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A documentary DVD about the legendary classic rock band Y&T—over 40 years in the making.
A documentary DVD about the legendary classic rock band Y&T—over 40 years in the making.
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Y&T Documentary Update 6/26/17 - Message & Clip from the Y&T Documentary Team:

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Message from the Y&T Documentary Team:

We remain hard at work at editing the film. As we progress, we are still hearing from new participants who want to contribute to the documentary. Recently we've been lucky enough to add producers Max Norman (Black Tiger) and David Sieff (Earthshaker). We've also been hearing from fans who are finding rare photos in their personal archives. As you know, in the last year we have lost Leonard, Joey, and our long time soundman and friend, Tom Size. As you can imagine, there is a lot we’ll need to add to the story. We hope you enjoy the latest clip we’re releasing, and we hope you know that we want to see the final cut just as much as you do!! Thanks for your continued patience, and if you think you might have a rare photo or video not yet on social media, and would like to contribute to the documentary, please contact us at


Mark & Geoff

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    1. Paul Holmes on September 6

      I've been to see Y&T every year religiously, bought into every offering from the store and merchandise on the gig nights but totally disillusioned with this never happening project. Its now been 3 years since I bought into something I really believed in and anticipated with every update.... .. now my excitement has faded and I'm not that bothered.

      I am unlikely to live long enough for its release probably around Meanstreak bicentennial celebrations. (to be fair none of us will make that)

      At least send out something to all the backers as an apology even if its part of the package they bought. Haters can hate, its my opinion.... I paid for that at least.

      This years gig will be my last.... a tragically bitter and sad end to following my all time favourite band.

    2. Y&T Creator on September 6

      @Rudy Reynosa:

      Hello Rudy,

      Unfortunately we can't change it for you, if you need to change your address, you can go back into the survey and change it at any time until we close it, it has to be done there by you. Here's a link to an article and another that I copied and pasted that tell you how to do that. Let us know that you change it all right or if you have trouble. Thanks again for your support on the project.

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      If you’ve already submitted your backer survey, you can review your response by visiting the project page and clicking the 'Your response' text in the bottom of the reward tier you selected.

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    3. Rudy Reynosa on September 5

      Question: I'm no longer at my original mailing address. I've since, moved twice. How can I be sure Kickstarter, Jill or whomever is concerned, has my correct info?


    4. John Reuter on August 10

      Looking forward to seeing the film! Good luck.
      John Reuter

    5. Missing avatar

      Richard Wesson on July 10

      We're so looking forward to the final cut, hope it's ready soon!

    6. Earthdog70 on June 27

      Very cool-keep plugging away!

    7. Peter N Jill Staas on June 27

      Please come to Australia!!!!

    8. Missing avatar

      Pete on June 27

      I'm so stoked for this doc guys, as far as I'm concerned take as much time as you need. If it takes a few more months but we get richer, more emotionally resonant and historically meaningful content then I don't see how there is a loser in that equation. I pledged my funds to help you guys make the best documentary that you can, and I am happy to wait for that to come to fruition.

      I believe in you.

    9. Graeme Allon on June 26

      This is gonna be amazing!

    10. Erik Tweedy on June 26

      Are we ever going to get the items that are part of the backing package we paid for?

    11. Missing avatar

      Chris Del Grande on June 26

      The addition of key record producers is always compelling material. This documentary is for the die-hards, so by all means, take as much time as you need, go deep, and go long. Looks fantastic so far.