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A strategic 2-5 players card game of clever tactics & critical consequences, set in a world of spies, sabotage, secrecy and subterfuge.
A strategic 2-5 players card game of clever tactics & critical consequences, set in a world of spies, sabotage, secrecy and subterfuge.
6,791 backers pledged $275,368 to help bring this project to life.

Black Box Drops - Stretch Goal UNLOCKED!

Posted by Saar Shai (Creator)
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To our dear backers,

Not only have we just hit $40k, we've also smashed through our launch day's funding level. That never happens!

You know what that means...ALL backers will now receive their sets of The Agents in specially-designed, Kickstarter-exclusive game boxes. Even more proof that you were with us right at the beginning of The Agent's journey. Thanks guys.
Now, we want to take one moment to talk 'Stretch Goals'. As you know, we blew right through our primary bunch of SGs in day 1! DAY 1 people!!

We have a few more SGs up our sleeves and will be rolling them out on a steady basis throughout the campaign, trying to work out the right targets and strike the right balance.

And we love hearing your excited ideas for ways that we can add to the game and deliver even more fun and value to your game playing experience. We're watching the comments section with delight as you share ideas for the game.

At the same time, we are so super confident in our game; our base set and our 3 or 4 expansions that we've already introduced on KS. We've play-tested it to death. We've collected invaluable feedback from the best in the industry and we've already received enthusiastic feedback from you guys who have looked at the rules, tried the PnP and read through our material.

So, we now need to tread a fine line between loading the game up with goodies and keeping the carefully constructed balance of the current game. We don't want to over-complicate a game that in its essence is pretty simple, straightforward and clean; to learn, to play, to transport and to deliver to you.

Whilst we'd love to let our imaginations run wild and promise you things that we've only as of yet half sketched out, what we don't want to do is actually do more harm than good to The Agents and dilute, or confuse the game. We've seen a bunch of you comment to this effect, so we know we're on the same page.

So, we're thinking on our feet. We're open to suggestions. And we promise to keep working 23 hours a day to make The Agents as amazing as we know it can be.

With that being said we'd like to announce our next, rather more ambitious Stretch Goal. We know how you all like a challenge ;-)

Drumroll please for..... A beautifully designed, digital album of The Agents' incredible artwork by our very own Danny Morison.

We can't wait to see what happens next...

Signing off for now,

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    1. Beast on

      If you make the standard box fit in the KS exclusive box those people that want to sleeve just need to remove the standard box.

      That would work, right?

      I think i would prefer points cards to tokens so the game remains as portable as possible.

      Do the expansions get special boxes,will the special box fit them as well?

    2. Chris Eaton on

      Wish list for further stretches:
      -A storage solution to hold all the cards

      -a playmat

      -more/differrnt score traking methods (tokens: metal, plastic or otherwise)

      -more cards!

      -further upgrades to cards/components

    3. Jordano on

      Oops, sorry.
      I wanted to write that the Printed Album would be quite good as an optional item for an additional cost:)))

    4. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    5. Kreeslak on

      But I think it would be cool to introduce a psichological depth to the agents by creating something that defines the ideology of factions or the man (player behind it), recieving bonuses or restrictions to use some kind of strategies. Could be another game mode leaving the actual gameplay safe.

      But i would really look forward for a good crossplatform app

    6. greaseDonkey on

      +1 for better quality components

    7. Jordano on

      The sleeves.
      Player aid cards.
      Component quality as possible. Alternative tokens score (cardboard, plastic, wood, metal - which is possible)
      Printed album (as SG).
      More agents, more missions! :)))))))))
      But seriously, you rock and do not fall for provocation! :))))
      Agents at the height :)

    8. Adrian Dorobat on

      A 6th player expansion (if gameplay allows it) would be nice.

    9. Kurisu

      Here are my ideas: upgraded card stock, poker chips instead of cards for points, custom sleeves, additional expansion...

    10. Superstar G on

      Also, can you release more information on the partner in crime pledge level?

    11. Stephan Reitz

      +1 for plastic cards !

