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"Planeswalkers" profiles several players of the popular fantasy card game, Magic: The Gathering, and the unique subculture within it.

     When three 20-something-year-olds from Denver, Colorado decide to finally pursue their life-long dream of making films, projects as unique, memorable, and exciting as the film Planeswalkers are born.  

      Like all great things, it began in a strip mall.

      While attempting to locate a comic book store in the Westminster, CO area, we stumbled upon a small gaming store on a Saturday afternoon.  The location was deceiving - a plethora of FOR LEASE signs in abandoned shop windows, and uneven, cracked pavement in a desolate parking lot that had seen better days.  Inside the game store, however, was completely different.  The mass of excited people crammed within rows and rows of tables cornered by mythical artwork and merchandise - it was as intriguing as it was overwhelming.  We didn't know it yet, but we were face to face with our story.

      Planeswalkers is an endearing, positive, unflinching look at the modern day world of the fantasy card trading game, Magic: The Gathering.  Over 6 million people in 75 countries around the world participate in this phenomenon, with numbers growing everyday.  The demographics are as complicated as the game itself - kids, adults, men and women all play Magic.  But why?  Why are so many people from so many different backgrounds, ages, social classes, and ethnicities drawn to such a simple hobby?  While filming Planeswalkers, we have found that Magic is no simple hobby - for many people, it is a way of life.  

     The strategy, technique, and passion behind the game are the driving forces that led us to pursue this story.  The story is the most important part of a film; it is what draws the audience in and affects them.  It engages them and makes them think.  Much in the vein of the hit documentary King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters and the classic film Trekkies, Planeswalkers is a candid, comical, and touching account of the daily lives of a group of Magic players along the Colorado front range - their failures, successes, and dreams.

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There is a saying about documentary film - "You are on the story's time. The story is not on your time." Filming, editing, and completing a documentary successfully is no easy feat. The key to a great documentary is finding the narrative for the film, and the direction the story will take, and then following that story no matter what. Those things, however, require time. They require time, patience, and money.
One obstacle the crew of Broken Science Productions has faced has been finding time to further the film. We are all full-time employees at regular jobs during the week, often working over 40 hours. While keeping our current jobs is necessary, we want to pursue this film full time as well. Production delays are a huge setback to any film, and can be discouraging. Once our project is funded, however, we will have the financial cushion and means to fully support and pursue the completion of "Planeswalkers", with nothing else to focus on but the film. This allows the finished product to be as professional and polished as it can be. No one wants to see a mediocre film! (And we certainly don't want to make one.)
Our equipment is also in need of some accessories and upgrades. As stated before, we want this film to be the most polished finished product it can be, and for that to happen, we are counting on our backers to assist us in providing the best possible equipment for this film. Although the film will shortly be in post-production, costs for post-production can often be strenuous on an independent filmmaking budget - mixing audio, film marketing and promotion all are a part of post-production. These needs have to be met and funded as well.
The crew of Broken Science Productions possesses not just knowledge of film, audio, editing and cinematography, but we also have the natural and primeval skills to adapt to any situation to better the story of our film. After all, passion and determination are the most important thing a filmmaker must have, and that is what we are - passionate and determined.


  • In the game Magic:The Gathering, a planeswalker is a supreme being or wizard, that can traverse different dimensions or "planes". Each player takes on the role of a planeswalker while they are dueling during a card game. The players we profile in this documentary are, therefore, planeswalkers.

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  • We are hoping to finish the film by early to mid-2014, and begin submitting to festivals. Although it is difficult for most documentaries to attain distribution, we are optimistic that this will appeal to the Magic community, and can be independently distributed.

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