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myLED is the best notification light for iPhone and iPad that alerts to activity on your device
myLED is the best notification light for iPhone and iPad that alerts to activity on your device
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Brand New myLED app


Dear Backers,

We are happy to announce the release of the completely redesigned myLED app (version 3.0.1) in the AppStore!

You can grab it here.

app's main screen
app's main screen

The new app is completely redesigned offering a simple and seamless experience. We updated the notification settings along with the signals powering myLED to offer a better experience. 

This long awaited update makes the use of myLED easy and friendly, its worth giving your myLED another try with the new app.

We also removed a couple of features that were barely used including:

  • Time settings
  • Cell data usage
  • Annoying push notifications

We hope you enjoy the new app! If you like the new app, please rate it in the Appstore

Sean and the team

Kickstarter, done


Dear backers, 

It’s been a while since we last posted. In this post we will summarize our exciting journey on Kickstarter. 

Completed Our Kickstarter Thanks To YOU! 

It is now a year since we launched our campaign, I want to thank all of you for taking part in this journey. Some of you may have seen myLED as a cool gadget to order for your iPhone or iPad but it is a lot more then just that. You chose to support a bunch of anonymous guys with a vision for an improved daily experience with your favorite device that you use all of the time. You trusted us with your money and asked us to build the experience you most wanted. We accepted your trust with great admiration and put six months into developing myLED. 

The results are NOT on par of what we aimed for. myLED works on most devices, but it is not intuitive, easy to use or the little ‘game changer’ we promised. The factors contributing to this lackluster product are irrelevant; you shouldn’t care if the iOS system is built to keep out devices such as myLED or that there was a prolonged Chinese New Year holiday. Not to mention that our improved app is taking longer to come to fruition than we’d hoped. We did not uphold our promise to you. 

 A Few Things We Learnt

Japanese girls, love myLED! If it fit their nail polish, they wouldn't leave their houses without it! 

Japanese Girl
Japanese Girl
Will this myLED color match your nails?
Will this myLED color match your nails?

Deaf people can benefit from myLED – It is visible 

See it!
See it!

TechCrunch bloggers are great if only they mistakenly stumble on your email (as with us) 

Email to John Biggs of TechCrunch in Nov 2012
Email to John Biggs of TechCrunch in Nov 2012

Don’t mess with the lawmakers in Brussels. 

EU volume limit :(
EU volume limit :(

If you want to give us a shout, ping us @myledco or like us on Facebook to continue to be part of the journey

 What We Accomplished

I will encapsulate some of our achievements in the past 12 months. 

-We set out to build a single color myLED. In light of requests by you guys, we built bi-color myLEDs and shipped them to all backers! 

-We shipped an extra myLED to anyone who ordered a special edition so they were over compensated in light of the upgrade we gave everyone else.

-When the project was live, we thought we could redirect the incoming calls even when myLED was plugged in. But no, this is Apple and their software does not enable this. So we had to come up with the twist feature to disable myLED during calls. 

-Our delivery was ONLY three months late. Did you know that 84% of Kickstarter projects deliver late? 

 To Our European Backers

We have been in hibernation for a long time, researching a suitable solution for our European champions who backed us – As you’ll by now know, myLED does not seem to agree with the Brussels' volume limitation and so doesn’t work on some EU devices. After spending a lot of time and resources researching the problem and potential solutions, we’ve concluded that there is a solution (based around installing a piece of third party software) but that it is bad for two reasons. 1. It is extremely painful to install and setup 2. It is sort of a hack and therefore may not hold water in the coming iOS updates. (Thank you Maikel Lodewijk for helping us in working this out). 

Since myLED does not work on most EU devices due to local legal volume limits on your device, we are offering you a refund for you pledge. If you are interested, please email us here to start the refund process. 

Bottom Line 

myLED has been a great journey for us together with all of you. We learnt a lot. The experience of building a product together with you – the crowd - is phenomenal. We implemented a lot of the suggestions offered by our community and got many fruitful relationships established on Kickstarter – friends, artist, software developers and even distributers. 

The team
The team


Sean & the myLED crew   

Reships, Twitter and EU


Dear Backers,

We shipped all the outstanding orders on Sunday September 29th. We used Singapore post with tracking numbers for the shipping - they have a good reputation (unlike Italian Post ;) and the tracking numbers should help. We emailed the people on our reship list with their tracking number and we hope your reshipped myLED gets to you soon.

New twitter screen

Good news! We updated the app in update 2.4 to support further twitter filtering so you can choose what to be notified on for new followers or mentions etc.

New twitter screen
New twitter screen

myLED on EU Devices

As announced to some of the EU backers already, we partnered up with a software developer to create a tool to unlock the volume cap on European iPhones and iPads. The work only started after the official release of iOS7, and we are waiting for the developer to have a version ready and tested by the end of October.


The myLED team

Help Us Make myLED Better – Answer 13 Quick Survey Questions


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Shipping and EU Devices

Dear backers,

The latest on shipping:

As most of you know we shipped out all the Kickstarter orders by July 5th.
We got many reports by backers from all over about orders that did not arrived. We can assure they were all shipped out. The choice of using Poste Italiane is proving fatal since the estimated shipping times are turning out quite unreliable. Also, they did not offer the option of using tracking numbers for batch shipping adding to the issue.

We have been recording all mentions of missing packages. We already started with re-shipping (already 40 orders were re-shipped) whereas some backers have received their shipment in the meantime and informed us.

At this point our myLED inventory is running short (only 100 red/blue and 20 red/green left) - we therefore ordered another batch to our manufacturer and this will take 5-6 weeks to be completed.
We plan to do another round of reshipments this Friday 02/08 and plan to ship out all the reships as soon as the new products arrive.
We ask you to let us know if you receive your myLED package in the mail this week. This we will save us on sending you a second package.

EU Devices Issue

In our previous update we have mentioned a possible software solution to remove the volume limit that afflicts some of the Apple devices in Europe.
The software is called "iRed helper" and it can be downloaded at the following page:

You need to install it on your pc/mac (you can find the download links toward the bottom of the page), connect your iPhone/iPad, run the software and follow the instructions on the screen.
The software should remove the European volume limitation from your iPhone, therefore making it compatible with myLED.

We have tested this on a few devices and it worked, but we would like you to try and let us know if it works for you too. We also emailed some of the EU backers who reported compatibility issues asking them to try and use the software and send us their feedback, however we haven't got any post-use comment so far.
Although we have been assured by the software developer that this method is safe, we recommend to do a full backup of your phone before doing this process.

The myLED team