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$16,497 pledged of $700,000 goal
$16,497 pledged of $700,000 goal

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We appreciate all the feedback over the weekend. With the next few updates, we’d like to start answering some common questions about Mage Knight Revenge (MKR).

First up, what is it?

One of the first things we determined when looking at reviving Mage Knight was that it would allow us to move much more heavily into scenario-based play. That is, we can use the medium of a video game to tell more ongoing stories in the setting. The core rules are the same—two sides on a map attempting to defeat one another—at least within a tactical battle.

However, overlaying this is a strategic, world-map level of play where you assemble forces in cities, move them to take new territory, and engage rival troops to start a tactical battle. This also means that in most modes of play your forces can be constructed completely in-play and organically. Different cities can be used to create weak/rookie versions of various figures. As those figures survive skirmishes, they gain experience which can be used to upgrade them to higher value dials, and even evolve them into different unit types. Your goal is to conquer the map and finish the story... or possibly defeat the armies of your friends.

Given the rich lore of the Mage Knight setting, we expect this to be an engaging way to pick up the story while retaining the fun tactical battles of the original game. And, since all our digitally created sculpts are usable across all of our platforms, if what you really want is pre-constructed PvP, we can also make that happen. How?

Utilizing the Unity client to connect to our robust xScape multiplayer back-end systems and rules engine, MKR is a technically ambitious project. MKR will be a cross-platform, persistent, extensible game, available for browser (playable on PC & Mac) and iPad. It will likely be available to several other platforms in the future. This also means that all players will be connecting to the same back end, and you will be able to share multiplayer features across different platforms. You’ll even be able to retain your game progress from your home computer to your mobile device and vice versa.

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    1. m. jared swenson on July 3, 2012

      Well that's pretty cool and all. But it still doesn't answer some of the burning questions.
      1) Is there any way we can get some of the physical minis at a cheaper level? Not all of us are willing to spend $170 for a small booster pack.
      2) I understand from the video you said they will have switchable dials, between the MK rules and heroclix rules, but which MK rules? 1.0? 2.0?