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$58,173 pledged of $120,000 goal
$58,173 pledged of $120,000 goal

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Dear Supporter of BTPS!


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Thank you for your big interest in BTPS! for TUBE TIRES. To date 17 out of the limited 20pcs BTPS! for TUBE TIRES went away - that is incredible! This motivated us to spend additional time on the subject and now we are very happy to present you how it will look like in the final version.

BTPS! for TUBE TIRES will consist of two parts:

  • Part 1: The BTPS! Communication and Controller Unit
  • Part 2: a high quality tire tube with the mounted Sensor Patch

The Controller Unit is simply clipped on the sensor patch to make electrical contact. The tube is mounted on the rim similar to a standard tire tube (without sensor patch). The whole system has about the same size compared to BTPS! for tube-less tires. So it will easily fit in the rim. All other specs (accuracy, pressure range, battery life time, etc.) will be the same as for the tube-less version. The material we use for our tire tubes is comparable to big brands like Continental or Schwalbe. We will cover all tire tube sizes and valve types which are commonly used for bikes.

We added the following pledges to our project:

  • The first includes two complete BTPS! for TUBE TIRES to replace the front and rear tire tube of your bike (of course this pledge covers apps, battery, etc.).
  • The second pledge is just a tire tube with mounted sensor patch. This you may use for a second bike or you take one(several) as spare part(s).

We are very excited about BTPS! for TUBE TIRES and we hope very much that you like it as much as we do. Thank you for your continuous support.

BTPS! for TUBE TIRES - how does it look like:

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We broke 34%!

A big "thank you" to everyone who has helped support and share BTPS! With your help we achieved 34% within the first week - but there is still a long way to go and we need all the help we can get to achieve our goal!

We got many very positive and highly motivating feed-back. Thank you for this! That's our fuel and keeps us running!

To date, we got many questions related to the use of BTPS! in tires of motorcycles. Our answer on this is: there is no basic reason why BTPS! wouldn't work on motorcycles, but we need to add a stronger rim tape in order to handle the forces developed by a wheel when rotating at very high rates of speed. We are happy to announce that we will add a new pledge in order to meet this demand.

Finally, some of you have pointed out that they may want a battery life indicator as well as a reading of the actual temperature in the tire. André has started looking into this and he assured that the battery indicator will be implemented. As for the temperature measurement: it is possible but it might affect the overall battery life time. So what we will offer you is to implement the temperature reading and display as a user selectable feature (activation/deactivation of temp reading). Those of you who value a real-time temperature reading superior to longest possible battery life may switch it on, all other may keep it off. Let us know what you think about this.