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A strategic 2-5 players card game of clever tactics & critical consequences, set in a world of spies, sabotage, secrecy and subterfuge.
A strategic 2-5 players card game of clever tactics & critical consequences, set in a world of spies, sabotage, secrecy and subterfuge.
6,791 backers pledged $275,368 to help bring this project to life.

An update to end all updates!

Posted by Saar Shai (Creator)
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Ok guys. Get ready, make a coffee, sit down and get comfy because today's update is a whopper.

Let's start with high fives all round for hitting $140k (and unlocking the mini SG), surpassing 4,000 backers and reaching 3,000 comments in the past couple of days! Nice work everyone.

Special Agents Expansion
I'm really excited to announce my final expansion which I mentioned in the previous update.

The Special Agents are a motley crew of Agents, each with a unique, new command ability that adds some clever new twists to the game. These Special Agents also happen to contain some new commands that you guys have been hankering for, so stay tuned as these new Agents are revealed over the coming days.

So that makes 4 expansions (plus our sneaky 'SpoofSpansion') on offer, either to choose from in your tier bundles or each as $5 add-ons.

Fancy Box Add-On
We've been talking about a fancy box for a few weeks now, and I'm delighted to welcome it to The Agents line-up. As discussed, the box will be large enough to include all expansions, stretch goal boosters and sleeved cards. Featuring a nifty magnet closure and UV spot design, this gorgeous piece of packaging will be a delight to have and to hold.

I'll be getting some sketches of the box through soon so will share them the instant I can.

"Tier Tier"
I've added 2 final tiers to incorporate the final expansions and the fancy box add-on.

The Bureau - Base Set, all 4 expansions, KS exclusives, Stretch Goals - $36. You'll note that this is only $3 more than The Company, so what this means is that you get the 4th expansion at a discounted price of $3!

The Take - Base Set, all 4 expansions, SpoofSpansion, 1 T-shirt, Artbook, Fancy Box (plus KS exclusives + Stretch Goals) - $100. This tier is perfect if you want all the expansions, the SpoofSpansion and all the physical add-ons. You'll also get an $8 saving by opting for this bundle!

Tier Breakdown
And for ease, I've outlined all the tiers and what is included in each, as an easy guide. I can also assure you that this, ladies and gentlemen, is it. We now have our complete line-up of expansions, add-ons and tiers. Now you can choose your favorite option, then just sit back and relax! (A more detailed chart is available here.)

Mini Stretch-Goal
But! There's nothing to say that I can't add more Stretch-Goals. Surely you guys won't have a problem with me adding more free goodies to the campaign?

Share the love
There are a bunch of KS creators who have recently backed The Agents, taken it upon themselves to endorse my game or have been in touch to swap tips and ideas. I thought it would be nice to give a shout-out to my fellow game-designers up on Kickstarter at the moment. So, without further ado, here are a few projects that may be of interest to you;

1.) Funemployed! is a party game where players apply to real jobs using unreal qualifications. Do you have what it takes to be Funemployed?

2.) The Kings Armory - A Real Tower Defense Board Game! Now available for your table top! ~ With free International shipping! ~ Co-op play for up to 7 people!

3.) Elemental Blast is a short, fast, fun party game for 3-7 players. Use the elements to disrupt your opponents and achieve victory!

4.) IncrediBrawl - This chaotic, casual card game combines quick combat with crazy abilities to create fun and fast gameplay for 2-4 players.

5.) Tiny Zombies - Work with your friends to survive the Zombie Apocalypse! Explore the city, find items, encounter hordes of zombies and don't get bit!

6.) Planet Defiant - If you crash landed on an alien planet, could you utilize your wits to learn and survive before the planet itself ate you alive?

Phew! And that's it!

Have a wonderful weekend one and all!


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    1. Missing avatar

      stempl3069 on

      Just updated to get a fancy box and the fourth expansion. Can't wait to play the actual game.

    2. Marlo Dell'Antonio on

      :: fist bump! :: ;-)

    3. Missing avatar

      MK on

      25$ for a box with magnetic closure seems a bit too much. Could we have a one that fits all cards but without all the uv-layers, lazers, a stretch goal instead?

