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Discreetly store drink, banknotes or even a ready-rolled cigarette in your bicycle's handlebars.

I love cycling. And I'm also rather partial to cherry brandy, which is why I've created the Handlebar Minibar.

What is the Handlebar Minibar?

The Handlebar Minibar is a way of discreetly storing drink, banknotes or a rolled cigarette inside your bicycle's handlebars...for when you need them most. When you want to get at them, use a key or other flat edge to remove the Handlebar Minibar. You can reuse it as many times as you like.

Handlebar Minibar in action
Handlebar Minibar in action

Why did you design the Handlebar Minibar?

I'm not trying to become the Donald Trump of handlebar accessories. The Handlebar Minibar is a bit of fun - a reflection of cycling itself, I hope. It's something to make you and friends smile when you're out on a ride.

Why do you need funding?

I need your support to bring the Handlebar Minibar to life. I will use the funding to buy stock and pay for the Minibars to be assembled by hand here in England.

I have many other unusual ideas that I'm hoping to share with the Kickstarter community. Succeeding with this project will help make them a reality, too. Thanks in advance for your support.

Handlebar Minibar in its prototype packaging
Handlebar Minibar in its prototype packaging

Will it fit my bike?

The black plug part of the Handlebar Minibar is 7/8" (22mm O/D) to suit 14-20 wall gauge. In other words, the Handlebar Minibar will fit most bikes.

How much drink does it hold?

Each flask holds 5ml, which is just enough to get a warming taste of drink. 

Please note: We like a swig of cherry brandy as much as (and probably more than) the next man, but we do not condone or encourage drinking and riding. Please enjoy the Handlebar Minibar responsibly.

The flasks are also the ideal size to hold a bank note - after all, you never know when you'll be out on a ride and need a bit of cash to buy cake. Just don't store banknotes and drink in the same flask at the same time. 

How easy is it to remove the flasks?

The Handlebar Minibar isn't intended to be used everyday - it's an emergency reserve of drink or cash that you can forget about until you need it. If you push the Handlebar Minibar as far into the handlebars as it will go, you'll need a flat edge like a bicycle multi tool - or at the very least a key - to remove it. If you prefer for them to be easier to remove, don't push them into the handlebar so far. 

The Handlebar Minibar T-shirt
The Handlebar Minibar T-shirt

Do you have a website I can visit? 

Not yet. For the moment, the Handlebar Minibar is available exclusively via Kickstarter. In other words, if the you like the idea, buy it now as it may not be available again.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

If I achieve my funding target, this is a pretty straightforward project for me to fulfill. I'm happy with the prototype and once I'm funded I'm confident I can fulfill the orders efficiently.


  • We recommend that if you fill the Handlebar Minibar with alcohol you use it with care and only for riding off road.

    Each flask contains 5ml, which is about the same as a teaspoon - or the equivalent of one fifth of 25ml standard British shot of alcohol. In other words, if you filled a Handlebar Minibar flask with a spirit such as cherry brandy (38% vol), you would need to drink five flasks to consume a volume equivalent to one 25ml standard shot.

    Having said all that, you absolutely don't have to fill the flask with booze. Energy drinks work well too.

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