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Book about women who worked and died making cartridges in arsenals during the Civil War

I am looking to raise funds in order for me to finish researching, and then publishing, the book. The funds would go to travel, research, and publishing expenses (gas, hotel rooms, photocopies, publishing, etc). I am writing this book about women who worked in arsenals because for over 150 years, the stories of such women (mostly lower-class teenagers, many of Irish immigrant stock) have gone widely untold. So many women died in the dangerous work of rolling black powder cartridges for soldiers (namely in explosions at the Allegheny Arsenal, Brown's Island Confederate Laboratory, and the Washington Arsenal, as well as others), and yet few people know it. The work and sacrifice of such women has gone largely unnoticed in favor of the exploits of more famous women who left behind written memoirs of their experiences.

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My biggest challenge at present is being able to afford to travel to various archives and such in order to do the necessary research for the book. This includes several branches of the National Archives, Library of Congress, various historical societies and libraries. *Then* I could work on getting it published, in both hard and electronic formats.


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