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Be a ninja, vampire or... gerbil and learn the secrets of the Committee! Or at least their interns. Based on the long-running webcomic!
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The Underground RPG now on sale to the general public!

Posted by Damocles Thread Development (Creator)

Greetings, RPG Backers!

The Underground RPG shipment campaign is complete! We shipped the bulk of your gamebooks and rewards in the last week of June, and an additional ten orders (from folks who were only able to give us their shipping addresses a little after the deadline) earlier this week.

If your order is still working its way through the postal system, you can track it using the tracking number we sent to the email address associated with your kickstarter. (If you're having trouble finding your tracking number, just drop me an email at and I'll re-send it to you!)

There are still 14 backers who have not provided us with shipping information. If this is you, please fill out your backer survey so we can mail you your stuff!

Underground RPG Gamebooks Now on Sale to the General Public!

If you know of any friends or fellow players who missed the Kickstarter but would like to pick up a copy of the game themselves... now they can!

The physical gamebook is on sale now at Topatoco! Topatoco also carries all the Sam and Fuzzy graphic novels, as well as a wide array of t-shirts I've designed. (A number of which are gaming related!)

The digital PDF ebook version of the gamebook is available on Gumroad, as are all my other ebooks and digital products!

Although new buyers won't be able to get any of the kickstarter collector's edition bookplates or other bonuses, Topatoco is offering a version of the gamebook that comes with a custom draw art card. But if you already have a gamebook, and would just like to get an art card by itself, worry not... you can buy individual art cards right here! I have you covered.

Sam and Fuzzy Patreon

In other news... I've just launched a Sam and Fuzzy Patreon!

For those who don't know, Patreon is a Kickstarter-esque service for ongoing projects. It lets fans support my free-to-read online comic work by voluntarily donating an amount of their choice each month. And if we hit certain totals, I'll be able to create additional bonus comics and other material!

Like Kickstarter, there are bonus rewards for pledging at different levels: a behind-the-scenes art blog; a giant online vault of exclusive art, comics, and pin-up work: and original art commissions. But even if none of that extra swag interests you, you can still help fund the creation of comics and art... even by chipping in as little as a buck a month. That is the beauty of Patreon as a system... it all adds up!

Gen Con is in Two Weeks!

Last but not least... Gen Con is in two weeks! It's the biggest gaming convention in North America, and as always, I will be there!

If you're going to be at the show, you can find me and a bunch of other great cartoonists with Blind Ferret Entertainment at booth 641! I will, of course, be bringing copies of the Underground RPG, as well as tons of other books and swag. See you there!

Whew! That was quite an update. 'Til next time, team!


Player Forum and Backer Survey Reminder

Posted by Damocles Thread Development (Creator)

Hi team! Two points of note:

1) If you have not filled out your backer survey, please do so! We are going to be mailing out the gamebooks and other rewards very soon... but if you have not filled out the survey sent to you on 05/27/2015  and provided us with your address, we won't be able to mail you yours!

2) I've created a brand new subsection of the Sam and Fuzzy forum for Underground RPG players! There, you can talk to other players, connect with folks to start a game online, or share any past game stories. There is also a thread where you can ask any questions you might have about the game or game mechanics.

Thanks, friends. We are in the home stretch! Truly, it is an exciting time to be alive.

-Sam Logan

Backer Surveys and Ebook Update

Posted by Damocles Thread Development (Creator)

All right! Now that we're getting close to shipping our gamebooks, I've sent out our backer surveys to collect your up-to-date shipping addresses!

Please fill 'em out as soon as you can. At the moment, it looks like we'll be mailing out all the physical books and rewards in mid-to-late June... but we won't be able to send you yours without your address!

Meanwhile, I've updated the PDF ebook version of the gamebook to correct some typos and minor layout errors that we caught while checking the proofs for the physical edition. If you've already downloaded your copy, you can download the revised version via the Gumroad email I just sent out.

I'll post our next update when we're ready to ship. Thanks, team!

-Sam Logan

Underground RPG digital editions have arrived!

Posted by Damocles Thread Development (Creator)

Good news, everyone... The Underground RPG gamebook is finished, and has been sent off to the printers!

As promised, I am making the digital PDF version of the book available immediately. Check your Kickstarter messages... you'll find the download link there!

What's Next?

In a week or so, the printer will send me a sample "proof" copy of the physical gamebook, so we can give our stamp of approval before they print 'em all up. I'm not expecting any surprises, since we're printing the gamebook on the same paper as all my regular Sam and Fuzzy books, at the same size, using the same printer we always use! But it never hurts to double check. 

The proof will also give us one last chance to check for any copyediting problems or layout errors. Should we find any to fix, I'll be sure to make the changes to the digital version of the gamebook as well.

Once the proof is approved, they'll print up the full batch of books! Their current estimate is that the books will be shipping to Make That Thing's distribution center in early to mid June. From there, Make That Thing will send 'em out to all of you! (Along with all your other physical rewards.)

Thanks for your patience, team. I hope you find the fruits of our many, many hours of labour were worth the wait!

-Sam Logan

Production Update!

Posted by Damocles Thread Development (Creator)

Greetings, team! Sam here, with your latest Underground RPG update.

All our physical bonuses and add-ons -- the dice, the postcards, and the buttons -- are now in house. The only extras I have left to make are the custom commissions for our Portrait level backers. (If you're one of those backers, check your Kickstarter inbox... I just sent you a message!)

Meanwhile, our gamebook itself is coming along beautifully, although it's taking a little longer than originally planned. After reviewing our final draft, we were happy with our work, but there were a couple of additional features and tools we really wanted to see in there: an expanded introduction section, a sample gameplay session script, and a new story-building section full of tips, ideas, and suggested narrative threads to help GMs build their own campaign storylines in the Sam and Fuzzy universe. So... we made 'em! Problem solved.

Right now, we're putting the book text through one final round of editorial polish, and assembling our final pages in InDesign. It's taking a bit of extra time to put all this stuff together, but I think it's definitely been worth it... we're packing tons of fun goodies in there. Here are a few randomly selected teaser thumbnail spreads to wet your whistle:

Because we're a little behind schedule, we've decided that we'll send out everyone's digital copies of the book as soon as it's finished, rather than witholding them until the physical versions have arrived from the printer. That way, you'll all be able to start playing as soon as possible. But, we've still got a little more work to do first. I'll keep you posted as we work our way through the last round of edits and layout!

Cheers, and thanks for your patience!