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Tyvek is thin, light, and super strong. 100% made in USA and stitched in San Francisco. You'll love the minimal design!
Tyvek is thin, light, and super strong. 100% made in USA and stitched in San Francisco. You'll love the minimal design!
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Breakfast with Eric from Pebble Smartwatch

Posted by Dave Zuverink (Creator)

Greetings Kickstarters!

Awhile back I had a local customer, Eric, who ordered the Original and was asking about local pick-up. Since my orders were being shipped from a fulfillment house, I let him know that I unfortunately couldn't arrange that. Then last week I received a response to the thread again congratulating me on the Kickstarter, but this time his message said under his name. Yep, it was Eric Migicovsky- the one who did the biggest Kickstarter to date, raising $10 million! Ummm… congratulations to YOU!

It was really inspiring to chat with him over breakfast last week, as he pointed out that we both make products people use every day. He loves his Original still, but I showed him a prototype of the MICRO, which he loved too. Since I know somewhat what goes into making a product, I'm all that much more impressed by someone like him who has pulled off making a product orders of magnitude more complicated than mine, and can sit there wearing it on his wrist.

I also wanted to mention another maker, Adam Hicks, who is on Kickstarter now with his Easy-Macro Smartphone Lens. Similarly to me, he designed his own product and did the first version without Kickstarter. Now he's raising funds for the second version and part of what I think is cool about it is that one of his goals is to do his manufacturing in the US by working with Goodwill Industries. Check it out if you haven't seen it…

It's neat to connect with other folks who have brought their product ideas to life. The other great connection is with customers, which is why I'm looking forward to the day you open your MICRO.


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    1. Tim & Julia Greenwaldt on

      Wow. So that's the guy who created the Pebble Smartwatch? That is awesome.

    2. Jerry Britt on

      That is a great story. Certainly nice to hear that other successful businessmen like your product. I got my business going before kickstarter but would have loved to have had this resource a few years ago. I am always looking for new ideas to support and I don't think there's been a day that I haven't been a backer of at least one idea.

    3. David Allen on

      So you had breakfast with a millionaire? Did he pick up the tab? Hahahaha

      That's really cool. It speaks to the quality of your product that he is using it!

      I look forward to getting men soon enough.