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Be a ninja, vampire or... gerbil and learn the secrets of the Committee! Or at least their interns. Based on the long-running webcomic!
729 backers pledged $34,358 to help bring this project to life.

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Dice Prototypes! (And Other Rewards)

Posted by Damocles Thread Development (Creator)

While the team is hard at work editing and laying out our gamebook, I thought I'd update you all on the production of all our other rewards!

First of all, we received our Sam and Fuzzy dice prototypes... which turned out even better than I'd hoped! Needless to say, we approved them immediately, and should have the full supply of 'em soon.

Meanwhile, our postcards and buttons are all done, and currently making their way through the postal system to our warehouse. We used the same manufacturers that made the Sam and Fuzzy Omnibus' postcards and buttons, so those of you who nabbed those already know to expect only the finest in... postcardery. (And buttonitude.)

Last but not least, for those of you who are curious what an entire RPG gamebook's worth of  original illustrations look like when placed into a single haphazard stack, the answer is:

It looks like a lot, but that's what happens when you draw a spot illustration of every single species, job, power, hobby, skill, piece of equipment, enemy, wild animal, Committee member, and NPC... not to mention a bunch of larger illustrations for our faction guide and sample adventures! Plus, I wanted to make sure I had enough particularly cool character/enemy originals to cover all our "Opulent" tier backers... after all, I don't think anyone was really crossing their fingers for a drawing of a med pack, crowbar, or spork.

And, well... that's almost everything! The only additional rewards left to make are the Collector's Edition (and up) tier bookplates and the Portrait tier custom original commissions. I'll be getting started on those as soon as we've finished the book layout.

Until next time, gang!

-Sam Logan

Production Update!

Posted by Damocles Thread Development (Creator)

Hi, team! I hope you all had an excellent holiday season. We did, too... although we've been busy!

It's been a month since our campaign ended, so I thought I'd give you an update on how the project was progressing. The short version is: everything is on schedule! (Hooray!)

We've finished up the draft text of our gamebook -- including all that new species, faction, guidebook and adventure content you guys secured via stretch goals -- and have passed it on to our editing team, who are busy proofreading and polishing. Meanwhile, I'm finishing up all the draft page layouts, so they'll be ready for the final text to be inserted when it's back from editing later this month. We'll be delivering the final pages to the printers in mid-February, and should have the finished books in hand and ready to mail out to all you fine folks in April as planned.

Speaking of shipping... I'm pleased to announce that we've brought on the fine folks at Make That Thing to handle all our reward fulfillment and backer shipping. As those of you who backed the Sam and Fuzzy Omnibus already know, MTT did an incredible job with the last S&F project and I know they'll do the same here.

A few of you have asked if we have sent out our backer surveys yet. Don't worry, you haven't missed them! We'll be sending out the surveys closer to our actual ship date, to make sure we get everyone's current shipping address.

All right... back to work! Until next time, team.

-Sam Logan

Thank You!

Posted by Damocles Thread Development (Creator)

From me and everyone on the Damocles Thread Development team, please accept a gigantic THANK YOU for your incredible support of The Underground: A Sam and Fuzzy RPG!

Thanks to you, we raised an astonishing $34,358, and added a ton of awesome bonus content to our game! How amazing is that? I couldn't possibly be more pleased. It's a joy to be making such a fun project for so many supportive backers.

And with that, it's time to hunker down and get back to work! I'll keep posting occasional updates to keep you all apprised as we make our way through the rest of the production process -- creating your stretch-goal secured extra content, finishing up the book layout, and getting everything ready for the printers. (And then putting together that ebook of concept material... you guys got so close to the goal that I'm pretty sure I'm just going to do it anyway.)

Thank you for helping making our dream project a reality! We can't wait to get these gamebooks finished and in your hands.

-Sam Logan

Final Hour Livestream

Posted by Damocles Thread Development (Creator)

Hi team!

We're holding an impromptu livestream for the final hour of the campaign! If you want to come hang out (and watch me draw Monday's comic), swing on by!

-Sam Logan

9 hours to go! Concept Art! (Plus Game Demo Pt. 2!)

Posted by Damocles Thread Development (Creator)

This is it, team! Today is the last day of the campaign. And things have been happening pretty fast! Not only did you conquer our giant 30k double bonus stretch goal since we last spoke... you also sprinted over two thirds of the way to our 32.5k goal while I was asleep! What a lovely surprise to wake up to!

Because things have been going so well, a few of you have asked if we were going to announce another stretchgoal. I haven't so far, because, well... I just hate to look presumptuous when you have all been so supportive already! But I'll tell you what. I will tell you what I would like to do next either way!

Over the course of this project, we had to create, draw, and design a ton of cool things for the Sam and Fuzzy universe... especially as a result of all the bonus content you guys secured via stretch goals! I'd love to make a digital PDF "making of" artbook that collects some of the behind-the-scenes stuff from the game's development: concept sketches (like some of our rejected shapeshifter designs), unused illustrations, author commentary... anything and everything cool or interesting that didn't make it into the actual book!

Originally, I thought something like this would be a fun thing to make and sell in my ebook store once the game was finished! But, OK.... if things actually go so bananas that we hit 35k, I'll prioritize it, and I'll give a free copy of it to every single person who backed The Underground on Kickstarter. Deal?

Game Demo, Pt. 2

Meanwhile, the folks at DTD have finished assembling their second Game Demo podcast video! If you would like to listen to some real life, unscripted humans playing our game, here's your chance. (You can find part 1 here if you missed it.)

 All right... home stretch! Thank you again, everyone. Here we go!

-Sam Logan