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A strategic 2-5 players card game of clever tactics & critical consequences, set in a world of spies, sabotage, secrecy and subterfuge.
A strategic 2-5 players card game of clever tactics & critical consequences, set in a world of spies, sabotage, secrecy and subterfuge.
6,791 backers pledged $275,368 to help bring this project to life.

The Commanders take over The Agents

Posted by Saar Shai (Creator)
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Hi team,

Well, didn't we have just the most spectacular few days?! Thank you all for being so enthusiastic about the final 2 expansions and the Fancy Box. What an amazing boost as we hit our home stretch. Since we smashed through the last mini Stretch Goal, it seems only fair to go ahead and introduce a couple more...

KS exclusive Commanders Pack
I'm buzzing with excitement to reveal the special command abilities that this special unit of Commanders will bring to the game. Remember, the way that this pack will work is that each player will start off the game with 1 Commander card, giving you a unique ability that lasts the duration of the game.

1. You can perform up to 3 actions per turn (up to 20 points).

2. Buying Missions and Agents do not take up an action.

3. You can reactivate any of your commands to affect EITHER of your Factions. (i.e ignore 'this' or 'other' Faction rule)

4. Non matching data tokens award you 2 IPs and matching data tokens award you 3 IPs.

5. Instead of buying an Agent - steal one from another player (you still have to pay 1IP to the bank!).

6. Start the game with 2 missions and 5 agents.

7. When buying an Agent or buying/trading in a Mission, you can look at the top 2 cards and select the one you want.

8. You can place all Agents INSIDE factions.

Danny is now hard at work designing each Commander, turning 8 very lucky backers into these super powerful Agents.

In the meantime, you can enjoy his finished colored illustrations of our awesome 'Secret Agents'. (There are still a few open slots for customized Agents if you want to get in on the action!)

The Agents hit Gen Con
I know that quite a few of you guys will be at Gen Con later this week and I desperately wish that I could be there in person to meet you and showcase The Agents. Since I can't be there myself, I've arranged to have a few copies of the game in position for you to look at and playtest!

My retail partners, Game Salute, are going to have copies of The Agents at their booth 1735 in the main hall and in the game library that they'll have in the events hall. There may be a couple of other copies in the Gen Con Game Library as well. So make sure that you don't leave Gen Con without checking out the prototype version of the game and getting in a sneaky playtest with other backers!

Ship Shape
I've been getting a lot of questions about any additional charges for shipping to the EU and I've just had a nice chat with my new friend Robert, from the UK's HM Revenues & Customs office. Robert tells me that no additional charges will be applied on items under a value of £15/€17 (not including shipping) and this is the same rule across the whole EU. Since I will value the game at its manufacturing cost, which will be below £15, we're in the clear!*

T-13 days
I'm already getting kinda emotional about this campaign ending, but as we gear up for our final days, it would be so awesome to get your help to spread the word of The Agents as far and wide as possible. I want us to hit every stretch goal, all the way through to giving you plastic cards. So can I ask you to give it everything you've got? Post on fb and twitter, tell your buddies about the game, strike up a conversation on reddit, chat about it on BGG, hell, even pin it on pinterest ;-) Let's just do everything we can to make some noise! Thank you so much for being the most enthusiastic, vocal supporters I could dream of.

I'm going to leave you with another piece of Danny's masterful work for The Agents. This new illustration will certainly make its appearance on the physical game, packaging or add-on in some shape or form. Feast your eyes on this!

As ever, there'll be more news coming up soon.

All the best,


*Even the tiers or packages that include the Fancy Box, artbook and t-shirt should still be fine to be marked as under £15.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Alan Henry on

      The Master of Disquise

    2. Kyle O'Brien on

      So I'm at GenCon and that vendor had no idea what I was talking about. Same response at the game library. Will this actually be available to test play tomorrow?

    3. Peter Rönnmo on

      As for shipping to Sweden, any time you are sent anything from outside an EU country, there's a chance that you'll get hit by toll+taxes. This is regardless of the value of the item sent.

