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Be a ninja, vampire or... gerbil and learn the secrets of the Committee! Or at least their interns. Based on the long-running webcomic!
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The Home Stretch!

Posted by Damocles Thread Development (Creator)

Wow, guys. As I write this update,  we're sitting on the cusp of our 30k goal... and we still have over 24 hours left to go! That is outstanding.

The folks at DTD and I are determined to translate you continued support into more awesome content. So amazingly, it looks like we now get to announce a new stretch goal! And to help hit it, I've made a handful of our currently sold out Collector's Editions available. (It means a bit more drawing work for me, but at this point, it's really the least I can do!)

New Stretch Goal - Minor Factions!

As it stands, our guidebook already covers the Underground's most influential factions, from the Vampire Council and the Ninja Mafia to the Catopians and Grrbils. (There are well over 20 included factions in all... it's a big guide!) But as long-time Sam and Fuzzy readers may know, the Underground's mighty Committee is also home to a number of... slightly less influential members.  I'm talking about folks like the Cave Worm chairman or Col. Tusks, who lead some of the Underground's smaller, weirder organizations.

For the game, we focused on the big players.. the major movers and shakers who shape the bulk of the Underground and employ the bulk of its citizens. But if we hit our new stretch goal, we'll be able to add a new "Minor Committee Factions" section to the guide and include these lesser-known members as well!

These guys may not have the influence of the Major Committee members, but their inclusion would help further flesh out our game world and give our players even more content to work with. And if we added them,  it would also mean that every Committee member that has ever appeared in the comic would now be included in the guide!

I have to say, I'm delighted that an expansion like this is even a possibility. Thank you, yet again, for all your support. Let's see where our final day takes us!

-Sam Logan

Stretch Goals Hit: Shapeshifters and Dice are In! (Plus some original art)

Posted by Damocles Thread Development (Creator)

Wow... thank you, everyone! Since my last update, your continued support has not only pushed us past the Shapeshifter stretch goal, but also the new Sam d6 goal as well! That means both are now happening, thanks to you!

And this campaign ain't over yet! Will we be able to hit our epic 30k double bonus or beyond? We've still got over 55 hours to go. I can't wait to see where they take us! 

Art Tiers

Lately, I've been getting a few tentative questions about some of our high tier options. Which makes sense, since we're in the final hours of the campaign! So here are some answers.

Many of you have been asking to see what the "ORIGINAL COMIC ART" tier looks like, so I took some photos! This tier includes all four hand-drawn 11x14" pages of our gamebook's special introduction comic... as well as four 11x14" prints of the version with the dialogue added. It's a scene from Mr. Sin's first day as a Committee member, when Mr. Rexford revealed some of the Underground's secrets to him. Here's two of the four pages:

Click to Enlarge
Click to Enlarge

I don't want to post the whole thing because, you know... spoilers! But there's one more page of montagey Underground history and cityscapes, and one more page of Mr. Sin and Rexford looking ominous and yelling at each other.

Meanwhile, the "ORIGINAL PRINT ART" and "ORIGINAL COVER ART" tiers include the 11x14" original artwork for our party print and gamebook cover, respectively. Since I went ahead and coloured the print art with markers, some have asked if I'm going to do the same with the cover art. The answer is: I'll leave it up to the backer! I'm happy to colour it, grey shade it, or leave it as is.

Last but not least, the "CREATE A GAME CHARACTER" and "CAMEO OF IMMORTALITY" tiers allow you to work with me to create a new Sam and Fuzzy character to add to the game. They can be based on you yourself, or an original character of your creation! Either way, they'll get a full bio and illustration in the book, and I'll make a big full colour illustration of them for you as well!

In the case of the "CAMEO" tier, you or your character will also make an appearance in the Sam and Fuzzy comic! Someone asked me what exactly this cameo entails. Well, It's hard for me to say exactly until I know what your character is like! After all, they might be a normal person, but they might also be a cat bounty hunter or a werewolf cab driver! Just rest assured I'd come up with something appropriate and relatively seamless. (In the past, I included one reader cameo as a waiter who was actually Jess Star).

All right! I'm going to get back to work. Thank you again for your support, team! We've got a couple days left to go... let's see how far we can push this thing!

-Sam Logan

New Dice Stretch Goal and Game Demo Pt. 1!

Posted by Damocles Thread Development (Creator)

Exciting times!

It's the final week of our Kickstarter campaign! And at this exact moment, with five days still to go, we're 99.5% of the way to unlocking our 25k Shapeshifter stretch goal. That, my friends, is incredible. So to celebrate, here are a couple of fun last week surprises!

New Stretch Goal!

I hear you guys like dice... like, a lot. Well, if we hit $27,500 before the end of the campaign, we'll create a new second "Sam" D6 and add it to every tier that includes a Gilded Pack: the "GILDED" versions of our DIGITAL, PHYSICAL, and COLLECTOR'S editions, as well as the OPULENT EDITION and higher. Pretty rad, right?

I like this plan a lot. Our Fuzzy d6 would remain the special exclusive bonus we promised to all our COLLECTOR'S EDITION backers, but backers at some of our lower tiers would still have a shot at getting a D6, too! Meanwhile, folks backing at the GILDED COLLECTOR'S EDITION or higher would now all be getting a set of two dice... one of Sam and one of Fuzzy! Sweet deal, right?

Making a second set of dice is a bit of an extra expense, but we've crunched the numbers and we're confident we'll be able to afford it if we hit 27.5k. So all we have to do now is cross our fingers!

Game Demo, Pt. 1

Meanwhile, the folks at Damocles Thread Development have been busy assembling a surprise of their own... a recorded sample playtest of our game!  The first episode is up now, and a second will arrive later this week.

We are not expert editors or performers, of course -- we are game designers and cartoonists! -- but if you'd like to be a fly-on-the-wall while some real human RPG players try out our game, now's your chance.

More to come later this week. Power on, team!

-Sam Logan

AMA is live!

Posted by Damocles Thread Development (Creator)

Hi, team!

Our Ask Me Anything on Reddit is now live! The folks at DTD and I are ready to answer all your questions about the game, the universe guide, the comic itself, or whatever else might be on your mind. See you there!

(And of course, if you miss the AMA, feel free to send us your questions here!)


Playtest Video & Reddit AMA coming soon!

Posted by Damocles Thread Development (Creator)

Good evening, everyone! We here at Damocles Thread hope you had a filling Thanksgiving and a less emptying Black Friday. With that, we are here to bring you yet another exciting update! First of all, on Sunday night we recorded a brief playtest/demo session! Our social media director Jeremy has been hard at work editing that for the better part of today. We hope to get that to you in the coming days.  

The other exciting thing we'd like to announce is that Wednesday, December 3rd Sam Logan is hosting a Reddit AMA at 1pm EST/10am PST! We welcome you all out to come and ask questions, engage in witty banter, and learn more about the game, the comic, and possibly about life.  

There are many more exciting things on the horizon, but these are the ones that are coming soonest! You are all amazing. Thank you again for joining our hivemind and supporting us in the endless pursuit of our mission. The Buddy Queen thanks you!