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Be a ninja, vampire or... gerbil and learn the secrets of the Committee! Or at least their interns. Based on the long-running webcomic!
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Table of Contents and Strech Goals!

Posted by Damocles Thread Development (Creator)

Hi, team!

Thanks again for your incredible support. We're currently less than 15% away from being full funded. That's phenomenal!

I've got two things I'd like to share with you all today. The first is this... our current working Table of Contents! I thought it'd be a good way to provide a broad overview of the scope of our game and mechanics, and to give some idea of all the lore and world data we'll be digging into. We'll start walking you through some of these specific sections in more detail next week, starting with the Character Creation. So be sure to stay tuned for that!

Believe it or not, everything you see on that Table of Contents is is already written -- and in the case of the game components, playtested. (We've been pretty busy over the last year and a half!) But there is still work to do -- editing, illustrating and laying it all out in InDesign. It's looking like, without additions, it will work out to being around 250 to 300 pages in book form... a hefty piece of work!

The second thing I wanted to share today are our first stretch goals. So many of you have asked about these, I figured it was time to lift the veil!

At 20k, all our backers will get a pair of free desktop wallpapers. We'll also add squids to the game -- one of the most frequently seen but never explored Underground races in the comic. A new section of Chapter 1 will detail the twisted history of the Calamari Dynasty -- an original Committee member organization that was replaced by Squilt's Salmon Corporation and revived as a rival faction. You'll also be able to play as a member of either group.

And at 25k, we'll add shape-shifters to the game! A new section will be added to Chapter 1 exploring the history of their faction, and their species will become playable. This would be a big addition that requires the introduction of a new disguise mechanic, as well as new species- and faction-specific jobs... but after discussing it amongst ourselves, we have a pretty good idea of how we'd like to do it, and would love to be given the chance!

All right! That's a wrap for this week. Talk to you again soon, team!


75% funded, Ask us Anything!

Posted by Damocles Thread Development (Creator)

Hi everyone!

Sam here. And I have to say: Wow! Less than 24 hours in, our project is already over 75% funded. Thank you so much, everyone. We are incredibly touched by your support, and your faith in our project!

Over the next few weeks, we're going to be sharing a lot more about the mechanics and content of our game -- from character creation to combat -- as well as some of the ideas we have for expansions and stretch goals. There's a lot of cool stuff to go over, but we're excited to get into it!

But to kick things off, we're hosting an Ask Me Anything on Reddit with our development leads, Ben Walker and Stephen Tasker, as well as myself! This will you a chance to ask us any burning questions you had about content of our game or guidebook, and help us gauge which parts of the game to focus on first in future update posts.

The Ask Me Anything starts right now, so come on by! And if you miss it, feel free to post your thoughts in the comments!


Reddit AMA with DTD development leads Ben Walker, Stephen Tasker along with Sam Logan!

Posted by Damocles Thread Development (Creator)

Thursday the 13th at 5 pm EST, the RPG development leads Ben Walker and Stephen Tasker, along with Sam Logan, will be doing an Ask Me Anything on Reddit. We'll share the link tomorrow when it goes live so look out for that. Also we are blown away by the response we received from everyone today and we hope to ride this hype train all the way to some very exciting stretch goals that will provide many enhancements to the exciting things we already offer. Stay tuned for more and tell your friends!