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A strategic 2-5 players card game of clever tactics & critical consequences, set in a world of spies, sabotage, secrecy and subterfuge.
A strategic 2-5 players card game of clever tactics & critical consequences, set in a world of spies, sabotage, secrecy and subterfuge.
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Engaging the Enemy: Sharing top secret info

Posted by Saar Shai (Creator)
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Dear Recruits,

We've had another amazing week, with more incredible suggestions, comments, discussions and chat from so many of you. Thanks as always for being so enthusiastic, encouraging and involved.

Permission to Engage
I'm going to start today's update off with a bit of personal news. I feel that we've become so close these last couple of weeks that I wanted to share some good news from my personal life with you all!

In fact, I think the image below says it all;

Yup - that's right. A few days ago I proposed to my girlfriend now known as 'The Fiance', and of course I had to give the occasion an 'Agents' twist! Between the engagement and the campaign, I truly am on top of the world, so thank you for being a part of this incredible time!

Back to business...

I know you have all been waiting patiently for me to de-classify info about the expansions and booster packs, so I'm pleased to be able to share some more details now.

Black Ops
"The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting...".

When carrying out the Black Ops Missions, you can now benefit from your enemies' good fortune. The Black Ops expansion is a set of Missions with conditions that relate to other players and their situation.

Example: "The Honey Trap: +1 for every +2 completed data-tokens in this faction facing your neighboring player"

Secret Agents
"Secret agent man - They've given you a number and taken away your name."

The Secret Agents come with a twist - they carry intel points that count towards reaching 40 points if you manage to keep them secret in your hand until the end of the game.  But beware, this expansion also include extra "stealing" agents, such as the Interrogator, and perhaps some "revealing" agents, such as the Informant, making it tricky to keep hold of your bonus points. The Agents is now more cut-throat - more exciting but much more brutal!

Example: "Agent 003: +3 intel points"

Mission Critical
"Your mission, should you choose to accept it...".

Accept new exciting assignments and embark on new dangerous adventures. Mission Critical is a set of new missions, some of which explore new types of conditions. These critical Missions bring the warfare of The Agents to a new level.

Example: "The Witness - +1 for any command re-activated in YOUR factions"

Inked artwork from Danny

Commanders Promo Pack
"Any commander who fails to exceed his authority is not of much use to his subordinates."

The Commanders promo pack is a Kickstarter exclusive. These commanders are a select group of characters which players receive at the beginning of the game, awarding them with special skills that endure throughout the game. With the high ranking Commanders, your Agents are never alone in the field, and the game's strategy level is upgraded.

Example: "Commander X - perform 3 actions per turn throughout the game"

The Partners
"Just the two of us, we can make it if we try...".

Never go it alone. With Partner Agents, you can boost or protect your Faction Agents, making them more lethal than ever. The Partners expansion introduces new types of Agents and another level of tactical maneuvering for experienced professionals of double-edged cards.

Example: "The Bodyguard - partner agent is protected from killing, turning, swapping and extracting"

Props to anyone who can figure out where all the quotes come from correctly!

As you know, since we hit our next mini Stretch-Goal, I'm also going to be releasing the PnP for 'The Secret Agents' once the campaign ends as well!

Without giving too much away, I wanted to give you a sneak peek of a few ideas (some of mine and some of yours) that are in the pipeline for the next couple of weeks;

a. Fancy box (big enough for all expansions and sleeved cards, super sturdy and completely bullet proof.*)
b. 'Spoofspansion' (You requested. I listened. Working on this, propelled by your magnificent ideas. More info to come soon)
c. Mysterious new expansion (I'll be releasing a new expansion in the next week or two. This expansion will contain some heavyweight Agents who add some really cool commands to the mix)
d. T-shirts (A new add-on! You can choose from a selection of my favorite Agents printed on a t-shirt. Example designs to be released soon)

And finally, I've made a new batch of wallpapers that are available now to download here!

