THE AGENTS - A Double-edged Cards Game

by Saar Shai

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    1. LudiCreations on

      Do plastic cards mean that they will not have a linen finish?

    2. Julien Duprie

      great !!
      Thanks for french people and good idea for plastic cards

    3. ✩Don E✩

      Now that's a freaking awesome stretch goal. Bang Bang Bang Bang!!!

    4. Ken Varley on

      I was hoping for plastic, or plastic coated cards. Much more durable and will last longer than "card" made cards.

    5. Saar Shai 3-time creator on

      Here to make you happy, guys.

    6. Greshym on

      what an awesome stretch goal! One card game less I need to buy sleeves for ;)

    7. Tom Hoefle

      so if i want german and english its 10 additional dollars to my current pledge?

    8. Saar Shai 3-time creator on

      @Tom - no, the English in included in all tiers $15 and above, so you just need to add $5 for the German

    9. RedEyedJack on

      For the wallpaper... could you make a Facebook Cover one?

    10. Beast on

      Can someone give an example of a good quality plastic card?

      The only game i can think of was terrible card quality hard to shuffle and brittle.

    11. AMC on

      Saar : if I well understand, the only possible way to have access to translated versions of the game is through pnp, right? You won't have them printed.

    12. Lines on

      Saar, if you need an experienced german translator let me know.

    13. James Mathias on

      Saar, will these cards be of the same quality as the Bicycle Prestige line? If yes, I am stoked, as those are the best quality playing cards I've ever owned and played with. I keep a deck at my desk to shuffle when stressed, as it's so smooth and tactile.

    14. Stu Ward on

      I'm a little on the fence about plastic cards.. the only game I have which features them is Gloom. They're great quality, and perfect for the gameplay, but they're an absolute pain to shuffle.

    15. Missing avatar

      mistborn on

      Hey that was my idea! Amazingly awesome stretch goal. The plastic card games I have played shuffle easily and are nearly indestructible. It would be a perfect fit for Agents too with all of the card turning, flipping, and manipulation that goes on each game. I would have gladly paid extra for it, but free?? We have to hit that goal.

    16. Missing avatar

      Studio Libella on

      I'm a bit worried about the plastic cards as well. I haven't played with any yet that feel "right". Would you please point to a game that uses the same card material that you are planning on using.

      Maybe the should be a poll: plastic cards vs traditional linen finish.

    17. James Starke on

      I'm a fan of plastic cards. They feel better, and they're definitely a lot more durable. If they're like the cards in Gloom, then I'm all for them. I've never had a problem shuffling those, personally. I do understand people being a little wary, but... I'm in favor of it, really.

    18. Missing avatar

      mistborn on

      I have played poker with a standard deck, UNO Splash, and a few others. Never had a single issue with them and only thought they added to the gaming experience.

    19. Cortney Sauk

      If they will be anything like Gloom's plastic cards I'll be "happy, happy, happy,"

    20. Missing avatar

      mistborn on

      What about the possibility of letting backers choose their version if they prefer paper, and then opening up additional full sets of either version as add-ons? Too complicated? I wouldn't mind grabbing a full set of both types with all of the kickstarter exclusives now since future copies post campaign will not have them.

    21. Jared Bond

      Wait. "Plastic" plastic? Not plastic coated paper?

    22. Ted S. Sunhede Fulk on

      If the plastic stretch goal gets met, please give backers the option to choose traditional linen finish over plastic ones. I never sleeve and hate plastic (except plastic minis). Give me wood and cardboard.

    23. Missing avatar

      Dennis Ferruzzi on

      Regarding the customs issues, I recently got my first physical kickstarter payout for something of much greater monetary value and they labeled it as "Gift; not for resale; no retail value" and I didn't get dinged. [item was sent to Canada from the US, expected retail value once they hit stores was around $350, pledged $175+shipping]

    24. Saar Shai 3-time creator on

      @Doug - added!

      @Alexandre - correct.

      @Lines - please private message me.

      @Mistborn, @Ted - sort of mission:impossible. the only way we can provide all the free goodies is the large number of backers, so we cannot afford a short run of anything, which is why we're currently not sure about the languages runs.

      As for the quality of the plastic - we're making sure that it's of the highest quality without adding to the weight (the only reason we can afford free shipping in the US and $5 outside). I cannot really compare it to other games but I will try to maybe provide a video demonstrating the material and how it shuffles.

    25. Salvador Bernadó Sala

      I have never used or seen plastic cards.
      I'm looking forward to see them (if we reach that stretch goal, of course).

    26. Stefmanovic on

      Awesome to hear this! Just pledged THE COMPANY, with added PnP stuff and outside of US delivery! :D

    27. GC, Frogdog Kennelmaster on

      Saar - you have been great with the updates so far. And the game looks like an absolute gem. Looking forward to more progress :)

    28. Scott Cook

      I've played with copag poker cards before, which are plastic and they are AMAZING. Easy to shuffle and very durable. Hope we get there.

    29. Beast on

      Found a very comprehensive review on plastic cards.

    30. Mike Ostman on

      For those worried about plastic - don't be. I've played thousands of hands of Poker on my plastic playing cards. They are amazing. When you hear plastic you think rigid blocks of plastic. That's not the case. Imagine that block sliced as thin as a normal playing card. It's not a linen feel - but it's actually better. Plus the print will look a million times better.

    31. Shawn George on

      One more vote of confidence plastic cards. Assuming they're the same quality as Copags, you won't have to sleeve them. They'll last for years. They feel great. They shuffle better than any paper cards. And they look amazing.

    32. Shawn George on

      I do have a question about the whole PnP thing though. I'm having a hard time understanding the difference between the $1 and $5 tiers, as well as the $5 addon.

      I understand that the $5 tier will include all of the expansions REGARDLESS of whether we meet the mini stretch goals or not. But assuming that we do meet the mini stretch goals, is there any difference between these two tiers, and is there any point to the $5 addon?

    33. Missing avatar

      Ivan Barker on

      Hi Saar,
      Another quick question regarding the plastic cards: will all of the expansions and promo cards all be in the same plastic cardstock as well?
      Many thanks.

    34. Missing avatar

      Thiago Freitas on

      Do you guys want/need someone to do a brazilian portuguese translation of the PnP/rulebook? I could do it! PM me