    4. Matt Eaton on

      Gosh, that's the second time I've had to upgrade to get all the expansions... At this rate, you guys are going to break me before the Kickstarter is even over. (Of course, I'm just kidding) Very excited about all of it.

      Anyway, looking forward to all of this, particularly the Spoofspansion. Keep up the awesome work!

    5. Kyle O'Brien on

      Agreed with Forumyle and Peter. Is it possible to include a box that will fit base+all expansions with a tier like "The Bureau" or add it as a less expensive add on?

    6. John Wrot! on

      John Wrot! of The King's Armory, here. Thanks so much for your shout out. It seems a few of your backers have already found interetest in our project too! Super glad to be working with you. Big Families are good Families! If there's ANYTHING else I can do for you during your campaign just let me know. We're excited to running to the finish line together. We end, as I'm sure you've noticed, on the same day. High fives!

    7. Malcolm Norman on

      Well I think I've got this right. I have raised my bid to The Bureau ($36) + Spoof Agents ($5) and as I live in good old Blighty and extra $5 for P&P, that makes $46 (I hope).
      I'll make my own storage box as I dread to think how much the carrier pigeon will charge me for flying across the pond.

    8. Francis Guilbeault

      i agree with fourmyle i want a big box but not a 25$ fancy one...

    9. Saar Shai 3-time creator on

      @Arthur - The commander promo pack will be included in each and every tier that includes the base set. Secret Santa backers will receive 2 sets - 1 with each game.

    10. Arthur Changry

      Will tbe commanders promo pack be available as a paid addon, i.e. for the secret santa pledge? thanks

    11. Peter S. on

      @Fourmyle - good suggestion

    12. fourmyle

      While a super sturdy box with magnets and stuff sounds super nice, I won't shell out 25 bucks for that.

      Why not use a box like Small Box Games usually uses them for their games...
      just a longish box with a lid, big enough to put in all the cards in a row, with sleeves:

      Dividers would be a plus, of course ;-)

    13. Scott Toler on

      Could just ship expansions in the bigger box to reduce cost. Seems like that would actually be less expensive than having to make 4 expansions boxes, no?

    14. RoSs Ng

      Thanks for your update... I do think we all love to hear your new expansions... I do believe most of us would be happy to pay for that.. at least for myself...:)

      However, $25 for a fancy box, um...... I don't think it is a wise take.... Big box would be fine... +1


    15. Saar Shai 3-time creator on

      @Backers who want a bigger box - well, don't we all ;-) I'll see what I can do, but actually, packaging and add-ons cost a whole lot more than the printed cards, so that's why they come out as more pricey than the base set itself. The materials used and the labour and construction involved is much more complicated than printing and cutting standard cards.

    16. Kosongz on

      Can't you make the black box KS exclusive box bigger?

      +1 for bigger base box

    17. hair10

      Count me in as someone who would love a larger standard box. I want somewhere to keep it all (the game+expansions) together, but there's no way I'm paying $25 for a box to do so. You're charging more for the box than you are the for the base game+promo pack+an expansion!!

    18. Stefmanovic on

      Just upgraded by pledge! So now it will be 4 expansions, the PHP and Danny's artbook!

      By the way, what about a Dutch version of the PHP?

    19. Jonas "Drakurius" Runkel on

      Ok in for all 4 expansions the spoofspansion and the fancy box. Just take my money and stop making awesome stuff ;)

    20. Aaron Silverman on

      +1 for the regular box to be large enough to hold all game items including the expansions. It doesn't have to be fancy; just big. :)

    21. Aaron Silverman on

      Just as an idea, if it's not difficult to implement. . .the Pledge Manager could have an option to get 2 expansions for $8. That would be handy for us Early Bird completists. :)

    22. Dave Bouvier

      @Saar - I'm not asking for a third box option. I'm asking for the regular box included with all the base games be made larger enough for the expansions. Clearly you need to determine what the cost of a larger regular box would be, but I think a lot of backers would want the larger box. The vast majority of the backers will be receiving one or more expansions.

    23. tristevoix

      K, maybe I missed something somewhere, but where does the Black Box stretch goal fit in there if there's only room for the regular box and the fancy box, none of which likely to be KS exclusive?

