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Battle for the life of your colony as you try to survive epic space battle attacks in our action packed shooter Orbital Blaster

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Thanks to fourten Digital Media for their amazing support and creation of our Kickstarter video.

Co-Op mode will now officially be a feature of Orbital Blaster for Ouya and Tablets.  
This is how we are envisioning it working (at the moment).
Two co-op modes.

1. Play with up to 4 friends across the internet. You will each be on a separate transport ship, but you will be collaboratively killing in the same waves and levels.

2. Ouya will have an extra option, to split screen so you can play at the same time. And add up to two friends from the internet (friends list)
More to come, the idea is still rough sketch and we have not yet figured out how to tie it into the story line w/ save game progress.
We may end up making this a separate (multiplayer) mode in which is part of picking the custom levels made in the level editor. Not 100% sure yet.

But you asked for it and we heard you!

Try our demo!  We have put up a level one prototype demo to give you a feel for what our game is all about.   Open Demo  Play it, like it?, pledge!

We would like to thank you for acknowledging our project. Our company, Hashbang Games, is a very small group of friends and family, brought together through common interests. We like playing games; we love to program, and have a passion for developing various types of applications. This last year, we decided to move in a different direction with our programming skill and start living life the way we want to—building the games we so very much love to play. One of the hardest parts of bringing an idea to life is acquiring proper funding. There are so many obstacles that we have already overcome; however, funding has been the most difficult. Thanks to Kickstarter, who provides a platform for crowd sourced funding, we are confident that your pledges will help us overcome this obstacle.

Game Concept:
Orbital Blaster is our new game that has been under development for the last 8 months.  When coming up with its concept we were inspired by games like Contra, for its boss fights, Galaga for its simplicity of shoot and kill and various other games.  We have been working hard at taking these concepts to new heights to bring you a very modern / classic arcade style game.

Warp technology became the banner that united humanity as a species. With its discovery, the fractured governments of the human home world, Tellus, set old grudges aside and forged a united Federation. Its primary focus was to extend humanity’s reach and to discover new planets to colonize, and new resources to fuel its expansion. The Federation crafted hundreds of massive exploration vessels capable of carrying the newly developed warp batteries. These ships traveled to other solar systems, surveying planets and natural phenomenon up close. Many returned with fascinating discoveries and research. Some even returned with reports of planets that could sustain human life.

One such exploration team, aboard a massive science vessel christened the Hyperion, initiated their Warp batteries just outside of Tellus’ primary space station and left their galaxy entirely.  Within seconds, the crew realized that something had gone terribly wrong. The ship shook and screamed and entire sections of the vessel were ripped violently apart. Their prized warp batteries overloaded and detonated, hurling the Hyperion out of warp space in two halves.

With only moments to collect their bearings, the surviving crew managed to escape into their transport vessels and flee from the Hyperion. From their vantage point the remaining crew watched as the detonating Warp Batteries set off a chain reaction throughout the pressurized sections of the ship, destroying their only hope for returning home.

Despite being abandoned without warp drives in the middle of an unknown and distant galaxy,  they did not give up. As a whole, they began what they assumed to be a hopeless search for a habitable planet within this new portion of the universe.They soon realized starving to death in space was the least of their worries.
…. Bah Bah Baaaa! { suspense }

Prototype Image:

The primary focus of this game is for mobile platforms,  however with the new upcoming Ouya Console we plan to also release on this platform as well.  We have come a long way in the development of our game. In the last 6 months we have been focused on the following  game features.

Real 3d Graphics:  
We have been creating 3d models / objects in the game that interact with one another in a 3d environment.   This is commonly done on PC and Console games where graphics hardware can handle it.  We are bringing that technology to the mobile platform. This will make Orbital Blaster among the first generation of games to leverage this technology on mobile platforms.

XP based leveling:
We wanted to bring in some of the new ideas from today's games to the classic arcade game and we feel having a Experience Point system is one of the ways we can do that.   You earn experience with every level that you play which will help you unlock new levels and features.

 Everyone loves good weapons.  Things go boom!  Yay! We feel this is one of the most fun parts of the experience and we aim to please in that department.  With various weapons to choose from, you can blast your enemies from the stars!

Upgrade System: Ramp up your weapons and your ship as you level so that you can survive the chaotic and countless waves of enemies.

Perks System:  Use special bonus perks per level to enhance and strategize your game play experience. As you level you will gain more perks, though you can only use two at a time so choose them wisely!

Soundtracks:  Soundtracks have extreme importance!  We want your game experience to feel progressive.  Part of that thrill is creating a score of music that will make you lose yourself in the game.

The Ouya, iOS and Android Tablets will get a special set of features.  From within Orbital Blaster you will have access to a Level Editor where you can create and configure your own levels. You can share them with the community and friends. Earn in-game currency rewards for rating and creating levels. The higher your levels are rated and ranked, the higher your rewards will be. You will then be able to purchase more content for the game with the in-game currency as more content comes available.  All the kinks of this enhancement are not yet fleshed out, but we have a great team and with your help we can come up with the right balance that you will enjoy.

This is our first game, it is our first attempt at using our combined 15 years of programming knowledge in this field.   It is a big step for us and we are hoping you will share that experience with us.   We want your feedback and your participation.   So with every reward tier, we are giving you access to our website,  blogs and forums so that you can participate with the team.   A few tier levels will get access to our alphas , betas , pre-release and final release of our game.  You get to be there with us every step of the way and we can’t wait to meet you there!

How the money funded will be spent: Making a game is not a cheap venture.  We have contributed funding to our max for this project already, but it just doesn't seem to be enough.  Everything costs money,  artwork, soundtracks, software, hardware and time.  The money we get funded with will help pay for all of these things:

  • New software that will enable us to create a better quality product.
  • New testing hardware that will allow us to test on a wide variety of devices and platforms.
  • Contracting for sound and artwork to allow us to make a great gaming experience.
  • The more we raise the more we can invest in the product and make it the best it can be.

Some Kickstarter rewards may be available much sooner than delivery date.  Delivery date is estimated on the expected release of the Orbital Blaster game. However, t-shirts, cd's and other rewards offered will  be shipped out when the orders are able to be fulfilled.

More information about the rewards coming soon!

Marco Williams –  CEO & Developer & Founding Member
Over 15 years of graphic design and programming experience.  Currently is one of our main  Unity3D design / developers.   He also is a main contributor to creating graphic design and concepts.

Jimmy Williams  - COO & Developer & Founding Member
Graduating with his masters in Computer Science.  He has an extensive math and physics background, and has been working hard on our AI for enemy flight.  He is talented in both business and programming, however it is far more simplistic to just say:  “this man is a genius!”

Adam Green – CTO & Creative Director & Founding Member
He is our creative director and oversees the quality of our games.  He balances the games by making sure that they are both a challenging and fun experience.  He contributes to programming and web development.   Adam is our biggest game enthusiast.

Peter Johnson – 3D Modeler

Our die hard 3D modeler and one of our Game Architects.  He makes sure that our game assets look good and perform well for all platforms.  Peter’s experience studying game design has proven a valuable asset in consistently bringing innovation to the team.

Special Thanks: Leslie Silveira, Brandon Hann, our families and friends, and the entire fourten Digital Media team. 


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