Here's to many more wonderful weeks, wonderful celebrations and wonderful new friends!

As ever,

*This is not true. The box will not be bullet proof.

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    1. Miguel Michan

      Congratulations Saar!

    2. Saar Shai 3-time creator on

      @Su Liu, @Patrick, @Jose, @John, @Chris, @Greg, @Jared, @Christopher - thank you!

    3. Su Liu on

      Congrats on your engagement! :) This is actually the first Kickstarter I backed, so I'm really excited!

    4. Patrick Dignam on

      Duh...never mind...I figured it out :D

    5. Patrick Dignam on

      I am @ the $28 level now...If I increase to $33...can I get the 3rd expansion?

    6. Jose Negron on

      btw when is the bullet proof box stretch goal? LOL j/k

    7. Jose Negron on

      congrats on the engagement. I just got married a year and 2 months ago and I'm a very happy man (happy wife happy life). You're life seems to be in good order :)

    8. John Wrot! on

      Saar! Congrats man! "Pray together!" Best advice I was ever given! And I share it humbly with you! God Bless You, Both!

    9. Chris Eaton on

      1st: congrats! i actually got engaged earlier in the year as well! cheers to you both

      2nd: yayfancyboxthatholdsallthecards!!! hope its not TOO much extra as an add on ;-) (even if it is, I'm all the way in)

    10. Greg Douglass on

      Congrats to you and your fiance both!

    11. Lines on

      Oh, and I'm a bit confused:
      The PnP backer level says it comes with all expansions.
      So I'm not sure what the mini stretch goals (Expansions added to PnP) mean :-/

    12. Jared Bond

      Congrats! And I'm glad she didn't play the Marksman as her answer :)

    13. Lines on

      Saar, congratulations to you and you Fiance!!
      I hope you two are celebrating!

    14. Christopher Clinton on

      Congratulations Saar!!!!!

    15. Kevin Weibridge on

      Heyas! I'm loving the look of the game & updates so far as it looks awesome! Any chance in the future you could get an iOS version made? Board games work wonderfully on my iPod Touch and I'm sure the same could be said for games on Android too. Thanks for the great updates so far, wish you the best.

    16. Saar Shai 3-time creator on

      @Derek G - thanks!

      @Jeni - thanks!

      @Travis - thanks!

      @Lugus - thanks!

      @Pilip - thanks. taken under consideration!

      @Muhammed D - thanks! I hope we get to the plastic stretch goal ($222K) and sleeves will not be necessary. I also just don't want to over complicate the add-ons and tiers.

    17. Derek Guder


    18. Muhammed Dhalla on


      I agree with Philip below. Specialized card sleeves have always been a favorite of mine (like ascension for example), especially in a game where the card backs matter and you can make sets of customized sleeves for missions, points, and agents! And this could be a great add-on where it wouldn't add too much to costs but that a lot of people would probably buy into!

      Only thing I wonder is, now that we're talking more about card sleeves (i.e. a box compatible with it) is the point cards. Specifically that you flip cards in order to get points, and unsleeving/resleeving cards for points is difficult.

    19. Philip Dahmen on

      Congratulations Saar!

      And thank you for the fancy I have to give more money to you, although I really should not do that right now!^^

      I don't know if anybody aked this before but how about some sleeves for the cards with fancy motives like the ones from Ultra Pro?
      I would like them dark with an evil femme fatale agent on it. Or maybe an agent with augmentations like Adam Jensen from Deus Ex HR...although maybe that is too much Sc-Fi for you setting....or maybe not? :-)

    20. Lugus on

      Congratulations Saar !
      And thanks for the update

    21. Travis Bryant

      Congratulations on your successful mission, Saar :-)

    22. Jeni Zook on

      That is great news. Congrats!!

    23. Saar Shai 3-time creator on

      Box is going to be awesome, count on it.

