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Book that will reveal the secrets shared by NFL Quarterback Michael Vick with it's keeper, Bella. Secrets that will shock the world.

The book is about an NFL player who currently still plays as a  Quarterback. Not your typical tell-all or love story.  No, this is the story of what really goes on behind the scenes from an up close and personal account. You've heard his version, now get ready to hear Bella Escritor.

 After having a 10 year relationship with him, Bella now feels the need to move on with her own life.  The one thing holding her back are all of the many secrets she kept inside for this man. You've read the headlines: "Mistress Writing Tell All" .  One thing is for certain, it's not just about some side relationship, so why not get a chance to read the "real" story. I'm sure there are some hoping this book never see's the light of day.  That is just how strong of an account the author has.  Nothing has been held out of the book.  The story has been told, but never in this manner.  Want to know what it's like to date a celebrity when you are not famous or even trying to be? Or find out what it was like to advise, forgive, and eventually move on, from said celebrity. The good, the bad, and the downright wrong-as-hell will be mentioned in the book.  Need funds to cut out the middle man and self publish the novel.  Proof of certain secrets told will be included in the book.  When the world gets a chance to read just how close Vick and Bella became over the years, maybe, just maybe the haters will be silenced.   Until then, Bella will just be considered a bitter ex with a personal agenda.  Which is far from the truth.  You are welcome to keep reading comments about what people think happened, or you can find out what happened from the person who was actually there to see it or hear a better version of it.  Why not read the book, before making an opinion about it? 

The story is a personal account of the author's true life experiences and relationship with a loved and hated NFL Quarterback.  The secrets are personal and revealing them to the public will be a major step that will include a moral compass for the writer.  All of the content is owned by the writer and therefore will not be a problem legally. 

All of the chapters have been written and now the funding will allow for ebook and hardcopy publishing. It will also allow for personal materials to be included in the book.  There is also the cost associated with makng sure each and every one who pledges a certain amount, receives their very own personal copy of the book.

Want to have the freedom to be able to publish in detail what was ten years worth of material that will serve as proof of what the secrets reveal.

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The risk of this project are low. I have already informed the person I am writing about that I would be trying to write this book. I just need an editor, as I am human and tend to make a few grammar mistakes.

I have included the cost of editing in my budget. I also have tons of proof to the subject matter I am writing about, which would need to be included. That has been factored into the budget as well.

The writing is 95% complete.


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