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A different approach to tabletop rpg campaign: using a storyboard and a new kind of application to manage it. Read more
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This project's funding goal was not reached on May 9, 2014.

A different approach to tabletop rpg campaign: using a storyboard and a new kind of application to manage it.

About this project

Note: Avalanche can be played with [almost] any system. The stretch goals below, if financed, will provide guidelines and character sheets for the above systems.

"Avalanche is a unique and crazily ambitious high-fantasy setting. Imagine the scope and ambition of the Dragonlance campaign, except no rules-system, no plot railroad, and the material has all been arranged into a reference system consisting of time-lines, dramatis personae and geographical atlases, so as to make it feasible for the GM to handle the high density of information. Very unique due to the novel timeline-oriented campaign arc, well worth the time for anybody interested in high-fantasy adventure rpgs."

Eero Tuovinen, game designer

"I think sandbox campaigns are the one thing about tabletop that other forms of roleplaying (MMORPGs) are weak on. So projects like Avalanche are vital to the future of the hobby."

Estar, Co-author of Points of Light

Please note:

- At the moment, we should be doing a "Savage Worlds Fan" product, but we are aiming at a "full licensed", even if it is going to be free.

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Thanks for your interest, support and feedback.

This project is first and foremost about Avalanche, an epic campaign set in a familiar universe. It brings us what we love from fantasy - elves, dwarves, monsters and adventures - and it does so in a deep setting that resembles the Renaissance. It is a dark world where the likes of Sauron and Ganondorf are victorious, where the winds of change are coming to a society standing on archaic principles, and where stories have the feel of spice on sands, and the heroic dropping of the Ring in the fires of Mount Doom. For an actual extract of Avalanche, see this PDF.

Second, this project is also about a design, a new vision on how campaigns should be written for our favorite hobby. Using a unique calendar-based multi-intrigue approach, Avalanche is meant to offer freedom to your players in a living world that exists without them, and that is not waiting for them. Avalanche provides mature, complex and varied stories to your game play, letting the GM give all of his/her imagination to the table. For more about our vision, the kind of product we're proposing, and the game play you could expect from it, see this document.

Finally, this project is about a website. To really take advantage of such a rich and detailed design, an efficient way to organize information is needed. Using a website equipped with a system of filters allowing easy navigation among all the available information, the game master will be able to find what he/she needs to know very quickly, be it while preparing a game session or while the game is taking place. To learn more about the website, see this page.

Important notes about the website:

- You can play Avalanche without the website. It is there to highly increase your comfort while using this design. The PDF is mostly there to serve as a backup or a bonus for you.

- Our first initial goal for the website is to cover the minimum functions our backers will need to use it, such as navigation, links between elements, adding content and user management for the GM role. The other functions presented in our stretched goals are exciting and interesting, but are not vital to the launch of the website.

With this KickStarter and your contribution, ExiStanc3 intends to raise the money needed to complete the first step of this project.

Here's what we need to produce:

Here's the structure cost of our initial goal:

We have some great rewards for people who help fund our project, listed below.

The stretch goals below represent the first development of our road-map for the next three years. The precise order of unreached stretch goals might be subject to change during the course of our campaign.

ExiStanc3, as you already know, is about a new way to structure and write "campaigns" (or "adventure modules") for tabletop role playing games. This approach proposes a new type of product that will allow the creation and management of campaigns on an epic scale. To learn more about it, we're proposing three different teasers for you to download.

This is our production schedule for Avalanche and the website.

Avalanche, and the website to manage such an epic campaign, has been our hobby and passion for the last couple of years. And so far, we've done a pretty good job: the first 400 pages are written and fully illustrated, the website is designed, and the layout has been chosen.

For the next step of the project, the concrete development of the website, we need to dedicate our full efforts and expertise. Doing websites, mobile applications, and games is our trade. It is our business. We know how to do this, and thus, we know we can’t do this part time. This is not our hobby anymore.

Of course, we thought of selling Avalanche as a book or PDF to finance the development of the website, but we decided that wouldn't work: Avalanche is meant to be managed with a specific tool, and without it, the adventure storylines become hard to grasp. We wouldn't be helping ourselves, or our customers.

So, here we are, in need of your help and support to allow us to put all our professional skills into the development of a new type of product and application that will change forever how "adventure modules" are designed. Thanks for helping us bring this great adventure-system to your table.

ExiStanc3 is a brand owned by Alengry Concept, a web agency based in Montreal. Here's the team for our project :

Sébastien Pelletier: author, project manager and analyst.

Catherine Naud: design and layout.

Philippe Alengry: UX and marketing.

Séverine Donnay: web developer and integrator.

Francis Demers: rpg designer.

Israel Ducharme: rpg designer.

Greg Taylor: main illustrator.

Robert Altbauer: cartographer.

Cal Moore: editor.

Simon Laurin: video production.

Koke Núñez Gómez: music.

Guidelines and characters sheets for the various systems:

Eero Tuovinen: Solar system

Cal Moore: 13th Age

Francis Demers: Pathfinder

Risks and challenges

Developing a transactional website that offers rich functions to its users is always a challenge in itself. That said, to manage the risks of the development we have put the following into place:
- The website is managed "by the book", as we would do with any of our customers. We have included a 15% management fee (standard in the industry) in all our development costs.
- The cost of the development is based on business architecture, design, layout and user interface that are already done. We know exactly where we are going and we are well advanced in the process (the "preparation" phase of the project is behind us).
- We do include support, documentation and testing for all of our costs.
- As for the production of content (maps, illustrations, music, original text and translation, printing), we did our estimate based on the cost of the market to make sure we can deliver whatever happens. We also have "reserved" our people on the team. We have great people working on our team.

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    THE OBSERVER: Thanks for taking a stance by our side.

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    Receive the PDF copy of the player's introduction to Avalanche.

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    THE READER: Receive the PDF of Avalanche. NOTE: this reward level is not recommended for DM who intend to play Avalanche.

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    THE DM: Receive the PDF of Avalanche and get a one year subscription to the website.

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    THE SERIOUS GROUP: Receive all INNOVATOR reward level. Have your group created by one of our game designer, via a skype session. Then receive an illustration representing your group.

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    INNOVATOR reward level. Your name or company's name is credited as executive producer in the PDF and website.
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    THE EXPLICIT BACKER: A publicity spot in Avalanche. First come, first serve. Immediately choose one unreached stretch goal and move it into the pile of coming stretch goal.

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