    12. Musical_Jinn on

      Player aid cards are a great suggestion.

    13. Paul and Kelly Scott on

      Another vote for player aid cards! I am not the best teacher of games, and the games I have with aid cards are a lot easier for me. It makes the first game for people a lot easier and more fun.

    14. Ryan on

      I have some suggestions:
      - Foil cards. Why? Because you can (and it's ridiculous).
      - A folded poster that comes in the box like they did with back in the day with NES games. The poster with have all the agents in epic battle (a la old school GI Joe or Transformer posters).

    15. Superstar G on

      I don't like the 70k stretch goal. Its a 30k jump from the 40k stretch goal, and it doesn't add anything into the game. I am more interested in upgrades of game components or gameplay.

    16. ✩Don E✩

      I'd also vote for upgraded components. Not sure how a 30k stretch goal to acquire a Digital Art Book makes this game better. The app thing is already non essential to this game might as well remove my pledge and get a $0.99 cent app.

    17. Jason V on

      Totally agree with making the card slots in the box deep enough to hold sleeved cards!

    18. Missing avatar

      chris leko on

      Excessive stretch goals make me want to defund projects! I refused to fund other projects (like Zombicide) because it just got out of hand. That being said, I'm happy to hear you don't want to add untested crap that will come out later. My vote goes for better quality components. I like the idea of poker chips as score counters, though I also love the idea of using cards for it. Maybe higher a writer and make up some fluff about the game universe, I always love that stuff. I know people might complain if there's nothing physical, but please don't start making kickstarter exclusive garbage that will just drive up the price on the secondary market! The game looks brilliant so far!

    19. kc2dpt on

      Also room for some socks. I like to keep a few pairs of socks packed in with all my best games. That'a pretty common among gamers, right?

      Joking aside, I agree that if the box can hold the cards with sleeves that would be very thoughtful. I do sleeve all my best games.

    20. Chooi

      Shame you can't make a Windows Phone app :)

    21. Missing avatar

      Will Mitchell

      One other thing I'd like to put in your mind is that when you are finalizing the size of the box, please verify that it can hold the cards when sleeved with premium sleeves (ie FFG Sleeves). They can increase the thickness of the cards quite a bit and the height and width by a few mm. It is quite frustrating when after sleeving a set of cards they don't fit back in the box and you have to come up with alternative storage.

    22. Joe Kiyoshi

      Also, the new box will hold all components from the base game and all expansion packs?

      Also what about KS exclusive spies/missions?

    23. Joe Kiyoshi

      @ robert stencel
      Well after a digital book, its only a small leap till a physical book.

      And I think it was you who mentioned Shuriken. Ive been keeping my eye on that one.

    24. Smottz on

      Player aid cards, highest quality components possible, and maybe sleeves are probably the best suggestions so far (in my opinion). They contribute to making the game itself "more excellent" now that gameplay additions are complete.
      Bright cards work better than a pile of tokens for indicating current points (so all players can see everyone's current totals). A bright point wheel could work, but it's nice to be able to "pay" using the cards to buy things rather than remembering to subtract from a wheel or counter.
      I stand by my opinion that player mats would be a bad idea in this case. Again, there's too much variability and the graphics would be too busy if each mat tried to accommodate all possible configurations based on # of players, point cards, where the game is being played, etc. The cards alone can be arranged however any given play group decides is best, which is the beauty of a card game without a board (over one with a fixed board).
      Other aesthetic stretch goals, once those first three stretch goals mentioned are reached, could include foil features on certain cards, and letterpressed point cards (in fact, stiff point cards really wouldn't be a bad idea, since these don't get shuffled at all and it would help distinguish them right off the bat from the player cards).

    25. Missing avatar

      Will Mitchell

      I mentioned it in the comments, but I thought I would mention it again to make sure you see it. But player aid cards would make a good stretch goal. Not only should they be reasonable to add economically, they are very useful when learning or teaching a game.

    26. G&T

      I'd also vote for upgraded components.

      The other idea mentioned on an alternative for the points cards sounds great too: a sheet of KS exclusive punchout tokens ("coins") to go along with the KS exclusive box could be cool.