    24. Saar Shai 3-time creator on

      @Randomfleming - she chose it :)

      @Renee, @Salvador, @MK, @Rudi, @Ben, @Greg and @Timothy - thanks!

    25. Greg Merwin

      The fancy "one box to fit them all" is key. Congrats on your engagement!

    26. Michael Salt on

      I will definately second the fancy box. If only for the sake of the completionist in me :)

      And congratulations, How many intel points do you get for completing that mission?

    27. Missing avatar

      Ben C on

      Congrats on the great news mate, and awesome job on these expansions.

    28. Toy203 on

      YES! Fancy box ASAP please. It's so useful to have a single box for games... And not 4 tuckboxes to carry around! ^___^"
      And sleeved cards space sounds awesome.

    29. Rudi Großholdermann on

      Thank you for Sharing your personal news and congratulation from Andrea and me. We are engaged for 28 Years now. After I tell her from your card game she says: "Great when we will play it?" So after all she already has the power to surprise me

    30. Missing avatar

      MK on

      Congrats Saar. A much better news htan the reaching of some Stretch goals

    31. Salvador Bernadó Sala

      Congratulations, Saar.
      Wish you both all the best.
      I like all the info given on your update.
      I specially like knowing what commanders do and the way they affect the game.
      I'm surprised it's taken so long to talk about t-shirts. I just hope they aren't all black.

    32. Ansatsu

      @Saar the commander quote. I knew I had heard it before but had trouble remembering where.

    33. Timothy S on

      Congrats Saar, I wish you both the absolute best :-)

    34. Renee M. on

      A clever proposal (and fantastic update too). Congratulations to you both!

    35. Iconography on

      Although I'm not sure the title of the update "Engaging the Enemy" was the best choice of words. ;)

    36. Saar Shai 3-time creator on

      @Kirill - thanks!

      @Ansatsu - who?

    37. Iconography on

      Congratulations to "The Creator" and "The Fiancée"! I am very happy for you and the success of The Agents.

      Top of the world just about accurately explains it I would think! :)

    38. Kirill Krymskiy on

      Congratulations on your engagement, Saar =))..I like the idea of new expansion!

    39. Ansatsu

      Arleigh Burke! That took far too long to remember.

    40. Saar Shai 3-time creator on

      @Muhammad - Mrs. Smith :) brilliant. Thanks!

    41. Ahmad Khan on

      @Dennis: Congratulations, I would take Mr. and Mrs. Shai over Mr. and Mrs. Smith any day :-)
      But seriously awesome news, happy for you guys.

    42. Saar Shai 3-time creator on

      @Dennis - thanks!

    43. Dennis on

      Congratulations on getting engaged! Awesome update as well! Great stuff, I want all those expansions! Really nice sneak preview!!

    44. Saar Shai 3-time creator on

      @Andrew - it's a very special edition, just one card printed! :)

    45. Andrew Ronzino on

      @Saar - Oh, I saw it, but I figured that was for the benefit of the announcement. If that's in the game, does it marry two separate factions together? ;-D

    46. Saar Shai 3-time creator on

      @Andrew thank you. you did notice "the proposal" card in the image above, right?

    47. Andrew Ronzino on

      Congratulations on your engagement, Saar! You should totally make a "Fiance" card in honor of her. That would be awesome! Give it some special bonuses or something like that. I also think a real bullet proof box is necessary! I demand it...and by that I mean, that would be cool. :-D I'm getting really excited for this game.

    48. Saar Shai 3-time creator on

      @Dennis - great math :) thank you.

      @James - thank you

    49. Saar Shai 3-time creator on

      @Ansatsu - correct, but not everything. Thanks.

      @Peter "Pit" - brilliant. thank you so much, that

      Jean-Michel - not a language of your choice, just english (unless you opt in for the language add-on of $5)

      @Peter Allan - thanks! the t-shirts are really gonna be cool (thanks to danny's art!)

      @Galit - thanks so much. really want to make cool stuff with the box.