata Hari (she was actually a real spy!!!)
      - Salt
      - Sarah Walker (from Chuck)
      - Aeon Flux (cause a Sci-Fi girl spy would be cool)
      - Foxxy Cleopatra (cause Austin needs someone to hang with)
      - Nikita
      - Agent 99 (from Get Smart)
      - Sydney Bristow (Alias)
      - Emma Peel (The Avengers)

    20. Mat Cote on

      I really don't understand the IP mechanic. When and how do you use them?

      It says you keep them in your hand until the end of the game. Does that mean once 40 VP's are hit you drop your IP's at say 37 points for the extra bump? or do you reveal them at the end of the game to add on to the final score? Is there a hand limit? Can I spend IP's like VP's?

      Im looking at the extra packs and I want the Partners pack but it uses the IP's I was not planning on buying the Special Agents pack that introduces the mechanic. Should I not get the Partners one then either because the some cards rely on the mechanic. If not ill probably go with the Secret Agents.

    21. Ukiah on

      Here are some of my ideas for Spoof Agents :D

      Secret Squirrel (I prefer the version appearing in Super Secret Squirrel :) )
      Derek Flint (Our Man Flint movie series)
      Joanna Dark (Perfect Dark)
      John Drake / Number 6 (Danger Man / The Prisoner)
      John Storm (comic series Planetary)
      Jack Bauer (24)
      Elim Garak (Deep Space Nine)
      Perry the Platypus (Phineas and Ferb)
      Agent K (Men In Black)

      Though if I were to pick any of the above it would have to be either Secret Squirrel or Derek Flint ;)

    22. Oozebull on

      My top 3 agents for a spoof would be the following:

      Bond, James Bond
      Sterling Archer
      Michael Westen

      but as @Salvador said. Whatever cards that works well for the game is good with me :)

    23. Salvador Bernadó Sala

      I was hoping for Johnny English but whatever cards that works well for the game is okay for me.
      I have 9 days to decide what I'll pick.
      I wish I hadn't kickstarted so many projects... 8-)

    24. Ahmad Khan on

      Steel Storm and Dark Mechanic in an action pose.

    25. SacredRoach

      Still hoping for Brock Samson...

    26. Kirill Krymskiy on

      I'm for Putin. Here, in Russia, my friends would really enjoy this spoof Agent=)

    27. PK on

      I would like Sherlock Holmes.
      But Putin, as people said earlier, is an ex-KGB and it would be both hilarious and awesome to have him in the deck! An "retired" agent that is still in the service, but with lots of political power now.

    28. Stefmanovic on

      Spoofs? Include Archer in there, then the game will truly be going to the DANGERZONE!!!

      Or, include an agent named Number Two, and constantly change his identity, or perhaps make it so that any card could be used to symbolize Agent 2. But then again, you might also need an Agent Six...

    29. Ray Smith on


    30. Jesse Olejnicak on

      Darkwing duck would be hilarious!
      Brock Sampson would rock too.
      It's a bit of a stretch, but Garrett from Thief would be neat.

    31. Missing avatar

      Alan Henry on

      Master of Disguise. :)

    32. John F

      Brock Samson is a must! The knife wielding Swedish Murder Machine would be awesome!

    33. Sarah Reed

      How about Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell?

      Love the ones chosen! Can't wait to play. :-)

    34. David Philomath

      +1 for Danger Mouse or Secret Squirrel

    35. Dan Gravitch on

      Danger Mouse or Secret Squirrel

    36. Aldrin on

      Oh no I was hoping for The Blind Fury! But there is still hope in the eighth slot...

      But very happy to see Powers, Agent 86, Gadget and Spy vs Spy made it through :)

      Also hoping Black Widow will end up closer to a mash-up of various femme fatale characters~

    37. Neon Dubé on

      This game needs the blue spy from TF2

    38. Steve Willson

      Realllly need a Broch Samson parody! I do like the ones you have already.

    39. Martín on

      Hey, aren't Charlie's Angels there? I haven't seen them mentioned anywhere. :P

    40. BG on

      Agent Putin would be hilarious. Great idea!

    41. Saar Shai 3-time creator on

      @Brooks - I intend to think carefully about the way that the spoof Agents work and build their commands to fit in well with the game, no matter how silly and chaotic they might be. I definitely don't want it to break the game. However, the base set and expansions have gone through months of play testing, while the spoof won't have that kind of time to test out.

      That said, as soon as I've locked down the commands, I'll be sending the game out to various undercover recruits to get busy with urgent testing, in the hope to make the spoofspansion balanced and integrated with the rest of the game!

    42. Brooks Child on

      I have a question regarding the Spoofspansion. Will the spoof agents be subjected to the same play testing that the rest of the game has received? Will they be balance?

      I ask because calling it a Spoofspansion is confusing. Are the card names/themes the only part that is a spoof or is the entire this a farce that is humorous but ultimately leads to broken game play (like some of the joke decks in Agricola)?

    43. Ahmad Khan on

      Yes! I knew common sense and actually reading the Faqs will Prevail, let it be the Gagetier/Gizmo, the Smarty/Brains/Braniac and The Retro/Mojo/O'Behave/Randy and last but not least The Dutchess/TIP/Martini :-)

    44. AMC on

      Let's make Agent Putin... he's a former KGB agent after all :)

    45. Peter S. on

      Love Cluseaux but he is a policeman.

    46. Missing avatar

      Daniel Nugent on

      Another vote for Inspector Clouseau

    47. Steven W on

      Roger Moore's version of 007 was basically a joke. I'm shocked he isn't in the list.

    48. Barry Hood on

      *Once Upon a Time in Mexico - stupid KS comments and their lack of an edit feature