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$325 pledged of $3,500 goal
By Raymond Masters
$325 pledged of $3,500 goal

20 Copies of Forging Truth

Well, I received my order of 20 copies of Forging Truth.  You would have thought it was Christmas around here.  It might as well have been 200 copies, instead.  My wife got a kick out of the fact that I made her feel how heavy the box was.

"Your books are pretty heavy."

"I know."

It's a good feeling.  My parents gave me $100 to go toward it.  I'll get to put some in a mom & pop store down the road.  I have a few folks who have been waiting on me to get some more physical books, too.  Also, I'm going to send one off to the powers-that-be at Books-a-Million to see about landing it on their regional author shelf.  If so, I'll get to do a book signing there, too.

Fingers crossed.


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