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myLED is the best notification light for iPhone and iPad that alerts to activity on your device
myLED is the best notification light for iPhone and iPad that alerts to activity on your device
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    1. Kristoph Cichocki-Romanov on December 16, 2013

      Sorry I have another question. Do you guys have some kind of SDK/Kit that would allow me to make the LED flash such that I could have my own app talk to myLED (and also allow me to make a little app that made the SMS notification work). Thank you.

    2. Kristoph Cichocki-Romanov on December 16, 2013

      Hey guys I have still not received myLED :( Might it be on the way or ... ?

    3. myLED Creator on November 24, 2013

      @Andrew - No worries, we'll get another one out to you.

    4. Missing avatar

      Andrew Boatti on November 24, 2013

      Hey, forgot about this for a while, came back to it today and realized I never got mine. Little help?

    5. Missing avatar

      Maikel Lodewijk on November 23, 2013

      There won't be a update until there's a jailbreak because they need that to remove the EU cap limit.

    6. Fuhrmanneck (joergfu) on November 22, 2013

      Please give us (in Europe) an information about an update. You said last time we shall wait to the end of october. And now ? In a few weeks it will be christmas...

    7. Mick Dundon on November 8, 2013

      Would just like to thank the team for their positive comment to my comment. I wish you all the best with the project and look forward to seeing any other ideas you choose to pursue.



    8. Mick Dundon on October 31, 2013

      Still doesn't work, my first kick starter backing, very disappointed

    9. myLED Creator on September 28, 2013

      @Martin tested both on iPhone 5S and 5C and it works well
      @Albert glad you found the LED setting, it's been there in iOS 6. How is the LED with continuing to flash a few minutes after the notifications?

    10. Missing avatar

      Texan on September 28, 2013

      Ok for me this LED does not work, weak light and never actually worked...ever So here is a work around... in IOS go to General, Accessibility, Turn on FLASH for alerts and messages, then throw away the LED, it does the same thing and actually works and is free.

    11. Martijn on September 23, 2013

      Will myLED work with new iPhone 5S and/or 5C? Excited to hear since I am planning to buy new iPhone. If myLED does work properly with new iPhone it would be very disappointing.

    12. Missing avatar

      Maikel Lodewijk on September 15, 2013

      Got a refund, as a EU user I don't believe in this product anymore... Sorry guys!

    13. myLED Creator on September 14, 2013

      @Terry No. iOS does not allow access to text notifications so there is no way for our app to alert for SMS.

    14. Terry on September 13, 2013

      Will we be able too use myled for messages?

    15. myLED Creator on September 3, 2013

      @Brice will add you the reship list (shipping end of Sept.) Sorry for the long delay.

    16. Alundus, LLC on September 2, 2013

      Still haven't received my product?

    17. myLED Creator on September 1, 2013

      @Blake, our current focus is to improve the app. We are working on Instagram and IFTTT integration.
      We are trying all kind of things to gain access to SMS and Whatsapp that have no open API.
      What would you want myLED to integrate with?

    18. Missing avatar

      Blake Crowley on September 1, 2013

      Do you plan on adding new features to the application?

    19. myLED Creator on September 1, 2013

      @Joe i will add you the reship list (shipping end of Sept.)

    20. Joe Damian Daly on August 29, 2013

      I have yet to receive myLED...

    21. myLED Creator on August 29, 2013

      @Kyle thanks for the support! I added you the reship list in case it does not show up

    22. Kyle Leslie Sim on August 28, 2013

      Hi Guys. Despite the setbacks regarding delivery and etc. I think compared to many other projects you're doing a great job updating your backers. Thanks for that and hopefully it will come through the mailbox soon.

    23. Josh Yates on August 23, 2013

      Just received my product. Thanks!!!

    24. Josh Yates on August 22, 2013

      I have yet to receive my product...any ideas?

    25. myLED Creator on August 21, 2013

      @Maikel, we are testing a new version of iRed custom built for myLED.
      There are two main issues
      1. Reliable software that does not screw people's devices (as you very well know)
      2. Software that solves the issue on most devices. The hardware difference between iOS model types impairs the software. Throw into this the different versions of iOS and it is even more complex.

      We will update once we have something concrete.

    26. Missing avatar

      Maikel Lodewijk on August 21, 2013

      Any word on a solution for the EU users?

    27. Missing avatar

      Ferry Harjanto on August 17, 2013

      can someone email me direct please?TY!!