      I really wouldn't worry about catering to all of us europeans though. I know there's a risk I'll get hit by a 25% of value + 100 SEK fee, but it's a risk I take with all online purchases.

    4. Missing avatar

      Carsten Gamer on

      The regulations for Germany are nicey described here: (link is to German language version)

      Summary: everything valued under €22 (including shipping) is free of all taxes (i.e. no 19% Einfuhrumsatzsteuer/VAT and no customs apply). Everything between 22€ and 150€ is subject to to 19% VAT. Above 150€ both VAT and customs apply. The rate for customs is dependent on the commodity (i.e. t-shirts have a different customs rate than cards) - however I doubt that many backers will break the 150€ limit.

      The tricky part is how the value of the goods is determined. It is at the discretion of the officer to determine the value. The declared value just serves as an indication. As other backers pointed out it is common practice to ask for a receipt if there is any doubt that the declared value may be too low. In this case you financial risk is 19% of your pledge value (assuming that your pledge is below 150€).

      I hope that helps to reduce the confusion (at east for the German backers). Please note that I am not a layer - so please take this with a grain of salt and do your own research. :-)

    5. Nico on

      This is just my experience. I sometimes bought a tshirt from the US and even without a receipt it was reasonable that the value was below the treshold.

    6. Nico on

      Regarding Germany, I think it depends. Normally at customs they will have a look and when the price on the parcel seems reasonable and is below the treshold you don't have to pay anything. Most of the time a receipt is only needed if there is a mismatch between the content of a parcel and the price label on it.

    7. Saar Shai 3-time creator on

      If anyone can let me know how to produce a different kind of receipt for you guys, then I'm happy to give it a go.

      @Don - the Commanders are included with EVERY game! It's a KS exclusive!

    8. fourmyle

      Alingex is right - when picking up the parcel at German customs, one is legally obligated to produce a receipt. Customs and tax are then applied for the value stated there, including any shipping(!).
      We would have to have a receipt with the manufacturing cost, otherwise we would have to use the receipt we get from amazon.

    9. Don Riddle

      how do we get the Commanders pack?

    10. alingex on

      However, I'd be very happy if someone could prove me wrong.

    11. alingex on

      For backers who get a T-Shirt this can get more expensive, because shirts have a higher customs rate (around 16%) and because the highest rate may be applied to the whole order (including shipment). That would be a total of appr. 35% on the pledge total.

    12. Saar Shai 3-time creator on

      @Chris - Everyone gets Black Ops for free! (it was a stretch goal)

      @alingex - I'll try to see if it's maybe different in Germany, but anyway I'm still looking for solutions (if there are additional ones), so that you won't need to pay a high tax on it.

    13. alingex on

      @Saar: I'm about 90% sure that only the actual paid value is used to calculate the taxes. I don't know the right English words for it, but if I remember correctly, there are 19% German Einfuhrumsatzsteuer (import taxes?) and 2,7% Zollsatz für Spielkarten (customs on playing cards?).

    14. Chris Rees

      Is there a physical version of Black Ops? I didn't see it on the expansions list for $5 like the rest

    15. Salvador Bernadó Sala

      I'm very excited about the commanders.
      Looking forward to see what Danny does with them.
      Some of them look pretty powerful.
      When I backed this project at the beginning I thought it would be a quiet one and now there's too much add-ons. 8-)

    16. Saar Shai 3-time creator on

      @Kobi - aw shucks man. You made me blush.

      @Chris - thanks dude!

      @alingex - are you sure? The guy I spoke to seemed to think the same rule applied across the EU.

    17. Kobi Eyal on

      Saar, You're the best there is.
      I say this in utter surety - this has been the best kickstarter project I've backed so far. And a great experience all the way through.
      You truly deserve all the support, emotionly and financially. You've created something really amazing here - and I think every single backer here agrees on that. :)

    18. Chris Breckenridge on

      Woo hoo. I really can't wait to play this game. Love the artwork and the espionage. Way to go!!!

    19. alingex on

      As far as I know, the declared value does not matter when shipping to Germany, so customs and taxes will apply here.

    20. Ahmad Khan on