    24. Saar Shai 3-time creator on

      @Anthony + @Dave - I'm not ruling anything out, but at this stage I want to keep things as streamlined as possible. I'll discuss any further tweaks with the printer and will see what's what.

    25. Dave Bouvier

      @Saar - Could you add a stretch goal to make the regular box large enough to hold the base game and the expansions? The larger box would be a marketing feature when the game is available through retail channels. I am far more inclined to buy expansions when the base game box is designed to hold the expansions.

    26. Missing avatar

      Anthony Viera on

      I think a standard cardboard box big enough to fit all expansions at a lower price-point would be a lot more attractive. The box as-is sounds well designed, but it's still $25 for a box.

    27. Saar Shai 3-time creator on

      @Dave - Unfortunately not. I've really added the maximum amount of complexity, options and add-ons to the game and the project at this point. The regular box included with the game will be great, sturdy and feature Danny's awesome artwork. And the Fancy Box is a great option for backers who want bells + whistles, extra room etc etc. There isn't scope to include another box in between those two options.

    28. Duke Drizzt on

      Great bloody idea adding that other tier for just $3 man. Just upped mine and I can't see why any one of use that were on that tier wouldn't upgrade theirs. That's another $5800 to be added if they all do. Yer a genius.

    29. Dave Bouvier

      @Saar - Could you offer a lower cost standard-type cardboard box big enough to fit the base game and all the expansions in addition to the fancy box?

    30. Saar Shai 3-time creator on

      @Dave - I'm meeting with the printers on Sunday and will have more specific info to share then!

      @Scott - To add 2 expansions to The Agency tier you'll need to add +$10. Overall, it will still be $1 cheaper to do it this way than moving to The Bureau!

    31. Scott Toler on

      I've got the agency early bird and want to get all 4 expansions. I want to keep the early bird special. Should I add $10 or $8 to make it so I get all 4 expansions?

    32. Dave Bouvier

      @Saar - What material will be used for the fancy box? I assume the magnetic flap on the lid can bend. What material is used in the hinge for the flap?

    33. Saar Shai 3-time creator on

      @Dave - This box is unlikely to remain a Kickstarter exclusive as we need to print a minimum quantity that will likely exceed the amount pledged for on KS. So we'll need to use up those extra units somehow! (Unless they all get snapped up on KS, in which case we can keep it KS-exclusive!) However, they are unlikely to be the standard box for the commercial release as they are pricey to produce!

      @Gavin - there sure is. Just add +$5 to your existing tier for the SpoofSpansion.

    34. Gavin Owens on

      Is there an option to have the spoof expansion, but not the fancy box?

    35. Dave Bouvier

      @Saar - Is the fancy box KS exclusive or will it be the standard box for the commercial release?

    36. hair10

      $25 for a box??!? Umm...yeah.

    37. Dave Bouvier

      Saar - Could you offer a more standard-type cardboard box big enough to fit the base game and all the expansions in addition to the fancy box? $25 for a box is more than I can justify.

      Will the magnetic latch staying closed if the box is turned upside down with all the sleeved base game expansion cards inside?

    38. Saar Shai 3-time creator on

      @Geraint - Exactly right! Add +$30 for the SpoofSpansion and Fancy Box. At the end of the campaign, I'll send out a survey where you can confirm which additions you've included in your pledge!

    39. Geraint Evans on

      I've upped my pledge from Company to Bureau in order to gain the 4th expansion. Now if I want to gain the spoofspansion and fancy box do I add $30 to my bid, and if so how do I let you know which of the add-ons that $30 is for? Thanks - really looking forward to playing the game

    40. Dagda

      Nice box, but I'll have to think a couple of times about spending $25 just for a box.
      That money could just as well be another nice game. :-/

    41. Arnaud Verbeeren on

      So the KS-exlusive cards will not be included in het 5$-pnp-tier? why not? They are printable and go by KS... What gives?

    42. Luke Butler

      Excited about the final expansion! The box looks neat too. Thanks for the table, makes things much clearer when pledging. You guys definitely need to check out Tiny Zombies. We had a Google Hangout with the creator, Chris, last night and it was awesome. The game looks really fun and he was very open to all questions.