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RUBYASSATA makes leather handbags in North Carolina!! Help us make our 2012 collection!
RUBYASSATA makes leather handbags in North Carolina!! Help us make our 2012 collection!
116 backers pledged $5,419 to help bring this project to life.

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As promised to all of you beautiful backers, RUBYASSATA is having a trunk show ! We've been working hard on tons of new items so come check them out ! 


WHERE: Edge of Urge in downtown Wilmington

TIME: 4-6 PM

This is also the closing reception for artist Dallas Clarke Thomas.

Tunes by My Wonderful Machine.

Giveaways, cheese, wine, treats, bags, wallets, us. Need I say more?

****Free screen print by RUBYASSATA with every purchase ! ! ! ! ! BAM !******

See what we've been up to over here:


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Hello wonderful backers!!!!!!!!!! 

I'm sure you are all anxiously awaiting your rewards. . . we are so close to finishing the goodies!!! The only problem is they are trapped in this storage unit. BUT !!!!!!! We are in the process of moving into the new amazing RUBYASSATA house/studio.

Here are some pics of the prints we are working on for all of you lovely people!!!!!!!!

WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Check out the B-LOG to find out what we did this weekend!



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W O W ! Alisha is currently living in the backwoods of Missouri which seems like a million light years away ! She will be gone for one full month then back to Wilmington where we will live and make things together. By the way, our new sewing machine is officially put together ! Thanks to all of you ! You can't even understand how happy we were to see the machine. It's ours and nothing can stop us now.

If you haven't received your kickstarter reward yet, don't fret ! They will be in your mailboxes as soon as our new studio is up and running. We tried to complete everything before the big move but we were a bit rushed. Time will only makes things better.

For now, enjoy a few photos of the country, our new machine, a few backers with their rewards and our first idea for screen prints ! ! 



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H E Y ! As all of our care packages go out, we ask one thing of you and one thing only. Would you be so kind as to take a picture of yourself with your new handmade surprise and tag us on FACEBOOK ! ? ! (our fan page not Alisha's personal .)

We will also be adding all of these lovely photos to our B-Log

LOOK ! Jeremy did it and so can you ! 



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Hey ! Will you be our friend on facebook ? ! ? Join us for fun blog posts, weird photos and quirky sentences. AND tell all of your friends ! 

Click ! Click ! Click away !

We know some of you have received your RUBYASSATA care packages ! Don't fret if yours hasn't arrived yet. We promise to work as fast as possible so you can open up your bundle of awesome handmadeness. 

We're also in the process of planning our trunk show for the end of summer at Edge of Urge in Wilmington, NC ! ! ! S T AY T U N E D ! 

We love you dearly...



P . S . LOOK AT OUR NEW SEWING MACHINE THAT JUST ARRIVED IN THE MAIL ! ! ! ! ( FANCY ! yes, it's still in boxes but soon it will be up and running ! yay ! )

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