    27. robert stencel on

      Can we have the option of not getting the art book if it is reached?

    28. robert stencel on

      @Smottz agree with you on a playmatt not making sense, however individual play matts on a per person level since really only need one row of 5 and 1 set of two below, and two sets of two above with one maybe grey showing its for 3 players or more. Maybe make one or two stretch goal, and put more up for sale as add ons. Just a thought.

    29. Paul and Kelly Scott on

      I think plastic cards would be cool, but I also like the option of adding good quality sleeves. I am a sleeve-oholic.

    30. robert stencel on

      First a digital game now art book. At least trying to give some value, not sure what going to do with either of those though.

    31. Missing avatar

      mistborn on


      I own an Uno deck that could survive an atomic bomb.
      I like the alternative point tokens idea too.

    32. Musical_Jinn on

      You guys deserve it, this game looks like it has had a ton of work put into it and a lot of forethought, its excellent that its being recognized. I too think that there might be some consideration for alternate/additional point cards or chips or whatever creative thing you guys can think up--when I played with a group of four we ran out of cards similar to another user's experience. But that is a minor thing that won't happen often I'm sure. I'm just super glad this is happening for you guys! #KSAwesomeList

    33. Bruno Gaia

      That's exactly the kind of project us backers are proud to finance: neat, elegant, nothing to hide!
      Lovin' it.
      Now get ready for more and more SGs cause you're creating the buzz right now!!

    34. Dan

      I too vote for Stretch Goals for upgraded quality. A stretch goal for including sleeves for the game might be nice too.

      Bling the game out rather than adding more content.

    35. Brian Leahy

      There will be complainants about non-physical stretch goals, but you guys have probably blown past the tested-card numbers already. I wouldn't worry about trying to add more cards, etc, but definitely aim for better card quality if the stretch goal allows. If the game is going to see the play I expect it will, the cards will need to put up with repeated use.

    36. Missing avatar

      Jérôme D-Boutin on

      What i like the most in stretch goals is more cards and... more cards. Maybe also the possibility to play with more players, but this may add complexity to the game.

    37. Missing avatar

      ProfessorPlump on

      Good to hear you describe your philosophy for the game integrity in this update. Congrats on this excellent kickstarter, I'm proud to be part of it.

    38. Jessey on

      I mentioned this before, but I would love to see poker chips or an alternative to the points cards. It would be an awesome visual/component upgrade and functionally better (as we found the number of points cards to be insufficient for 4 players, with us having to either bring some other counters or make awkward solutions, like turning cards sideways to represent "minus"; at one point I counted "18 points" by having two 10s and a 2 sideways).

    39. Aaron Silverman on

      Stretch goal suggestion: Improved component quality. I don't know what the current manufacturing plans are, so this might not make sense, but something like fancier cardstock would be a nice addition.

      I also agree that a box large enough to hold everything that will come with the game would be great.

    40. Smottz on

      @Nathan - A playmat doesn't make sense, as the number of cards laid out between each player will vary, the number of players playing will vary (which will alter the layout of the factions), etc.

    41. Missing avatar

      portablezombie on

      Will the Black Box have enough space to hold the base game and expansions? I think this would be a great addition - it's always a pain when you have to carry around multiple boxes in order to carry the expansions...

    42. Nathan McCullough

      Awesome, I'm always down for more variety - something along the lines of more missions - maybe missions with pre-requisites (can only play assassins or marksmen here, etc)

      Have you guys thought about a playmat ? - everyone loves playmats! :)

    43. Angelo Pileggi

      Great news and I love the digital art album. There would be lots of stretch goal opportunities that are peripheral to the game and wouldn't alter mechanics. For example, maybe some fiction could go in the art album or paying the creators a bonus. Whatever you decide, I think simplicity will be a key factor in overall success.

    44. Smottz on

      Digital album: so does that mean a PDF?

    45. Amit Arnon

      I think i'm speaking for everyone when i'm saying: "MORE STRETCHGOALS" :D
      Congrats on current progress :)