    28. myLED Creator on August 17, 2013

      @Tom thanks for the update.
      @Taylor, enjoy! Thanks for the support!

    29. Taylor Buchanan on August 17, 2013

      Got my shipment today; it's working great! Thanks for your hard work!

    30. Tom Wilbur on August 16, 2013

      Hi folks, I got my myLED shipment in the past week. My order is complete, and now I've got a blinky iPhone! Thanks!

    31. myLED Creator on August 14, 2013

      @Joshua if you got the wrong color, i will message you with details.
      @Fernando thank you for the support!
      @Chad thanks for waiting this out patiently. I hope you enjoy all your myLEDs.

    32. Chad on August 14, 2013

      Got my second one today, order complete!

    33. Missing avatar

      Fernando Fuentes on August 12, 2013


      They are multi color.
      You can see by going in to settings and see the colors there as well configure which color you want to blink. Red will all ways be there. It can't be just one color to what I understand some announcements a go.

    34. Missing avatar

      Fernando Fuentes on August 12, 2013


      All working! Good job!

    35. Joshua Newman on August 12, 2013

      Finally received myLED today, but I received Sapphire red LEDs instead of the Emerald green i backed. Can you help?

    36. myLED Creator on August 12, 2013

      @Peter thanks for the update and the kind support.
      @Ferry we reshipped your order on July 19th. Peter below also had his reshipped in that batch and it arrived. It will come but lets give it more time. Keeps us posted when it arrives.

    37. Missing avatar

      Ferry Harjanto on August 11, 2013

      still none yet for me... Has any of the first shipments return back to you? Since there has been 2 shipments and nothing arrived yet, I am getting concerned.

    38. Peter Wu on August 11, 2013

      Great job, myLED team! I just received my reshipped order since I never received my original order and really appreciated all your efforts and fast responses. Product works well and hoping you'll be able to solve the issues with text messaging notification which would make this product insane. I've transferred my hospital pages to iPhone messaging and would love to receive alerts via myLED. Thanks for taking care of your backers!

    39. myLED Creator on August 11, 2013

      @Fernado, have the ridge face froward to keep myLED on (to flash); during a call twist the ridge to face sideways and it will not block the call

    40. Missing avatar

      Fernando Fuentes on August 9, 2013

      That was suppose to be a ? Not a !

      Sorry :)

    41. Missing avatar

      Fernando Fuentes on August 9, 2013


      I just got mine in today. How come I get no audio when answering calls when myled is plugged in!

    42. myLED Creator on August 9, 2013

      @Vihang it is frustrating yours did not arrive yet. We are looking for another shipping method that will be more reliable. Will update when final. We are looking into mac too. Now we are focusing on improving and fixing the basic functionality.
      @Jeremy, you got a defected one. see detailed message.
      @Sahil awesome to hear! Thank you for the positive feedback.

    43. Missing avatar

      Sahil Patel on August 8, 2013

      @myLED: i got it mine today. Thank you so much. It is so amazing

    44. Missing avatar

      Jeremy on August 8, 2013

      So I came across some QA issue, the top (where the LEDs are) and the headphone connectors sort of went their separate ways... i.e. fall apart. I do have another spare one, but it is kind of disappointing since I used it for less than a week...

    45. Vihang VASA on August 7, 2013

      Also it will be really cool to have the same app for Mac computer so that I can use the myLED with my computer too.

    46. Vihang VASA on August 7, 2013

      Dear Sir,
      Please update me, once you reship., how will you be reshipping & from where ?
      I still have not received mine. Mumbai, India.
      warm regards,

    47. myLED Creator on August 7, 2013

      @Maikel, we checked it out. I will not grant us new system permissions we need to make myLED more robust. It is geared toward creators using the pin connection.
      @Jasper, thanks for the support. We have been trying to go over the top. The iOS restrictions limit what we can do.
      @Ferry first shipment was out by July 5th. Second, July 19th.
      @Chad, Finally! Thanks for waiting out for it. How many did you receive and how many more do you need to get?

    48. Chad on August 7, 2013

      Received 1 of 2 packages. I can wait another 15 days to see what happens

    49. Missing avatar

      Ferry Harjanto on August 6, 2013

      any way of letting me know when the first and second shipment processed? I have yet to receive either one and want to make sure there is a way for me to know which is which whenever it arrives. please advise thanks

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